September 14, 2020

Lydia Manx

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Night Time 02 (2005-08-22) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Is this a funeral or the Jerry Springer show?? The mayor is dead, and his floozy dares to come to the funeral. But the grieving widow isn't the only furious one, because the dearly departed wasn't the only one to pass between Louella's bedsheets. It's a miracle anyone remembers to take the coffin to the hearse.

Night Time 03 (2005-08-29) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

It's been a busy day, what with the funeral and prying questions -- both for the survivors of the dearly departed and for Lynn and her mother. The question is, will it be a quiet night for insomniac Gwendolynn? A strange noise and a phone call aren't about to help...

Night Time 04 (2005-09-05) murder mystery vampire horror fiction

The insomnia lifts long enough for Lynn to get maybe three hours strangely deep sleep -- that's long enough for a mysterious power outage, a strangely timed phone call and the discovery of her mother -- or more specifically, her mother's body -- lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Maybe this is why Lynn's body doesn't like to let her sleep; obviously, nothing good ever comes of it.

Night Time 05 (2005-09-12) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

In the aftermath of her mother's death, Lynn is awash in people. People asking questions. People lending a hand. People being more trouble than they're worth. One person stands out, however. A special agent with an unusual affect on people. Something about his eyes makes Lynn suspect he's an insomniac like she is. She's more right than she knows...

Night Time 06 (2005-09-19) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Sure, Lynn's mother is dead, but why is the FBI on the scene so quickly? Special Agents Adkison and Thomason are conducting one investigation, while the locals conduct their own. Little about the FBI agents is lost on the perceptive Lynn or the nosy Cinda -- including the fact that the killings might not stop with Lynn's mother.

Night Time 07 (2005-09-26) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

In the wake of her mother's death, Lynn is staying with her longtime friend and hardcore gossip, Cinda. With the innocence of one born without a sense of tact, Cinda is singlemindedly returning to the drama of the Mayor's death and whether or not any of his mistress's other lovers knew about each other. Lynn is still trying to assemble the big picture, however. One that seems to include special agent Harry Adkison in strange places...

Night Time 08 (2005-10-03) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Special Agent Ericka heads to the small town diner to catch a quiet meal. What she doesn't figure on is running into the town's most tactless local there. No invitation? No problem! Cinda plops herself right down to enjoy a power lunch, asking questions in the manner only Cinda can.

Night Time 09 (2005-10-10) fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Lunch is over. Even a simple trip to the local beauty salon can't be normal now, however. Lynn can't take two steps without tripping over a well-wisher, a gossip or an FBI agent. Not that it's a bad thing when the agent is that strangely attractive Harry Adkison.

Night Time 10 (2005-10-17) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

The hairstyle Cinda's mom inflicted on her isn't the only strange and horrifying thing that Lynn discovers when she returns to the beauty salon after a cryptic walk with FBI agent Harry Adkison. The walls are falling and soon nobody will escape.

Night Time 11 (2005-10-24) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Margie has the scoop on who's most likely to be named the next mayor, but Lynn's a little distracted getting to know the strange -- and slightly menacing -- being who has taken up residence behind Cinda's green eye.

Night Time 12 (2005-10-31) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

How's this for scary? Bobby Curry, small town police officer, has approached Lynn and Cinda. But it's not ditzy, tactless Cinda in control, it's dangerous, otherworldly Misty staring out of that one green eye. And Misty's in the mood for more than a cup of coffee...

Night Time 13 (2005-11-07) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

A horrible crime committed against Cinda's mother, rumors of killers lurking down by the river -- it seems nowhere is safe for Gwendolynn anymore.

Night Time 14 (2005-11-14) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

With a killer at large, Lynn is put in the local inn for safety. But while Cinda and Tina, the Dirty-girl-turned-Donna-Reed owner, bicker over the yummy FBI agent, Lynn has more serious concerns: where did she get those strange bruises on her neck?

Night Time 15 (2005-11-21) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Leo Winters and his wife are stretched thin and unpleasant, outside and in. By chance, Lynn overhears Leo buying information in the coffee shop. What kind of facts could a rich old man be digging for in a town where the mysteries all seem to end in death?

Night Time 16 (2005-11-28) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Why isn't the FBI pursuing the murder of Lynn's mother anymore? Behind Cinda's tactless doggedness, Misty is asking the questions and it seems at least one of the FBI agents has more than professional interest in the case...

Night Time 17 (2005-12-05) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

The FBI agent divulges a chilling past with startling similarities to Lynn's -- murder, stalking, strange behavior by people she had known all her life. With that in mind, could the Winters' strange argument have anything to do with Lynn?

Night Time 18 (2005-12-12) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

It's going to take more than a pancake buffet to win the affections of Harry Adkison, but you can't blame Tina for trying. Meanwhile, a menacing dream torments Lynn's sleep, with strange changes to her body that won't fade away upon waking.

Night Time 19 (2005-12-19) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Harry Adkison shows up at Lynn's door, full of compelling mystery as usual, but for all his skill as a hunter, he is about to find himself the prey. Seems like Lynn's sleepy home town is becoming populated with stalkers... of every variety. Some games of cat and mouse are silly, but Lynn's oddly pleasurable bruises indicate some of the games are anything but.

Night Time 20 (2005-12-26) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Lynn gets a few of the answers she needs, but if finding out what's happening to her own body and the people around her involves watching Harry Adkison brutally murder someone and drink their blood, maybe the questions were better left unasked. As unreal as it may seem, there are even stranger things than vampires preying on this little town.

Night Time 21 (2006-01-02) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Listening behind a door, Lynn's getting clued in to who's going to live, who's already dead and how they're disposing of the bodies. The good news - due to a strange family connection, Harry Adkison is determined that Lynn should be saved. The bad news - it's too late for the town... and for Lynn's old way of life.

Night Time 22 (2006-01-09) serial fiction horror vampire

Life as she knew it is over for Lynn. Now she's about to embark on a new lifestyle -- one that involves routine murder, bloodthirsty supernatural creatures and, oh, a new cat.

Night Time 23 (2006-01-16) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

You've just found out that your town is being overrun with ghouls and lawless supernatural creatures. The FBI isn't here to help, they're vampires looking to wipe the slate clean with blood. The ghost possessing your best friend wants to be chums, and you're developing a craving for blood. What could make your evening better? Try hellspawn.

Night Time 24 (2006-01-23) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

The Winters' home contains an insight into Leo that's definitely too much information, but more importantly, it contains something Lynn needs with increasing urgency -- fresh blood.

Night Time 25 (2006-01-30) serial fiction vampire horror murder mystery

Amid the interrupted carnal frolicking of the living, Lynn makes her final transition to living death. Mortal concerns are no longer hers. But that's fine, because there are plenty concerns of the occult type waiting for her, as soon as she has fed...

Night Time 26 (2006-02-06) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

The change in Lynn is apparent. She has new hungers, new ways of thinking, and now, a new family. Not everything from the past must be left behind, and, Misty in tow, Cinda will play a new role in Lynn's altered state.

Night Time 27 (2006-02-13) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

Lynn tests out her new state by tangling with the hellspawn -- not the smartest move, if for no other reason than her unprotected back shows that not everyone she assumed was an ally wants her alive. A narrow escape leads to a quick flight across the state line. For this little town, it's all over.

Night Time 28 (2006-02-20) cover story horror fiction

Night Time 29 (2006-02-27) horror fiction

Art Ruby and his station wagon arrive just in time to solve the transportation crisis. Art has hit on Gwendolynn every month over the course of the past year, though -- will he notice Lynn's new secret, or is he too busy trying to hide his own to notice her transformation?

Night Time 30 (2006-03-06) fiction horror vampires ghost

You think vampires are dangerous, you haven't taken a car trip with a cranky medium and a trigger happy fed. This is one murderer who will be lucky if having his blood drained is the worst that he gets...

Night Time 31 (2006-03-13) fiction horror

It's hard to keep a murderous past quiet when you're giving a ride to a medium channeling spirits from the other side. Cinda/Misty pries a confession out of Art, but the real mystery is what master vampire Harry has planned next.

Night Time 32 (2006-03-20) fiction horror

It's hard to keep a murderous past quiet when you're giving a ride to a medium channeling spirits from the other side. Cinda/Misty pries a confession out of Art, but the real mystery is what master vampire Harry has planned next.

Night Time 33 (2006-03-27) fiction horror

The dying man behind the counter holds secrets about the forgetful old woman -- and Erika, who shakes in her shoes at the thought.

Night Time 34 (2006-04-03) fiction horror

Not so long ago, Gwendolyn thought she had an ordinary life. How long will it take for her to accept that petting demonic killer cats, chatting with undead spirits, and being a vampire are just everyday occurrences?

Night Time 35 (2006-04-10) fiction horror

Be discreet! Keep your affairs quiet! Turn down that stupid thumper stereo -- you never know when an irritable hungry vampire is listening, thinking about silencing you for good.

Night Time 36 (2006-04-17) fiction horror

Nothing like cheating on your wife in a dumpy motel room in the middle of a blizzard -- until the vampire who looks like the girl next door knocks and asks if anyone ordered take-out.

Night Time 37 (2006-05-01) fiction horror vampires

First they're annoyed at the interruption of their play, then they're afraid of the second stranger at their door. Then Vinny and Melinda decide to make this nightmare into their dream come true. Whoops, their mistake.

Night Time 38 (2006-05-08) fiction horror vampires

Vinny is a lot of things. Pervert, sociopath, slimeball. But at least he has blood coursing through his veins ... for a while.

Night Time 39 (2006-05-15) fiction horror vampires

Who knew vampires could get snowed in? At least this will give Lynn a chance to hear all the dirt Erika and Cinda have found out about Art.

Night Time 40 (2006-05-22) fiction horror vampires

Everyone has something on their minds ... but no one seems willing to say what it is. The small talk is too much for Cinda's self control, so she drags Lynn out into the storm again -- oh, no! Not more trouble?!

Night Time 41 (2006-05-29) fiction horror vampires

Maybe Lynn never dreamed she'd become a vampire, but she has to admit it comes in mighty handing when dealing with mashers and pool sharks.

Night Time 42 (2006-06-05) fiction horror vampires

Now wait, is this the serious Erika going out with Misty to get thrown out of the bar for being drunk and disorderly. Oh, my and she thinks she's funny, too!

Night Time 43 (2006-06-12) fiction horror vampires

Lynn decides she'd just as soon be Art's executioner as his traveling companion. The time is nearing for justice, a parting of the ways, and an introduction to the mysterious Mitch.

