September 27, 2021

Jack Henry



organic chemistry (2019-12-02) poem unrhymed

Jack Hnry lives in seclusion in the high desert of SE California amongst the tumbleweeds and creosote plants. During short breaks from drinking, camping, hiking, working, dreaming, sweating, chasing, and sleeping he writes the occasion poem.

unwashed mirror (2020-01-20) poem unrhymed

"...every soul has two sides; not every secret is so simple..."

a bringer of death (2020-02-17) poem unrhymed

"...i am not one to walk in a world of profundity..."

anxiety (2020-03-16) poem unrhymed

"...'how much time?' i ask..."

a crowded mid-town bus around noon (2020-04-13) poem unrhymed

"...she is not talking to me..."

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Jack Henry
Jack Henry

Jack Henry is a California-based poet hiding out in the high desert. After a ten-year hiatus from writing, Jack has returned and has recently been published in: Winamop, Red Fez, Dope Fiend Daily, Bold Monkey, Horror Sleaze Trash, Rusty Truck, Smoking Typewriter, Raven Cage, Poetic Diversity, Dissident Voice, Cajun Mutt (upcoming) Fearless (upcoming), and Misfits Magazine (Upcoming). There are several chapbooks and two full length books: With The Patience of Monuments(NeoPoesis Press) and Crunked (Epic Rites) from the past. And there is that Heroin Love Songs journal he produces from time to time, next edition available in December. For more see his website, jck hnry &vbar; poet: poetry of honesty, life, and sex .

By Jack Henry: