September 13, 2021

Jon Renaut

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Winter's End (2003-03-31) short

The badger cometh! They do things a little different in D.C.

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Attack of the Cicadas (2004-05-29) op_ed, humor, insects

The last time the cicadas were here, he was only nine years old. The next time the cicadas come, he'll be out of the country.

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Another Day at the D.O.D. (2005-03-20) nonfiction memoir

Working for the Department of Defense is, generally speaking, a pretty good job. But as one software engineer discovers before heading home, little quirks like being quarantined for five hours due to a "biological threat" aren't exactly what you'd call perks. A true, first hand account of what turns out to be just another day at the D.O.D.

Peek of the Week 039 (2006-05-01) photo art

Caterpillar in the Sun

Peek of the Week 052 (2006-07-31) photo art

A droplet catches the sun and the center stage.

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Peek of the Week 029 (2006-02-13) photo art

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA.

Peek of the Week 057 (2006-09-04) photo art

A fish sculpture at the Biltmore Estate, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Peek of the Week 059 (2006-09-18) photo art

Sunset at Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Peek of the Week 062 (2006-10-09) photo art

A dolphin leaps through the water beside a ship

Peek of the Week 070 (2006-12-04) photo art

A beautiful sunset!

Peek of the Week 080 (2007-02-12) photo art

A romantic setting for two ...

Peek of the Week 095 (2007-06-11) photo art

Spring blossoms in Washington D. C.

Peek of the Week 111 (2007-10-08) photo art

The Children of Lir, a statue by Oisin Kelly, based on an old Irish legend.

Peek of the Week 122 (2007-12-24) photo art

York Minster, York, UK

Peek of the Week 127 (2008-01-28) photo art

A view along the rows of winter vines in Horton Vineyard in Virginia.

Peek of the Week 133 (2008-03-10) photo art

Candles catch the light in Holy Trinity Church in York, UK.

Peek of the Week 145 (2008-06-02) photo art

Gazing up at the Eiffel Tower at night.

Peek of the Week 152 (2008-07-21) photo art


Peek of the Week 159 (2008-09-08) photo art

Tigers test the waters of their enclosure.

Peek of the Week 166 (2008-10-27) photo art

Biscuit rolls on her back and tempts the unwary to rub her belly.

Peek of the Week 176 (2009-01-05) photo art

Early sunset, Tortuguera, Costa Rica.

Peek of the Week 182 (2009-02-16) photo art

A lookout watches over the inaugural procession on January 20,2009.

Peek of the Week 189 (2009-04-06) photo art

Stained glass windows in Sainte Chapelle, in Paris, France.

Peek of the Week 236 (2010-03-01) photo art

Snowmageddon, 2010

Peek of the Week 250 (2010-06-07) photo art

A brilliant cascade of bougainvillea blossoms.

Peek of the Week 284 (2011-02-07) photo art

The fractured surface of a windshield reflects an icy winter.

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Jon Renaut
Jon Renaut

I grew up in scenic Annapolis Maryland, now I live just outside of DC. I have a bachelor's degree in math, minor in Spanish, and currently I'm a software engineer for a medium-sized defense contractor. Outside of work, I like to write and take pictures, but I don't do enough of either. I also like to complain a lot, and many would argue that it's my true calling.

I have been writing since I was little. Back in kindergarten, we were offered pieces of paper with a large blank space at the top, and a few lines at the bottom. We drew a picture, and then wrote something about it. I moved on to short fiction in elementary school, then almost forgot about writing until a really passionate professor in college made me read Faulkner. I wrote a short story, imitating Faulkner's writing style, and my professor loved it. Then, a few years later, I was introduced to Nanowrimo, and then the Piker Press.

My real claim to fame is that I'm the Father of Urinal Cakes. No, I didn't invent them. But it was my post in the Nanowrimo forums back in November of 2002 that started the whole UC Saga, and I do feel a large amount of pride to be responsible for so much nonsense being put into the public eye.

I am also obsessed with Costa Rica. When you look at the beautiful beaches and the even more beautiful women, it's hard to imagine who couldn't feel the same way. I've been twice with a friend who grew up there, and plan to go back as many times as possible. Each time I go, it gets harder to come back here.