Night Time 44 (2006-06-19) fiction horror

With Art out of commission, everyone can get some rest -- until the tawny stranger pays a surprise visit to Lynn's room.

Night Time 45 (2006-06-26) fiction horror vampires

If this is the Teacher, why does he attack? If he and Harry are on the same team, why do they seem at odds? So many questions, but only one answer: " ... we knew she was a new kind ... " What on earth does that mean?

Night Time 46 (2006-07-03) fiction horror vampires

Erika bursts into a room with three vampires and suddenly begins to understand why her partner Harry occasionally appears to have fangs. But there is no way she can understand the alliance Harry has with the unpredictably dangerous Mitch.

Night Time 47 (2006-07-10) fiction horror vampires

Once again the company gathers in Lynn's room, this time to plan the parting of their ways. But wait, there's a sound next door, and this time it isn't Helen and Ernie's frolics!

Night Time 48 (2006-07-17) fiction horror vampires

Art has escaped and summoned the Hell Spawn to carry Lynn away -- and Art is no longer afraid of the vampires ...

Night Time 49 (2006-07-24) fiction horror vampires

The time has come -- Lynn must decide whether to leave to study with Mitch, or stay with Harry. Which would you do?

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 02 (2006-08-07) fiction horror vampires serial

Charlotte is getting ready to run, but not before she takes the opportunity to torment her nosy neighbor with a little undressing.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 03 (2006-08-14) fiction horror vampires serial

Someone has been sneaking around Charlotte's door. Her loot is even hotter than she thought it was. Oh, girl, it is definitely time to run!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 04 (2006-08-21) fiction horror vampires serial

Kenyon's club, Dark Whispers, is getting strange. Vampire slayers are watching it. Thrill-seeking yuppies are invading it. And now, a certain vampire named Charlotte is giving Kenyon a very big headache ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 05 (2006-08-28) fiction horror vampires serial

Have you ever noticed that when you're traveling, you get hungrier than usual? What's Charlotte supposed to do when fast food just about throws itself at her?

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 06 (2006-09-04) fiction horror vampires serial

After days on the road, all Charlotte wants to do is find some necessities of life: a nice wardrobe, a fun club, and some vampires who will offer her a smoke and not kill her on sight!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 07 (2006-09-11) fiction horror vampires serial

Giselle and Theo don't care if Charlotte is on the run -- in fact they seem rather amused by the whole idea. And now, past the dried up posters and dusty travel brochures, it looks like Charlotte's dream is about to come true ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 08 (2006-09-18) serial fiction horror vampires

Vacation is on! No, wait, it's off! Now it's on! What, you call this a vacation? Charlotte's travel plans are anything but smooth, and a decent meal isn't to be found. Oh, but who is that rude little man? Vacation is on again!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 09 (2006-09-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Midnight sailing lessons? Well, Charlotte has other ideas, which include seeing something go sailing -- right up against the wall with a hairy splat!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 10 (2006-10-02) serial fiction horror vampires

The drunken mistress falls into bed with her wounded lover, much to Charlotte's disgust. Can't these people keep their minds on anything but sex? Apparently not, but Charlotte's vacation is about to take an interesting turn as pirates show up, intent upon taking over a yacht that Charlotte has already decided belongs to her.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 11 (2006-10-09) serial fiction horror vampires

So spunky, but alas, he's so smelly ... Charlotte leaves the wounded pirate to the care of the yacht's crew, and seeks a few tools in someone else's cabin.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 12 (2006-10-16) serial fiction horror vampires

The crew of the yacht are very nice to look at, but not much good for anything else. A blunder on the captain's part causes Charlotte to tip her hand more than she would have liked

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 13 (2006-10-23) serial fiction horror vampires

Bobby is getting too nervous about Charlotte. Paulette is still drunk, and Claude the lecherous captain is making moves ... Charlotte needs a plan to deal with these fools, and soon. And a snack, don't forget the snack.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 14 (2006-10-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte knows when it's time to hit the road -- or the water -- again: when lust-filled Claude's furious wife shows up to confront him!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 15 (2006-11-06) serial fiction horror vampires

Why do idiots always show up right before morning? Is there like some sort of club for stupid that lets out at four a.m? Fortunately the exhausted Charlotte finds the flavors of testosterone and stupidity a tasty combination.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 16 (2006-11-13) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte returns to the mainland and finds an unexpected visitor -- one with some secrets of his own that shake Charlotte to the core.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 17 (2006-11-20) serial fiction horror vampires

Jim has betrayed Kenyon by keeping his own pet vampire. Charlotte can wrap her mind around that. But then she finds out what Kenyon himself has been doing, and she knows she has to move quickly again.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 18 (2006-11-27) serial fiction horror vampires

The club "Green Eyes" is closed and abandoned; Giselle and Theo are nowhere to be found. Charlotte hears that she is being blamed for their disappearance, and has no idea what has happened -- except that whatever has emptied the club can't be good.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 19 (2006-12-04) serial fiction horror vampires

Teenagers are maddening even to their parents. For an ancient vampire, teen sarcasm and chattering are even more aggravating. Charlotte has to deal with two of them at once, and even the precious information she has to get from the girls doesn't quite seem to be worth the hassle.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 20 (2006-12-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Beverly knows more than she should about the disappearance of Giselle and Theo ... maybe more than her mind can bear. But for Charlotte, this is information she must get, at any cost.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 21 (2006-12-18) serial fiction horror vampires

Time for Charlotte to return to California and face Kenyon's sure-to-be-grim music! Some day she would have to get around to that stress-free vacation, but right now, she has to figure out a strategy that will allow her to live through this confrontation.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 22 (2007-01-01) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte has time to kill while she figures out how to keep from being killed by Kenyon. A drive in a pink car -- just the thing! Until she spots some very shady characters who converge on a house with guns at the ready ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 23 (2007-01-08) serial fiction horror vampires

Not quite as much fun as draining their bodies -- but hunting the four would-be murderers down in the dark is fairly entertaining, too. Looks like Kenyon has as much explaining to do as Charlotte does!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 24 (2007-01-15) serial fiction horror vampires

The intruders, breaking into the house to murder the mysterious little girl, definitely picked the wrong vampire to mess with. Charlotte can't wait to finish this piece of work.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 25 (2007-01-22) serial fiction horror vampires

On the run yet again, the trouble that Charlotte attracts turns a highway into a debris field filled with death, and time seems to go slow motion as she watches the sky sparkle with shards of her windshield ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 26 (2007-01-29) serial fiction horror vampires

Even as she recovers her strength from the terrible crash, Charlotte manages to find someone new to infuriate -- and be infuriated by. But none of that matters when the familiar roar of a certain motorcycle reaches her ears, and she knows that her mental cry for help has reached someone else's.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 27 (2007-02-05) serial fiction horror vampires

The little witch-spawn has taken a shine to Charlotte -- and Charlotte is as surprised as anyone could be by that turn of events. A tagalong kid is a pain in the vampire butt at any time, but now Charlotte also has to deal with the elemental Legs, whose emanation of power even makes Charlotte nervous, and who does not care for this child at all.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 28 (2007-02-12) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte has to admit that the long years and Kenyon's infernal meddling with her have cost her some of her favorite memories -- memories of riding the roads with Kegs. She'll miss him when she goes to face the music with Kenyon. But something weird is happening, and the scent of magic is in the air ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 29 (2007-02-19) serial fiction horror vampires

It's just not a bright thing to do, messing with Charlotte. Even when she's on the run. As a matter of fact, this "on the run" is getting her moving, meeting old friends again, and making her remember what a power a vampire can be.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 30 (2007-03-12) serial fiction horror vampires

There are memories associated with the dive known as Eddie's ... memories that Charlotte can never leave behind completely. Memories of justice carried out -- but also memories of what happens when a vampire crosses the line ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 31 (2007-03-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Surprises, surprises! The first one is Iris, and what she seems to know. And the second one is far better -- a surprise that Charlotte thought she'd lost twenty-odd years before!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 32 (2007-03-26) serial fiction horror vampires

A small, secret room in the luxurious upstairs apartment over a biker bar, and five powerful vampires have to ask a little girl for assistance ... and none of them are very happy about that at all.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 33 (2007-04-02) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte keeps hearing more and more stuff she never thought she'd hear, like she how she missed her old pals and how they just avoided her for so many years ... and then she hears that Legs has lost track of the little witch spawn???!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 34 (2007-04-09) serial fiction horror vampires

Iris looks like a little girl, but she has enough witch power to keep a whole room full of angry vampires at bay ... and one in particular that she doesn't like at all.

Night Time 01 (2007-04-16) serial fiction murder mystery vampire horror

A small-town death blows the door wide open on some world-class gossip. The Mayor has died in bed, but he wasn't alone. Not only was the bed not his, but it had seen some highly varied traffic go through. There's going to be a lot of emotion surrounding this funeral...(Originally appeared 08-15-2005)

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 35 (2007-04-23) serial fiction horror vampires

Eddie is the Master Vampire in charge, and two humans have interfered with his world. Their sentence is Death. At least it would have been, had the air not begun to glow like the sun and open up to reveal ... someone none of the vampires want to risk messing with!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 36 (2007-04-30) serial fiction horror vampires

The witch knows far more than she should have, and reduces some major vampire players to humility. The only good news here is that she doesn't seem to like Kenyon, either ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 37 (2007-05-07) serial fiction horror vampires

Kenyon's figurative castle is beginning to crumble here and there. Nothing is working out the way he imagined it, and for the first time in a long, long time, he realizes that he has to carefully watch his step.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 38 (2007-05-14) serial fiction horror vampires

Kenyon knows how to play "Good cop, bad cop," all right. Although he tends to view it like ordering take out for lunch! Bad news is making him hungry, but the worst of the news is yet to come ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 39 (2007-05-21) serial fiction horror vampires

While Kenyon tidies up the mess he's made of Jim, Charlotte returns to Eddie's, caught up on sleep and about to receive a lecture on her wayward ways.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 40 (2007-05-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte has asked for Eddie's help, and he would love to help her any way he can. Maybe it's his chance to change how things turned out ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 41 (2007-06-04) serial fiction horror vampires

There are more vampires in the area than Charlotte ever dreamed. Kenyon has kept her in the dark for a long time, and her resentment is about to boil over. Not a good time to make her angry

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 42 (2007-06-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Things aren't where they should be. People aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. Idiots are in the way, and Kenyon is going to have to clear up all the problems himself. And who the hell is watching him, anyway?

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 43 (2007-06-18) serial fiction horror vampires

The voice on the phone is driving Kenyon nuts and time is running out for his hapless bartender -- is the situation sinister, or just reeking of stupidity?

