June 01, 2020

Mark Anthony Pearce

Mark Anthony Pearce
Mark Anthony Pearce

Mark Anthony Pearce lives and works as a Receptionist in Bristol, South West England.

Mark's Poetry has been published in University of Essex Poetry Journal Volume 1, Issue 1 (2007), BS Poetry Magazine Volume 1 (2012) and on the Online Journal Inefável # 13 (2016), Inefável #15 (2018).

A number of Poems were published recently online by Coronaverses and Winamop (May, 2020)

His review of the Poet John Dorsey's collection 'Your Daughter's Country' was also published by Inefável # 16 (2019)

Mark's writing has also featured in 'Anne Bean: Self Etc' (Live Art Development Agency and Intellect Books, Autumn 2018)

He has collaborated with a number of Contemporary Artists including Seth Guy, Serena Korda, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Megan Broadmeadow and Young In Hong.

Mark was a featured performer on 'Sonic Aggregates/Pre-Mix 1' an album by London Concrete (2007) and also on 'Pulpit' (2012) a compilation featuring numerous Poets, who performed at the 'Poetry Pulpit' events at the Leftbank in Bristol.

In 2016, he appeared as Joseph Stalin in the music video 'Let's See The Sun Sink With Fatigue' for Bristol based band 'Repo Man', Directed by Sam Wisternoff.