September 13, 2021

J.C. Miller



I, Serenity (2020-11-23) cover story speculative fiction

J. C. Miller is an author and corporate lawyer for a Fortune 100 company. He lives in Michigan with several children and menagerie of pets.

Up in Gladwin, Michigan (2021-02-08) cover story speculative fiction

Usually it's not the conquerors or the disease that defeat us, but something closer in, closer to our human nature...

Unmasked (2021-03-22) cover story speculative fiction


Mars, LLC (2021-09-06) cover story speculative fiction

Sooner or later the question will be asked...

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J.C. Miller
J.C. Miller

I began writing as a teenager, even starting an underground newspaper at my high school -- the first of multiple publications I would write for that subsequently stopped publishing. I wrote news or commentary off and on for years.

I decided to go to law school, which brought me back to my home state of Michigan. I started writing about law and publishing in legal journals, reveling whenever something I wrote was cited by a judge or a legal scholar (writing this sentence prompted me to jump onto Google Scholar and look for recent citations). I even managed a book deal with a legal publisher. After that, I had a writing drought for several years. The demands of work, a family of young kids, and repeatedly opting to move into fixer-upper houses sapped my writing mojo. Now I'm back, and I'm making a run at writing fiction. Piker Press was the first to accept a story from me.