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 44 (2007-06-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Had Kenyon seriously considered turning this idiot Tim into a vampire? What had he been thinking? Tim is so incompetent he can't even keep his stupid aunt from opening the door! Time to do Tim's thinking for him. Maybe they can even pull this plan off.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 45 (2007-07-02) serial fiction horror vampires

A vampire war is coming; Kenyon's power madness has made that certain. And in the conflict, sides will be chosen ... and if not? Vampire values are not the same as human ones.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 46 (2007-07-09) serial fiction horror vampires

Remember Tim's reference to a website and cameras and how it couldn't be viewed? Tsk, tsk, perhaps Kenyon should have a hacker on his side instead of a foolish pornographer-bartender. After all, Eddie does ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 47 (2007-07-16) serial fiction horror vampires

There's a mystery surrounding the house that Tim and his perverted aunt are using, more that it just containing a half-dead vampire. There's someone else involved, the woman Nathan described as the most evil vampire in the world.

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 48 (2007-07-23) serial fiction horror vampires

A plot is afoot, but there's time for Charlotte to have a snack before she takes on the next task. Oh, and the snack just happens to have transportation available!

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 49 (2007-07-30) se

Hank got lucky that night, getting cozy with a beautiful woman, as well as getting good and drunk. Sure hope it was his last request ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 50 (2007-08-13) serial fiction horror vampires

Charlotte is ready to play out this Last Act of Jim. Maybe she should have done it back in Florida, but back there, she wouldn't have had the sexy company of Eddie, or Toby's massive presence to rely on. She just knows it's going to be good ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 51 (2007-08-20) serial fiction horror vampires

Bartender Tim is only just starting to realize that his master, Kenyon, is not nearly as in control of things as he thought he was. Kenyon's territory is being invaded, and the invaders do seem to have the upper hand ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 52 (2007-08-27) serial fiction horror vampires

Hank mounted the steps thinking about an adult party of sorts, but not one where the adults were hundreds of years older than he was. Gee, Hank, didn't anyone ever tell you that living nasty might be dangerous to your health?

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 53 (2007-09-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Leaving the lecherous Aunt Maddie to find and figure out to do with all the gory bits, Eddie leaves to sow seeds of mystery, and Charlotte finds herself alone with Toby, who has a funny way about him suddenly ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 54 (2007-09-10) serial fiction horror vampires

A hundred miles an hour down a busy freeway, and Charlotte's riding the suicide seat with a distracted vampire behind the wheel. Things haven't been going Charlotte's way very often since she decided she needed to liberate all that money and jewelry from the bank, and it looks like nothing has changed in that respect ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 55 (2007-09-17) serial fiction horror vampires

There's something fishy about the man in the suit who accosts Kegs, Charlotte, and Toby by the side of the road. And he's about to find out just how deep and dangerous the ocean really is ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail (2007-09-24) cover story fiction horror vampires

When you're out in the wide open West, it's not a good idea to trust everyone you meet. Some folks just unnaturally have hidden agendas, and it's best to remember you're not always at the top of the food chain ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 2 (2007-10-01) serial fiction horror vampires

They've offered more than just kind words -- the two strangers have brought food as well. Jenny, for the first time in a long time, is warm and safe and no longer hungry. But she doesn't know what her patrons have in mind ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 3 (2007-10-08) serial fiction horror vampires

Ben feels like the luckiest boy in the west -- a full belly, no more beatings, and a new friend. But even with all of that, Ben doesn't know just how lucky he is -- Nate's grandfather knows exactly what should be done for strangers who don't "feel" exactly right ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 4 (2007-10-15) serial fiction horror vampires

Though he knows full well the monsters he will have to destroy, nevertheless, Leon seems almost rejuvenated by his need to return to his family duty. What higher calling could a man have than to protect the innocent from creatures of the night?

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 5 (2007-10-22) serial fiction horror vampires

The two vampires are so wrapped up in what they are planning to do to Jenny Foley that they fail to notice that two mere humans have identified them, and are even now planning what they feel must be done ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 6 (2007-10-29) serial fiction horror vampires

The time has come for the hateful action, and Leon worries that he cannot protect his son Daniel. Daniel will have to find his strength in his own soul, but part of that search will require him to actually believe that he can make a difference ...

Heading Towards the End of the Trail 7 (2007-11-05) serial fiction horror vampires

The time is Now, and cold steel and fire are the only way to cleanse the world of monsters ... but the events of the day will trouble Leon the rest of his life.

Patterns in Blood (2007-11-12) cover story fiction horror vampires

Alanna Gilliam has a past that has changed her way of life forever. Unfortunately, it doesn't want to stay "past." No matter how far she has run, no matter what precautions she has taken, that frightening and mysterious past has arrived on her doorstep once again ...

Patterns in Blood 02 (2007-11-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Mystery builds as Alanna discovers the reason behind the detective's visit -- the death of her ex-husband.

Patterns in Blood 03 (2007-11-26) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna Gilliam's desert home isn't as safe as she thought she had made it -- her past is surfacing on her doorstep in an ugly and frightening way.

Patterns in Blood 04 (2007-12-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Instead of the secure fortress Alanna thought she had built, she finds a security system breached on almost every level. The past is endangering her once more.

Patterns in Blood 05 (2007-12-10) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna and Stockwell leave the compromised house to try to find some place more private. But there in the desert, someone -- or something -- is watching ...

Patterns in Blood 06 (2007-12-17) serial fiction horror vampires

The past life that Alanna never wanted to remember again has come back in a twisted haunting way. Now she has to rely on someone else's help, and tell the horrid story from its bitter beginnings.

Patterns in Blood 07 (2007-12-24) serial fiction horror vampires

In order to make the detective understand the true horror and desperation of her situation, Alanna opts to tell him her story from its very beginning. But what she doesn't know is that someone else is listening to her tale as well...

Patterns in Blood 08 (2007-12-31) serial fiction horror vampires

After facing tragedy, Alanna pursued a kind of romance with the ever-present Randolph, less for love than for comfort, and Randolph was willing to promise her comfort, all right ... as long as it kept to his plan ...

Patterns in Blood 09 (2008-01-07) serial fiction horror vampires

There wasn't a lot of passion, but things seemed normal enough in their relationship, Alanna recounts. Then a chance occurrence changed the climate of the marriage to a chilling cloud ...

Patterns in Blood 10 (2008-01-14) serial fiction horror vampires

How do you stop yourself from looking at the revelation of the most horrible secret you've ever encountered in your life?

Patterns in Blood 11 (2008-01-21) serial fiction horror vampires

Is it true? Could there possibly have been an innocent explanation for the secret investigation? Randolph put Alanna's fears to rest, but even now those fears rise up to haunt her ...

Patterns In Blood 12 (2008-01-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Could anything be crazier than the story Randa has to tell Alanna? Crazier than believing it? Something as crazy as murder and arson, perhaps?

Patterns in Blood 13 (2008-02-04) serial fiction horror vampires

In the darkness of the night, Alanna is alone with the growing suspicion that not only has her husband lied to her about his past, but that he hides a secret so monstrous that she can barely wrap her mind around it...

Patterns in Blood 14 (2008-02-11) serial fiction horror vampires

The police refuse to take Alanna's fears seriously without more proof. They'll get their proof, all right, but Alanna has to wonder: Is it already too late?

Patterns in Blood 15 (2008-02-18) serial fiction horror vampires

An unexpected death of a close family member, and there's no tears? Strange voices on the telephone, ugly messages following Alanna from work to home, and odd behavior by her in-laws are making her waking hours worse than any nightmare.

Patterns in Blood 16 (2008-02-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Randolph is fishing for information, on some "papers" that Randa might have handed to Alanna mere hours before her death. Alanna, listening to his voice, still wonders which one of the is crazy.

Patterns in Blood 17 (2008-03-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna makes an unexpected visit to her mother-in-law's house, and finds no grief there at all for the dead Randa, and no love from her husband Randolph, either.

Patterns in Blood 18 (2008-03-10) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna visits the restaurant owner in the hospital, not knowing how soon she will visit that hospital again.

Patterns in Blood 19 (2008-03-17) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna is released from the hospital -- but into a new nightmare of destruction and gross revelation.

Patterns in Blood 20 (2008-03-24) serial fiction horror vampires

The door is bolted, but Randolph is strangely angry and seems to care nothing for Alanna's injury ...

Dark Whispers: Running Amok 01 (2008-04-07) fiction horror vampires serial

Charlotte considers writing an essay: "What I did on my summer vacation." After all, it should be quite the story, given that she's a vampire, and just happens to be carrying a trunkful of goodies ... Originally appeared 2006-07-31.

Patterns in Blood 21 (2008-04-14) serial fiction horror vampires

Mugged, her house in scattered disarray from intruders, Alanna struggles to make sense of her world, only to suddenly smell -- smoke!

Patterns in Blood 22 (2008-04-21) serial fiction horror vampires

Horror continues to mount in Alanna's mind as she finds out all the "surprises" her increasingly aggressive husband has in store for her.

Patterns in Blood 23 (2008-04-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Disturbed by what Randolph has told her staff, Alanna does some investigating, and finds out far more than she ever wanted to know.

Patterns in Blood 24 (2008-05-05) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna attempts to resume a normal life, but the continuing weirdness drives her to drastic action ...

Patterns in Blood 25 (2008-05-12) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna relates how there was only one thing left to do ... run to Las Vegas and fulfill plans she had been making since she decided to divorce Randolph.

Patterns in Blood 26 (2008-05-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna once again finds out that just when you think the worst is over, Fate shows you that there's plenty more misery left in the universe.

Patterns in Blood 27 (2008-05-26) serial fiction horror vampires

Peter's horrifying revelation about the state of Alanna's house makes her realize that she was never really as safe as she thought ... and neither were her friends ...

Patterns in Blood 28 (2008-06-02) serial fiction horror vampires

She was supposed to have escaped. She was supposed to be safe. But Alanna is about to find out that her mysterious adversary is still one -- if not a hundred -- steps ahead of her.

Patterns in Blood 29 (2008-06-09) serial fiction horror vampires

With food to eat, lots of shopping to unpack, and two strong detectives in the room, Alanna ought to be safe from the ominous stalker ... for while.

Patterns in Blood 30 (2008-06-16) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna went to live alone in the desert; someone found her there. She traveled to LA, and someone followed her. She shopped at the Mall, and someone was close enough to watch her ... and that someone -- something? is getting closer ...

