September 13, 2021

Kaz Morran



Soyuz T-16Z (2020-04-13) cover story science fiction

Kaz Morran is the author of "550AU Buried in Stone," a science fiction thriller. He's a Canadian based in Japan.

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Kaz Morran
Kaz Morran

Kaz Morran is a Canadian who's floated untethered in Sendai, Japan since '05. His novel 550AU Buried in Stone and his other sci-fi thrillers draw on his Earth-spanning calamities and adventures: the 2011 quake-tsunami-meltdown, getting kidnapped, working for bikers, teaching aerospace engineers and anti-Yakuza cops, and more. He's never been homeless or locked up for long.

Kaz prefers being intrigued to being happy and therefore settles most contently on tumultuous ground.

By Kaz Morran: