September 17, 2018

Ken Dubuque



The Watering Hole (2018-06-04) cover story fiction fable

Spots or stripes, fur or hide -- we all have one common need...

A Modern Fairy Tale (2018-07-02) cover story fiction humor

It really did happen just this way...

The Procedure (2018-08-06) fiction humor

Well, you have to have a sense of humor about it...

Armed and Dangerous (2018-09-03) cover story fiction humor

Would a suit of armor help?

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Ken Dubuque
Ken Dubuque

After spending a serious career in engineering and banking Ken retired early to do some fun stuff: a bit of acting and voiceovers, landscape painting, writing and global volunteering to help kids and the planet. His dream is to publish some of his humorous solo adventure stories from his extensive travels.