Patterns in Blood 31 (2008-06-23) serial fiction horror vampires

Part of the investigation is learning about all the members of the strange Hagen family that Alanna had the misfortune to marry into. The memories Alanna has to share are not very clear ... almost as though something was hidden from her.

Patterns in Blood 32 (2008-06-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Having to call to mind all the disgusting tales of the Hagen family is wearing Alanna down. All she'd ever hoped for was a normal life ...

Patterns in Blood 33 (2008-07-07) serial fiction horror vampires

While Alanna continues to relate stories of the Hagen family, the detectives have made yet another gruesome set of discoveries ...

Patterns in Blood 34 (2008-07-14) serial fiction horror vampires

Sleeping the deep sleep of the profoundly traumatized, Alanna is unaware of what is going on beyond the door to her bedroom ...

Patterns in Blood 35 (2008-07-21) serial fiction horror vampires

All but one of her old friends have been found to be dead, Michael is in the hands of her stalker, and another body has been found. Alanna has a deep fear of who it might be ...

Patterns in Blood 36 (2008-07-28) serial fiction horror vampires

In a race against time, Alanna returns in disgust to the Hagen family home to find a key that might save Michael's life.

Patterns in Blood 37 (2008-08-04) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna gets to chat with a neighbor who also wishes her ex-husband is dead, but also has to deal with the horror that she's still being watched...

Patterns in Blood 38 (2008-08-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Worried about her old friend Katherine, Alanna meets with the cult leader, Brother Georgie, and finds she has to deal with the most horrible memory of all ...

Patterns in Blood 39 (2008-08-18) serial fiction horror vampires

He's a what? A double agent? A spy? A collaborator to a lot of murders? An assassin? Alanna comes to the conclusion that automatic weapons ... and other weapons more obscure are the only answer.

Patterns in Blood 40 (2008-08-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Piles of bodies in the hallway, and the knowledge that the vampires are out there somewhere ... the best part of it all is that Alanna knows it's not her problem ... yet.

Patterns in Blood 41 (2008-09-01) serial fiction horror vampires

The loathsome "Bobby" has words for Alanna, including the two "Vampire" and "minion." What on earth is he talking about?

Patterns in Blood 42 (2008-09-08) serial fiction horror vampires

It's time for Nelson to do some explaining, but the explanation only leaves Alanna with more questions than she ever wanted to ask.

Patterns in Blood 43 (2008-09-15) serial fiction horror vampires

It's about time Alanna heard from Stockwell, and from what he has to say, and how he says it, he's getting what he deserves.

Patterns in Blood 44 (2008-09-22) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna has had enough and wants answers -- not only from Stockwell before he dies, but also from that yippy little pest Lindsey, who's sending all the wrong signals ...

Patterns in Blood 45 (2008-09-29) serial fiction horror vampires

Time to go meet the lung-shot Stockwell and make sure he tells everything he knows. Alanna can hardly recognize her own life in the revelations of the day.

Patterns in Blood 46 (2008-10-06) serial fiction horror vampires

Alanna has been stalked, her friends murdered, her life ruined. She's out of patience as of years before, and it's time for her to take her fortunes into her own hands ...

Strange Bedfellows (2009-03-23) cover story fiction horror vampires

Something fishy is going on at the vampire club called Dark Whispers. Too many deaths, too many conflicts, too much ... politics. An alliance has been endangered, and boundaries crossed. It's time to take a closer look...

Strange Bedfellows 02 (2009-03-30) fiction horror vampires

It's time to prepare for Kenyon's summit meeting -- but the question is, why is he so confident, and how dare he make such a shocking request?

Strange Bedfellows 03 (2009-04-06) serial fiction horror vampires

Natasha is full of worries and irritation at the upcoming wedding, which could turn out to be a deadly fiasco -- until she gets a call from a certain someone ...

Strange Bedfellows 04 (2009-04-13) serial fiction horror vampires

And if you are a pair of powerful vampires who need to prepare for a rough meeting, a snack or two might be in order ...

Strange Bedfellows 05 (2009-04-20) serial fiction horror vampires

Predators abound at nightfall, but only the bright ones are successful.

Strange Bedfellows 06 (2009-04-27) serial fiction horror vampires

Not a love match, but a power grab -- that's all the forthcoming wedding is about. Natasha is worried about the outcome, and wonders how Harry and her Master can be so calm.

Strange Bedfellows 07 (2009-05-04) serial fiction horror vampires

Kenyon's club, Dark Whispers, is hosting a meeting of vampires and werewolves. Everyone in the room can sense the danger ... except for the humans ...

Strange Bedfellows 08 (2009-05-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Kenyon appears in the room looking like a costume ball. Who would have thought he'd dress like such a fool? But wait -- one piece of the outfit makes jaws drop and brows sweat, and the real reason for Kenyon's maneuvering is revealed.

Strange Bedfellows 09 (2009-05-18) serial fiction horror vampires

Kenyon, in his outlanding dress and vain parading, has all eyes on him -- maybe he should be keeping more of an eye on his guests ...

Strange Bedfellows 10 (2009-05-25) serial fiction horror vampires

The meeting is very important -- the very future of vampires and werewolves hangs in the balance of words and actions to come. What better to break the tension than a quick serving of champagne?

Strange Bedfellows 11 (2009-06-01) serial fiction horror vampires

An alliance is being formed between the vampires and werewolves after all ... but not exactly in the way Kenyon had imagined.

Strange Bedfellows 12 (2009-06-08) serial fiction horror vampires

Natasha and Harry join the werewolves at their base of operations. Smells like wet dog and magic, Natasha thinks, but she knows Harry and she can take them ...

Strange Bedfellows 13 (2009-06-15) serial fiction horror vampires

Annoying as the werewolves can be, vampires can join them against a common cause -- an intruder is about to meet a formidable force!

Strange Bedfellows 14 (2009-06-22) serial fiction horror vampires

When a vow is made, the task must be paid. This time a life hung in the balance, and was lost -- will another death bring justice? Or war?

Strange Bedfellows 15 (2009-06-29) serial fiction horror vampires

Time to pick up the pieces! Werewolves and vampires working together?

Strange Bedfellows 16 (2009-07-06) serial fiction horror vampires

More surprises -- Simon has regrets, and Harry ... oh, Harry ...

Strange Bedfellows 17 (2009-07-13) serial fiction horror vampires

If Harry were not there, the jokester with the pink bikini would have been the first meal of the day ...

Stange Bedfellows 18 (2009-07-20) serial fiction horror vampires

The mean-spirited prank of dressing Natasha in pink may have more dire consequences than making her look like a six-year-old's Barbie doll ...

Strange Bedfellows 19 (2009-07-27) serial fiction horror vampires

Three vampires against a pack of werewolves?

Strange Bedfellows 20 (2009-08-03) serial fiction horror vampires

The thrill of running through the night, afraid of no one, beneath a starlit sky -- it's like being a wild creature, formed from the wind and hindered by nothing -- right up until the earth beneath your feet gives way ...

Strange Bedfellows 21 (2009-08-10) serial fiction horror vampires

Stuck in a tiger trap, the team of vampires and werewolf are beginning to see the pieces of an unpleasant plan ...

Strange Bedfellows 22 (2009-08-17) serial fiction horror vampires

Some deep magic has been summoned, and that summoning is against all that the werewolves and the vampires call rules. Someone is going to have to pay for this.

Strange Bedfellows 23 (2009-08-31) serial fiction horror vampires

There is some evidence of very dark and ancient magic in Archer's hideaway ... but Harry also has been around for a long, long time...

Strange Bedfellows 24 (2009-09-07) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Magic, the likes of which Natasha has rarely had to experience, is in the air and the stones and the water of the grotto ... and waiting for her at the exit to the cave...

Strange Bedfellows 25 (2009-09-14) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The scavenger hunt may have been a painful joke, but Archer is close to seeing how successful it was ...

Strange Bedfellows 26 (2009-09-21) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Archer's penchant for magic has assured his house a thorough cleaning ...

Strange Bedfellows 27 (2009-09-28) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

If they weren't vampires, you could say that Harry and Natasha have been given a space to breathe, but they don't, so you can't. But they are leaping out of the fire for a late-night snack ...

Strange Bedfellows 28 (2009-10-05) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The first order of business now is to get the magical artifact back where it belongs. Solomon's Fang is a heavy, dangerous weight.

Strange Bedfellows 29 (2009-10-12) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The strangers are there to pick up Solomon's Fang -- but "Daisy" and "Hugh" are not at all who they appear to be ...

Strange Bedfellows 30 (2009-10-19) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Camilla is the puppet master, visiting Harry and Natasha through her minion's mind. But there's something more than an ancient artifact that Camilla is hanging around for ... what can it be?

Strange Bedfellows 31 (2009-10-26) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

It's not really the end -- the finding of Solomon's Fang just heralds the beginning of something far greater.

Strange Bedfellows 32 (2010-04-05) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Harry and Natasha witness an astounding change of alliance ...

Strange Bedfellows 33 (2010-04-12) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Kenyon is on the hunt, and Renee has a hiding place, far, far away ... but it's an odd sort of hideout ...

Strange Bedfellows 34 (2010-04-19) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The old house might mean something to Renee, but what it means to the new alliance as a group is -- danger!

Strange Bedfellows 35 (2010-04-26) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Two strange werewolf bands are converging on the hideout, and all the weapons available for protection are from the realm of humanity -- not particularly useful in this situation.

Strange Bedfellows 36 (2010-05-03) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Renee recognizes a voice from her past, and an uppity werewolf is about to learn a bit of a lesson.

Strange Bedfellows 37 (2010-05-10) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Tensions are high, and the vampires must get away from this farm, before the rival werewolves appear again...

Strange Bedfellows 38 (2010-05-17) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

After nearly causing a war in Eastern territory, the team heads back to California to see if the smokescreen is working ...

Strange Bedfellows 39 (2010-05-24) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

In the foggy dawn, danger approaches from two sides ... but who in their right mind would dare to try to ambush Harry?

Strange Bedfellows 40 (2010-05-31) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Natasha is surprised and chagrined when she sees who is walking in out of the mists ... maybe she shouldn't have grown so attached to Harry ...

Strange Bedfellows 41 (2010-06-07) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Simon has appeared, and some nasty evidence has, too. Harry must keep them safe, but where the hell is he taking them?

Strange Bedfellows 42 (2010-06-14) serial fiction horror vampires

The strange sounds in the dark are suddenly resolved ... but the mystery only grows greater!

Strange Bedfellows 43 (2010-06-21) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

DB is going to die. The only outstanding question is: What can they get him to say before he does?

Strange Bedfellows 44 (2010-06-28) serial fiction fantasy horror vampires werewolves

Damson has a few words left before he becomes vampire compost ...

Strange Bedfellows 45 (2010-07-05) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Damson Barlow's life is about to end, but he may yet have one more tidbit of information to offer ...

Strange Bedfellows 46 (2010-07-12) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Simon and Harry have things under control right now, but DB, dying slowly, still seems to have some information they need ...

Strange Bedfellows 47 (2010-07-19) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The strange painful process of dissolution has begun. But first, DB must understand what his life actually held ...

Strange Bedfellows 48 (2010-07-26) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The game is afoot -- Kenyon has pulled a disappearing act, hiding his location from werewolves and vampires alike. Bet the powerful Council are going to love this little stunt!

Strange Bedfellows 49 (2010-08-02) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

One minute, Natasha is having a snack, and the next, both Harry and Simon are beyond her mental touch -- what's happening?

Strange Bedfellows 50 (2010-08-09) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Witchcraft is in the air, and Natasha can't rely on Harry or Simon to make it all right again. But Harry knows someone who might possibly help ...

Strange Bedfellows 51 (2010-08-16) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Harry has been compromised, which means that the group's ace in the hole was no longer the highest card in the deck. Political intrigue tangles them like a spider's web ...

Strange Bedfellows 52 (2010-08-23) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Cynthia, the rogue vampire from Arizona has begun the opening deal in this little game. She has two Kings in her possession, but she doesn't know that Natasha has some aces up her sleeve ...

Strange Bedfellows 53 (2010-08-30) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Cynthia has come to do battle with Natasha, Harry, and Simon ... but what weaponry does she think she has?

Strange Bedfellows 54 (2010-09-06) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Some kind of ace is up Cynthia's sleeve, and she's counting on it ... in spite of her imminent danger ...

Strange Bedfellows 55 (2010-09-20) serial fiction vampires werewolves

Well, Cynthia escapes her skewering only for find out that tackling Harry, Simon, Renee and Natasha wasn't her only big mistake ...

Strange Bedfellows 56 (2010-09-27) serial fiction horror vampires

The witch is about to reveal how the rogue vampire Cynthia slaughtered her way to the top...

Strange Bedfellows 57 (2010-10-04) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

While Jasmine chants, the life-forces of the creatures around her begin to change ...

Strange Bedfellows 58 (2010-10-11) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The spell that Jasmine has cast is having a strange and unexpected effect ...

Strange Bedfellows 59 (2010-10-18) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The magic is still in the air, but everyone's focus has changed ...

Strange Bedfellows 60 (2010-10-25) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The night of carnage grows bloodier still, but the magic unleashed is far more disturbing ...

Strange Bedfellows 61 (2010-11-01) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Jasmine's strange magic and some horrible power snatch Natasha from her own life ...

Strange Bedfellows 62 (2010-11-08) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The magical visions continue to show Natasha two brothers' dilemma during the American Civil War.

Strange Bedfellows 63 (2010-11-15) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

As Natasha sees the strange visions, she begins to see that the magic stretches far back into the past ...

Strange Bedfellows 64 (2010-11-22) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Charles, in the past, finds his adversary was deserving of his fate, but what of the woman...?

Strange Bedfellows 65 (2010-11-29) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

The mysterious woman is still a stranger, but she might be Charles' best hope ...

Strange Bedfellows 66 (2010-12-06) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Charles is about to find out the name of the strange woman who helped him ...

Strange Bedfellows 67 (2010-12-13) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Charles is about to find out more than he wanted to know about his brother Beau ...

Strange Bedfellows 68 (2010-12-20) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Charles has to come to terms with the fact that his brother Beau not only hid his actions from his brother, but also that what Beau did will have far-reaching ramifications ...

Strange Bedfellows 69 (2010-12-27) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Charles has begun to accept the horror that Renee is recounting to him, but the next part of the story is even worse ...

Strange Bedfellows 70 (2011-01-03) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Anger is in the air, an inhuman anger -- one that hates vampires just as much if not more than the human ...

Strange Bedfellows 71 (2011-01-10) serial fiction horror vampires werewolves

Conclusion. What Renee has done in the past is not yet clear, but what Harry and Simon and Carlos and Marcus do in the present is about to make a big difference to Natasha ...

The Building (2011-01-24) cover story serial fiction

The setting is the night, the star of this performance is not who his audience thinks he is, and when this curtain rises, what is revealed is a stage for blood ...

The Building 2 (2011-01-31) serial fiction horror vampires

Remembering Jerry remembering ... it was a way to pass the night in satisfaction ...

The Building 3 (2011-02-07) serial fiction horror vampires

The story of the original Jerry continues, chronicling the last of his life.

The Building 4 (2011-02-14) serial fiction horror vampires

The guard knew that Jerry had a particular destiny ...

The Building 5 (2011-02-21) serial fiction horror vampires

Done with memories of Jerry, the guard turns to his own ...

The Building 6 (2011-02-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Oh, kids, you shouldn't play with matches, or sharp knives ... or angry vampires!

The Building 7 (2011-03-07) serial fiction horror vampires

The former vampire prince is on the hunt -- but once again, the hunter has become the hunted.

The Building 8 (2011-03-14) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry, the vampire formerly known as a prince, remembers the circumstances of his capture ...

The Building 9 (2011-03-21) serial fiction horror vampires

How true that looks can be deceiving, and how sad that the same is true for members of one's own clan ...

The Building 10 (2011-04-04) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry finds Florida acceptable, even with the occasional iguana, even with the burning memory of that vampire bait ...

The Building 11 (2011-04-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry remembers the mistake the Council made when they kidnapped him so many months ago ...

The Building 12 (2011-04-18) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry's neighbor, Edna, enlists him in a search for Mr. Peaches, her poodle.

The Building 13 (2011-05-02) short fiction fantasy vampires

Jerry has found someone he didn't expect -- a troll -- and begins to wonder at the way plans play out ...

The Building 14 (2011-05-09) serial fiction horror vampires

Negotiations with the troll have begun, but something is not quite the way Jerry expects ...

The Building 15 (2011-05-16) serial fiction horror vampires

The troll is going to be a help to Jerry, but something else is strange ...

The Building 16 (2011-05-23) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry remembers again the crime against his Mastery ...

The Building 17 (2011-05-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry continues to remember with bitterness his incarceration in Michigan long months before.

The Building 18 (2011-06-06) serial fiction horror vampires

He had nearly escaped that accursed coffin once, but something unexpected had happened ...

The Building 19 (2011-06-13) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry had no problem with making use of Tricia, but frankly, the troll was more pleasant company ...

The Building 20 (2011-06-20) serial fiction horror vampires

After all his vampire years, Jerry has seen it all -- although there are some sights that make him wish he could bleach his brain ...

The Building 21 (2011-06-27) serial fiction horror vampires

Tricia has become his mind slave, but Jerry is the one who is trapped in this unsavory meeting...

The Building 22 (2011-07-04) serial fiction horror vampires

How odd that Jerry has fed off Tricia's blood, but now finds that he must feed her if he wants her continued compliance.

The Building 23 (2011-07-11) serial fiction horror vampires

Once again Jerry is trapped in a mire of disgust, loathing spending time alone with the vulgar and sex-crazed Tricia.

The Building 24 (2011-07-18) serial fiction horror vampires

The creature of darkness, the former Master of a city, the immortal drinker of lifeblood ... is so grossed out he can hardly wait for this trip to end...

The Building 25 (2011-07-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Tricia is the bait to lure Celina to the front door, but can Jerry make it through the back of the house in time for the capture?

The Building 26 (2011-08-01) serial fiction horror vampires

Drinking deeply from Celina's veins, Jerry discovers something very interesting in the thoughts that pour from her mind...

The Building 27 (2011-08-08) serial fiction horror vampires

The months of torture, the humiliation, the loss of all that he had -- Jerry is ready to pay Celina back in the worst possible way ...

The Building 28 (2011-08-15) serial fiction horror vampires

Charged with vampiric power, Jerry slowly allows Celina to understand her peril.

The Building 29 (2011-08-22) serial fiction horror vampires

Suddenly Celina knows that the tables have turned, and the vampire she once tortured and laughed at has her in his power...

The Building 30 (2011-08-29) serial fiction horror vampires

Too many people in the neighborhood -- and at least two too many police ...

The Building 31 (2011-09-05) serial fiction horror vampires


The Building 32 (2011-09-12) serial fiction horror vampires


The Building 33 (2011-09-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Night has fallen, and it's time for Jerry to pay a visit to his new acquisition, and dish out to her some of what was served to him in the past ...

The Building 34 (2011-09-26) serial fiction horror vampires

There was a reason the Vampire Council would have been smarter to have killed this vampire Jerry Cooper ... and Celina is finding what that reason was.

The Building 35 (2011-10-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Battered, burnt, and nearly truly dead, Celina still holds on to a misguided hope of freedom from Jerry's grasp. But now we come to what Jerry really wants to know ...

The Building 36 (2011-10-10) serial fiction horror vampires

Celina is ready to talk, ready to answer Jerry's questions -- but not truthfully, not even when threatened with death.

The Building 37 (2011-10-17) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry's next step is to get a certain troll some take-out ...

The Building 38 (2011-10-24) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry has a box lunch for his ally the troll, but what will they talk about over this dinner?

The Building 39 (2011-10-31) serial fiction horror vampires

The long night is ending, and Jerry must find a place to escape the sunlight. And what an odd place he finds ...

The Building 40 (2011-11-07) serial fiction horror vampires

Who is this woman, and why is she so unafraid?

The Building 41 (2011-11-14) serial fiction horror vampires

Does the former Master dare to create a new fledgling, especially when the power needed to do so will alert every other vampire in the region to his whereabouts?

The Building 42 (2011-11-21) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry continues to perform the forbidden ritual with Julia.

The Building 43 (2011-11-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Last chapter of "The Building." Jerry sees his next victim helpless before him.

The Complex (2011-12-05) cover story serial fiction horror vampires

Ah, the story hasn't completely ended yet -- there is still unfinished business on this vampire's agenda ...

The Complex 2 (2011-12-12) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry begins his preparation to stalk Ben, hoping for sweet, sweet revenge.

The Complex 3 (2011-12-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry is about to embark upon a change -- but how difficult will it be with the new fledgling, so unsure of herself, at his side?

The Complex 4 (2011-12-26) serial fiction horror vampires

Step by step, Jerry begins construction of a new identity ...

The Complex 5 (2012-01-02) serial fiction horror vampires

The bottom-feeding forger has no idea that he's about to try to cheat a vampire, one who needs less excuse than that to exact a bloody retribution...

The Complex 6 (2012-01-09) serial fiction horror vampires

The blinded vampire, Ben Richland, cannot perceive the passionate Jerry as he stalks Ben, hungering for his death ... and revenge.

The Complex 7 (2012-01-16) serial fiction horror vampires

When the power is out, and a hurricane approaches, wasting time cursing and arguing is foolish -- especially when two vampires are watching you, hungrily...

The Complex 8 (2012-01-23) serial fiction horror vampires

The vampires have their reconnaissance spot picked out, but two of the dumbest humans in Florida don't want to give it up. What's a vampire to do?

The Complex 9 (2012-01-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Checklist: Moves faster than a human can track, has fangs, and wants blood. Can it really be a vampire?

The Complex 10 (2012-02-06) serial fiction horror vampires

The storm builds more fiercely than anyone had predicted. Jerry's plans to waylay and destroy Ben may be blown away by a hurricane ...

The Complex 11 (2012-02-13) serial fiction horror vampires

Julia has only been a vampire for a matter of hours -- it's time for her Master to teach her some skills ...

The Complex 12 (2012-02-20) serial fiction horror vampires

The winds and rain lash the island, but it isn't just the hurricane coming that has the air scented with fear and blood ...

The Complex 13 (2012-02-27) serial fiction horror vampires

Coconuts fly through the air like cannonballs with the hurricane winds, and even a vampire's life is in danger. But the vampire fledgling Julia has a quick lesson to learn ...

The Complex 14 (2012-03-05) serial fiction horror vampires

Julia gets her first opportunity to teach a thug a well-deserved lesson ... Do you think he'll do well in school the next day?

The Complex 15 (2012-03-12) serial fiction horror vampires

Dinner has been served! And now that the vampires have dined, it's time for dessert. Perhaps something sweet ... like revenge?

The Complex 16 (2012-03-19) serial fiction horror vampires

Lying in wait for Ben, the vampire and his new creation hear disturbing thoughts in the air ...

The Complex 17 (2012-03-26) serial fiction horror vampires

Suddenly not as powerful as she thought, Julia struggles with her lost humanity, understanding at last the price of her change.

The Complex 18 (2012-04-02) serial fiction horror vampires

Ben Richland is walking into an ambush, but he's more wary of his appointed visitor than of his surroundings ...

The Complex 19 (2012-04-09) serial fiction horror vampires

What is the history between the Vampire Council's messenger and Ben Richland? Jerry is nearly ready to put his own history on hold in order to find out ...

The Complex 20 (2012-04-16) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry, observing the banter and flirtation of Ben and Leonardo, wonders if the ritual that drained their powers also may have drained their wits ...

The Complex 21 (2012-04-23) serial fiction horror vampires

And now we know the Vampire Council's concern ... and now Ben is glad for the news and horrified by its implications.

The Complex 22 (2012-04-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Now let a powerful Vampire Master show you what he can do ...

The Complex 23 (2012-05-14) serial fiction horror vampires

And just like that, what was once a Vampire Council envoy is now the opportunity for a midnight snack ...

The Complex 24 (2012-05-21) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry pays a price for his method of controlling the Vampire Council envoy -- being swept away by a river of blood ...

The Complex 25 (2012-05-28) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry is drawn again and again by blood, into the memories of Benjamin and Leonardo.

The Complex 26 (2012-06-04) serial fiction horror vampires

His two enemies captured and in his power, Jerry takes them to his warehouse, hoping to make them into the next take-out meal for the troll ...

The Complex 27 (2012-06-11) serial fiction horror vampires

His two captives have some serious conflict in their shared past -- Jerry must travel back in their memories to learn what it is...

The Complex 28 (2012-06-18) serial fiction horror vampires

Lenny and Ben's first conflict is revealed, as the Vampire Master forces their memories decades into the past ...

The Complex 29 (2012-06-25) serial fiction horror vampires

Helpless and doomed, Ben Richland still hasn't understood the depth of Jerry's hatred for him and his desire for revenge.

The Complex 30 (2012-07-02) serial fiction horror vampires

There is information Jerry wants to get from Ben, but after years of plotting revenge, there's just so little time left for torture ...

The Complex 31 (2012-07-09) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry Cooper, Master Vampire, has captured an old enemy. He wants answers before he kills him, but a vampire is not above playing with his prey ...

The Complex 32 (2012-07-16) serial fiction horror vampires

Which is more furious, the winds of the hurricane, or Ben Richland, who in spite of being trapped, still thinks that he's the better vampire?

The Complex 33 (2012-07-23) serial fiction horror vampires

Is a hurricane really this destructive, or has Jerry inadvertently set loose some elemental magic? His fledgling, Julia, seems to think the storm might be a problem ...

The Complex 34 (2012-07-30) serial fiction horror vampires

Maybe Ben Richland would rather die than talk, but dismemberment -- now that could produce another story entirely.

The Complex 35 (2012-08-06) serial fiction horror vampires

The strong ties between Ben and Leonardo could cause some trouble -- but Jerry must find a solution, because there's information to be squeezed out of both of them.

The Complex 36 (2012-08-13) serial fiction horror vampires

Aha, so there is something that the Vampire Council's toady actually does fear ...

The Complex 37 (2012-08-20) serial fiction horror vampires

Jerry Cooper has two vampires captive, and he wants some answers from them ... and Jerry Cooper has no qualms at all about using any means necessary to get his information. In fact, the more painful the confessions, the more enjoyment for him.

The Complex 38 (2012-08-27) serial fiction horror vampires

The amazing thing is that even though he's been drained of powers, manhandled, nearly drained of blood, tied up, silenced, paralyzed, and well and truly threatened, Ben Richland is still full of arrogance because he thinks he's dealing with some feeble upstart. Think he'll ever figure this one out?

The Complex 39 (2012-09-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Bound together in spirit form by the Master vampire's illegal spell, Leonardo and Ben must face questions they would rather not answer ...

The Complex 40 (2012-09-10) serial fiction horror vampires

At last the threat of true death has become real to the two trapped vampires, but even Jerry's dark heart will be affected by what he's about to hear ...

The Complex 41 (2012-09-17) serial fiction horror vampires

Conclusion. Having learned the source of his betrayal, Jerry must decide what to do with the vampires he has captured ...

Good Morning? (2012-09-24) serial fiction

Malaria has been eradicated from the face of the earth! Not to mention tuberculosis and the plague! And gravity, too, so you never have to worry about falling down again! Why do they allow stupid people to have passports?

Good Morning? 02 (2012-10-01) serial fiction fantasy

Nothing like a pre-monsoonal heat wave and a complete idiot to add color to a tour group ...

Good Morning? 03 (2012-10-08) serial fiction fantasy

Emma has nothing to fear from cameramen, but a local healer-woman is another story entirely.

Good Morning? 04 (2012-10-15) serial fiction fantasy

Recognized somehow by the local healer-woman, Emma realizes that pretending to be human is more of a pain than she thought it would be.

Good Morning? 05 (2012-10-22) serial fiction fantasy

Trudging through the rainforest, Emma comes upon a seemingly abandoned structure -- that is far more than rocks and moss...

Good Morning? 06 (2012-10-29) serial fiction fantasy

The inscriptions on the walls are too obvious to mistake the meaning of the darkened areas around the altar in the disused temple. This is not a good place for Emma -- but then, where is?

Good Morning? 07 (2012-11-05) serial fiction fantasy

Emma's trip to Indonesia has been a bit on the weird side, with blood-smeared temple walls and a healer-woman muttering spells ... but it's about to get stranger still ...

Good Morning? 08 (2012-11-12) serial fiction fantasy

Great way to escape a chatty old lady -- or is it?

Good Morning? 09 (2012-11-19) serial fiction fantasy

A note from Uncle Harry is a welcome promise of escape, but from what, Emma still doesn't know -- and doesn't want to find out!

Good Morning? 10 (2012-11-26) serial fiction fantasy

Emma has her plane reservation ready, her traveling case in hand, and she's eager to get back to what she thinks of as normal. Something else may have other ideas ...

Good Morning? 11 (2012-12-03) serial fiction fantasy

At last, a bit of normality, and maybe even a drive to the airport unaccompanied by an evil meat puppet ...

Good Morning? 12 (2012-12-10) serial fiction fantasy

The memory of her trip to Indonesia hasn't faded ... because there's a link there to the latest mischief Emma has stirred up ...

Good Morning? 13 (2012-12-17) serial fiction fantasy

Emma does some research into mines, but it's not gold or silver she's hunting ...

Good Morning? 14 (2012-12-24) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Deep beneath the Michigan landscape, the salt mines remain cool and clean ... but Emma worries about teleporting into them -- the maps are none too accurate ...

Good Morning? 15 (2012-12-31) serial fiction fantasy

Emma brings Uncle Harry up to speed on her research into the salt mines of Detroit, but still hesitates to explain why she's so drawn to them ...

Good Morning? 16 (2013-01-07) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Were the salt mines of Detroit a clean, safe workplace, or did they harbor something that could eat a man's soul?

Good Morning? 17 (2013-01-14) serial fiction fantasy

Emma, awaiting the arrival of Uncle Harry's favorite werewolf, muses about diaries, and her own past.

Good Morning? 18 (2013-01-21) serial fiction fantasy

Emma reflects on her strange lack of personal origins ...

Good Morning? 19 (2013-01-28) serial fiction fantasy

Remembering her adoptive parents' funeral, Emma recalls her numbness, and growing cynicism about the people around her.

Good Morning? 20 (2013-02-04) serial fiction fantasy

While Emma tries to come to terms with her parents' deaths, merciless monsters stalk her -- both supernatural and human.

Good Morning? 21 (2013-02-11) serial fiction fantasy

Grief dulls her, and rampant disrespectful news crews disgust her, but something in Emma's life is going to change her from the inside out ...

Good Morning? 22 (2013-02-18) serial fiction fantasy

Emma seeks to escape her grief by sleeping, but not only are there rude news-people in her front yard, there are even rude people in her dream ...

Good Morning? 23 (2013-02-25) serial fiction fantasy

Stalked in real life, stalked in her dreams, Emma is running out of any shred of patience ...

Good Morning? 24 (2013-03-04) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Why would a figment of Emma's imagination be so persistently annoying? A dreamboat he's not...

Good Morning? 25 (2013-03-11) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Emma has provoked the young man beyond reason, and punched him in the nose. Why not smack a vampire silly if it's all a dream?

Good Morning? 26 (2013-03-18) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Still believing she is stuck in an irritating dream, Emma meets someone interesting, and the "dream" becomes a lot less irritating ...

Good Morning? 27 (2013-03-25) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Esmeralda -- Emma -- is confronted by Master Vampire Harry, who is charming, handsome, reassuring ... and just as unbelievable.

Good Morning? 28 (2013-04-08) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Telekinetic abilities and vampires are easy enough for Emma to dismiss in the wake of her adoptive parents' deaths, but the reality waiting outside her home is something truly distasteful ... and maybe dangerous ...

Good Morning? 29 (2013-04-15) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Something stalks Emma ... what is it? A TV reporter, perhaps? One about to get his comeuppance?

Good Morning? 30 (2013-04-22) serial fiction fantasy vampires

The menacing voice has Emma trapped in her house -- can it really not enter? But even if it can't, can it starve her out?

Good Morning? 31 (2013-04-29) serial fiction fantasy vampires

The time has come for Emma to say goodbye to her past, and take her place in the world -- the supernatural world, that is.

Good Morning? 32 (2013-05-06) serial fiction fantasy vampires

And now that you know you can use this trick to avoid one danger, why not use it again...?

Good Morning? 33 (2013-05-13) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Seriously, did Penny just think Emma was going to sit there in the car and smile as it was being smashed on the highway?

Good Morning? 34 (2013-05-20) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Emma is ready to read an encyclopedia and a score card to keep track of all the supernatural creatures she's learned about in the past 48 hours ...

Good Morning? 35 (2013-05-27) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Is leaving a wake of catastrophe Emma's newly-found birthright?

Good Morning? 36 (2013-06-03) serial fiction fantasy vampires

When one door closes, another opens, they say. The door to Emma's past has closed, but she's finding more doors than she was looking for...

Good Morning? 37 (2013-06-10) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Exhausted by trying to come to grips with a world of supernatural beings, Emma knows the next step has got to be ... lunch with a werewolf?

Good Morning? 38 (2013-06-17) serial fiction fantasy vampires

The memory of first meeting Harry hasn't unearthed many clues, though it has brought a sense of comfort. But lying in a dirty cave, Emma must examine her life more deeply to find a solution...

Good Morning? 39 (2013-06-24) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Preparing for Riley the Werewolf's visit, Emma goes shopping -- and as usual, trouble is hot on her heels...

Good Morning? 40 (2013-07-01) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Emma's life is so complicated that an evening with a werewolf is -- almost -- relaxing...

Good Morning? 41 (2013-07-08) serial fiction fantasy vampires

A blizzard is building, but the storm worries Emma less than what might happen to her underground...

Good Morning? 42 (2013-07-15) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Is Emma's knack for telekinesis natural, or is it magic? No one knows for sure, and Emma is worried about the connection between magic and salt, not to mention the accuracy of her maps.

Good Morning? 43 (2013-07-22) serial fiction fantasy vampires

A Michigan blizzard snows Emma and Riley in, so they should be safe from intruders, but something else is stalking them -- in the snow and from the past.

Good Morning? 44 (2013-07-29) serial fiction fantasy vampires

A snow plow driver with a camera? During a blizzard? Something isn't quite right with that, and Emma isn't about to ask questions close up...

Good Morning? 45 (2013-08-05) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Emma is drawn to trouble nearly as much as trouble is drawn to her. That might be why the old miner's journal whets her appetite for exploration...

Good Morning? 46 (2013-08-12) serial fiction fantasy vampires

What could possibly make a werewolf so angry? Emma is about to find out that it wasn't because she didn't pack a chew toy for him...

Good Morning? 47 (2013-08-19) serial fiction fantasy vampires

What was once to be an outing born of curiosity is now laced with dread...what scares a werewolf?

Good Morning? 48 (2013-08-26) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Riley needs to cough up some werewolf knowledge if he's to keep Emma from making an impulsive leap...

Good Morning? 49 (2013-09-02) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Riley has left, in search of his werewolf contacts. With the blizzard still raging, Emma is forced to wait -- and wonder where Riley went.

Good Morning? 50 (2013-09-09) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Well, Riley has some answers for Emma -- but they aren't about the questions she asked...

Good Morning? 51 (2013-09-16) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Unlike Riley, Gordon is actually willing to tell Emma something about her salt caves, mistakenly thinking he could convince her to turn away from her quest...

Good Morning? 52 (2013-09-23) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Gordon is one smooth-talking werewolf...but his information leads to a very rough decision.

Good Morning? 53 (2013-09-30) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Emma finds yet another obstacle to her expedition -- and this one brings out her worst...

Good Morning? 54 (2013-10-07) serial fiction fantasy vampires

The fey creature Star has pushed Emma's buttons big time, being both irritating...and scary.

Good Morning? 55 (2013-10-14) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Emma is on her way at last -- maybe even a little more quickly than she wants...

Good Morning? 56 (2013-10-21) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

As Emma rides in the backseat, she has less and less patience with the fey Star, who seems to have her own agenda with the werewolves.

Good Morning? 57 (2013-10-28) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Through snow and darkness, the descent is about to begin...

Good Morning? 58 (2013-11-04) serial fiction fantasy vampires

Watch your step -- the first one's a doozy!

Good Morning? 59 (2013-11-11) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

In all the worry about what creatures might be found below the earth, Emma and her werewolf pals haven't taken into consideration what the mine itself might do ...

Good Morning? 60 (2013-11-18) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

All alone, Emma makes her way along the enchanted tunnel...wait -- what's that sound?

Good Morning? 61 (2013-11-25) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

If you tread forbidden ground, and open forbidden doors, why be surprised at what you find?

Good Morning? 62 (2013-12-02) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Face to face with a dangerous creature right out of mythology, Emma needs to keep her wits about her if she wants to search the dragon's hoard.

Good Morning? 63 (2013-12-09) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Time is running out for Emma to get back to the portal, but wait, was that the plan all along?

Good Morning? 64 (2013-12-16) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

A gift for Sapphire has beguiled the dragon, but what is it that derails a nice conversation?

Good Morning? 65 (2013-12-23) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Four more visitors enter the dragon's cave! Were they invited over for breakfast?

Good Morning? 66 (2013-12-30) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The evil Fey Star has become nothing more than a green-misted belch, but how will the Gatekeeper react to Esmeralda's unauthorized entry into his prisons?

Good Morning? 67 (2014-01-06) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Wait, the dragon Sapphire was wrong? Has Emma's trip into the salt mines under Detroit been for nothing?

Good Morning? 68 (2014-01-13) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

This is what Emma has come all this way to see -- but not who...

Good Morning? 69 (2014-01-20) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The face in the wall, a face Emma has seen before -- can the Gatekeeper tell who carved it?

Good Morning? 70 (2014-01-27) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Whatever took over the Gatekeeper's body is gone, and anyway, Emma has three loyal werewolves to protect her...maybe...

Good Morning? 71 (2014-02-03) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The face on the wall is older than you'd think a smiley could be, and Emma's finding out that where this face comes from, a smile is not what you want to see...

Good Morning? 72 (2014-02-10) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Four werewolves, a dragon, a blood-sucking spirit, and a young lady walk into a, it's not the beginning of a joke. Far, far from it!

Good Morning? 73 (2014-02-17) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Never bend down and put your face next to a deranged semi-werewolf...

Good Morning? 74 (2014-02-24) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Uncle Harry has brought in reinforcements, but the creature possessing Stefan still has its sights on Emma. Can the werewolves control it?

Good Morning? 75 (2014-03-03) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

With a big, overprotective werewolf, on her side, as well as Uncle Harry the Master Vampire, and Parrot, the vicious devourer of -- well, anything -- Emma is finally safe. Unless something else shows up...

Good Morning? 76 (2014-03-10) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The time is approaching for Emma to leave the mines, but how can she leave without the answer to her questions?

Good Morning? 77 (2014-03-17) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The Gatekeeper's madness isn't the only danger in the mines -- nor are the monsters.

Good Morning? 78 (2014-03-24) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

The prison in the mine is a corridor between worlds, worlds that have sealed horrors into the walls. Harry has to find a way out of the prison -- without Riley's hair-trigger temper getting them killed.

Good Morning? 79 (2014-03-31) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Harry, Riley and Emma have found a great lake in the underground prison. Is it the way out?

Good Morning? 80 (2014-04-07) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

In the hallucination-like rock festival of death, Emma sees a human gone wrong -- with no sense of direction, how long will she last before one of the creatures decides to make her a lunch?

Good Morning? 81 (2014-04-14) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

In the maze of tunnels in the magical prison, only one thing is on Emma's mind -- to get out of there.

Good Morning? 82 (2014-04-21) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Out of the mines and back into the frigid Michigan winter! Unfortunately, Uncle Harry appears to have forgotten where he was parked...

Good Morning? 83 (2014-04-28) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Having the dragon show up outside the mines was a surprise, but what she has to say is far more shocking.

Good Morning? 84 (2014-05-05) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Out of the mines at last, Emma is about to embark on another leg of her long trek.

Good Morning? 85 (2014-05-12) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Emma finds herself in the dubious hands of a chauffeur who makes her wonder if he's evil, or just plain stupid...

Good Morning? 86 (2014-05-19) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Emma is not about to relinquish the sword of Domenico Rosso to the care of random luggage handlers. How will she keep her treasure safe?

Good Morning? 87 (2014-05-26) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

And now we bring you back to Emma's present predicament -- and nothing from the memories of the salt mines is giving her any hope at all...

Good Morning? 88 (2014-06-02) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Life has been as normal as it gets for Emma, so a little side trip to check out another cave couldn't hurt, right?

Good Morning? 89 (2014-06-09) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

A pile of treasure isn't nearly as interesting as who's lurking in the dark with it...

Good Morning? 90 (2014-06-16) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Another dragon -- will this one prove to be as friendly as Sapphire was?

Good Morning? 91 (2014-06-23) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

It's amazing enough to meet one chatty dragon in a lifetime -- but two of them?

Good Morning? 92 (2014-06-30) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

There are dragons, and then there are dragons...but a trap is a trap is a trap.

Good Morning? 93 (2014-07-07) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Something is not right, even beyond being trapped in an enchanted cave. Emma's time is running out...

Good Morning? 94 (2014-07-14) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Emma is trapped, and escape hasn't been death close? Or worse?

Good Morning? 95 (2014-07-21) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Pieces fall into place, but still not enough for Emma to know who it was who set the trap for her...

Good Morning? 96 (2014-07-28) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Saved by the appearance of the dangerous being Parrot, Emma is sent to examine her memory of a play-date with a werewolf...

Good Morning? 97 (2014-08-04) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Emma continues to mull over a memory of a day when she didn't think to ask the right questions...

Good Morning? 98 (2014-08-11) serial fiction fantasy vampires werewolves

Conclusion. Saved by the vicious creature known as Parrot, Emma finds herself in need of another rescue...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive (2014-09-15) cover story serial fiction fantasy

What some call 'fairy tales,' others call 'major nuisances' -- and they're more real than you would like to think...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 02 (2014-09-22) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Ruby Galloway is one hot mama, turning heads and getting attention all the time. Unfortunately the other thing she does all the time is get herself in deep trouble...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 03 (2014-09-29) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Whatever it is that Ruby got involved in, she can't even talk about it until she's drunk...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 04 (2014-10-06) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

As if skin-walkers weren't enough, something else even more sinister arrived...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 05 (2014-10-13) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Something is not right with Ruby, but Delilah still has a job to do...and her boss seems to be out of touch.

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 06 (2014-10-20) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

There's a troll that has got to go -- Delilah has no qualms about taking a bounty for getting rid of him...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 07 (2014-10-27) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

While she waits for Lenny to get over himself, Delilah lets herself fall into memories...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 08 (2014-11-03) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Remembering her youth, Delilah finds that her memories only make her hate trolls more...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 09 (2014-12-15) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Now let's return to Delilah and the troll: a people-eating troll, we might add...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 10 (2014-12-22) serial fiction fantasy

Delilah knows how to deal with a troll, you better believe it...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 11 (2014-12-29) serial fiction fantasy

While Delilah cools her heels in the klink, she remembers the last time she got jailed for troll-killing...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 12 (2015-01-05) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

There's a way to survive being unfairly jailed, and Delilah knows all the turns...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 13 (2015-01-12) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Even if your savior is an idiot, it's great to be out of jail...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 14 (2015-01-19) serial fiction fantasy

Ruby is a disaster waiting to a bar the best idea at this point?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 15 (2015-01-26) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Ruby, in one of her past pecadilloes, was infected with the blood of a Vermillion Court vampire. And while she herself isn't a vampire, can it really be any kind of a good idea for her to get staggering drunk?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 16 (2015-02-02) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Delilah has to seriously think about what her friendship with Ruby could do to them both -- Ruby's connection with a clan of vampires could put them in the middle of a war...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 17 (2015-02-09) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Something may be after Ruby, but something worse could happen if Delilah gets caught in Ruby's house...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 18 (2015-02-16) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Tripping in the old church, Delilah stumbles onto a tale of an ancient conflict...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 19 (2015-02-23) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Delilah is being told a fairy tale -- about trolls living in harmony? Yep, that's got to be a fairy tale all right. To Delilah, trolls are only for killing...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 20 (2015-03-02) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

The story of the naming ceremony flows on, with the king unaware that the sons to whom he will entrust his legacy are not his at all...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 21 (2015-03-09) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

In the tale told to Delilah, the three naming-seers have come to the end of their cleverness...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 22 (2015-03-16) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Delilah continues to be shown a strange history -- one that becomes more horrific as it unwinds...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 23 (2015-03-23) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Oh, what a gruesome path greed, laziness, and deceit lead a seer down...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 24 (2015-03-30) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

The newly-named trolls, Matt and Bob, take a walk to get away from the traumatized court ... but to where?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 25 (2015-04-06) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

The princes are frozen between the worlds, while the worlds themselves are beginning to crumble...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 26 (2015-04-20) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

The two troll princes are trapped in an odd dimension, and the gods see that their imprisonment is tearing the world apart. Is it time to act?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 27 (2015-07-06) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Welcome back, Lydia Manx, and the ongoing adventures of Delilah Monroe, who is armed to the teeth, and ready to rumble right into trouble again...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 28 (2015-07-13) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

A luminous man who can read thoughts -- is he a god in some dimension? And what does he want with Delilah?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 29 (2015-07-20) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

It's a great trick for Edwin to take over Jeff the cat's body...but what can a cat do in a troll hunt, and why can't Edwin do this task himself?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 30 (2015-07-27) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Jeff the cat inhabited by Eddie the demi-god may be the key to finding out what Ruby has been up to with her dark magic...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 31 (2015-08-03) serial fiction fantasy

Is she really a friend if she rifled through your suitcase to find a way to cast a spell...and is the spell actually what she said it was?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 32 (2015-08-10) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Ruby has been caught by her lies and they are killing her. But being betrayed by the council might be the least of Delilah's problems...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 33 (2015-08-17) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Eddie the demi-god has revealed some awe-inspiring powers, but there's something oddly naive about him...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 34 (2015-08-24) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Eddie the demi-god is entirely too fascinated by California culture. Delilah's first hurdle is getting him back on task...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 35 (2015-08-31) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Against all normal odds, Delilah and Eddie the demi-god have stumbled upon the banished trolls and witches. Now what?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 36 (2015-09-07) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Delilah has somehow managed to find the four creatures from another dimension for Eddie. But just finding them wasn't going to be enough...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 37 (2015-09-14) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Eddie the demi-god has some sort of agenda regarding the four persons he's been hunting. But it's unclear what he's up to -- is he helping them or is he out to get them?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 38 (2015-09-21) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

The two witches are in deep trouble -- what will happen when the boy-trolls are added to the mix?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 39 (2015-09-28) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

And why were the trolls and witches so disrespectful to their demi-god Eddie? Do they actually know something he doesn't?

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 40 (2015-10-05) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

What looked to be a major battle between the witches and the demi-god gets derailed fast when Delilah's best friend walks through the door...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 41 (2015-10-12) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

With Sam back in Delilah's life, things are a little less dangerous...but there are still questions without answers...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 42 (2015-10-19) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

You have to hand it to those wicked girls -- they just don't give up...

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 43 (2015-10-26) serial fiction fantasy supernatural

Conclusion. Delilah is a Hunter, and she has followed her quarry to the end. But what end do they deserve?

All-Nighter (2016-02-01) cover story serial fiction horror

From weirdness in the past to a differently flavored weirdness in the present, Sammy is about to pass through an office door that leads to...

All-Nighter 02 (2016-02-08) serial fiction horror

Sammy saw enough weirdness back in West Virginia for a lifetime. And yet the weird seems to find him wherever he is...

All-Nighter 03 (2016-02-15) serial fiction horror

Sammy's got the new night job, but who have we here? Lindy? Oh, man, what's she doing here?

All-Nighter 04 (2016-02-22) serial fiction horror

Being holed up in an abandoned house with a herd of zombies after you is bad enough -- but zombies are zombies, after all. Things could get worse...

All-Nighter 05 (2016-02-29) serial fiction horror

In the "safe room," Lindy and Dean are about as safe as they can be in a town full of zombies and gun-toting nutjobs -- but they still need to get away...

All-Nighter 06 (2016-03-07) serial fiction horror

It looks like Lindy and Dean got away from being the next zombie lunch, but something's wrong out there, and then, like an ill omen, someone else showed up...

All-Nighter 07 (2016-03-14) serial fiction horror

So Sammy has a background in theft, and Lindy has recognized him. Maybe the zombie apocalypse made Florida's iguanas and alligators look a lot more appealing...

All-Nighter 08 (2016-03-21) serial fiction family money food

There's a reason Sammy is kind of a dopey kid -- you don't grow wise and productive from being slapped around. But is this new job going to be any better for him?

All-Nighter 09 (2016-04-04) serial fiction horror

Lindy remembers how she and Dean narrowly escaped the zombie attack and the militia's massacre, and what came next...

All-Nighter 10 (2016-04-11) serial fiction horror

Lindy was trying to escape the zombie invasion, but Dean was less than helpful...

All-Nighter 11 (2016-04-18) serial fiction horror

Sammy continues to wander back in memories...

All-Nighter 12 (2016-04-25) serial fiction horror

The media has finally come to admit that there's something to this story about zombies...but they're not very forthcoming about what to do about it if you're just a kid...

All-Nighter 13 (2016-05-02) serial fiction horror

Lindy recounts meeting Sammy in zombie-infected West Virginia...

All-Nighter 14 (2016-05-09) serial fiction horror

Lindy and Dean met Sammy and Ginny in an otherwise deserted town. The rest of the population has fled the zombie outbreak -- but how can this foursome survive?

All-Nighter 15 (2016-05-16) serial fiction horror

Sammy is fairly adept at liberating -- stealing -- what they need, especially a camera for eyes on the misshapen world. But there's danger inside as well as out there...

All-Nighter 16 (2016-05-23) serial fiction horror

Back then, Dean was getting crazier and crazier. When will he snap and turn himself over to the vigilantes and zombies?

All-Nighter 17 (2016-05-30) serial fiction horror

Dean is just about as spaced out as they come, and Ginny must keep him together. So it's up to Lindy to take charge, and Sammy to take orders. How do you think that's going to work out?

All-Nighter 18 (2016-06-06) serial fiction horror

So Lindy is a retired zombie hunter. Nothing like a career choice that makes you have to lock yourself away to sleep safely! How did it come to this?

All-Nighter 19 (2016-06-13) serial fiction horror

Sammy has blown the head off the zombie that used to be his cousin Leon, and Lindy has smiled her way out of an encounter with the murderous vigilantes. Surely their road is all downhill from here...

All-Nighter 20 (2016-06-20) serial fiction horror

More zombies ... and now the mercenaries know that Lindy and her crew know about the zombies, too. Is Sammy's hideout going to be safe enough?

All-Nighter 21 (2016-06-27) serial fiction horror

Oh, joy, Uncle Scott brought his own provisions with him...

All-Nighter 22 (2016-07-04) serial fiction horror

Uncle Scott's idea of dealing with the end of normal civilization was to get blind stinking drunk. Is it possible for Lindy to shoot both him and Dean and get off the mountain and out of the snow and zombies?

All-Nighter 23 (2016-07-11) serial fiction horror

It doesn't take long for Sammy's world to crash into Lindy's -- and what makes people scream in the night...

All-Nighter 23 (2016-07-18) serial fiction horror

Blood and screams from a hazardous spill site? Clean up on Aisle 10 has never been harder...

All-Nighter 25 (2016-07-25) serial fiction family money food

Something's amiss outside the sleep clinic -- how could so much supernatural mayhem find a couple of survivors from the zombie attack in West Virginia?

All-Nighter 26 (2016-08-01) serial fiction horror

Lindy and Sammy have thrown their lot in with Grant, and is that the wisest thing they could do? Oh, hell, no...

All-Nighter 27 (2016-08-08) serial fiction horror

Zombies in the past, werewolves in the present...and the future holds some kind of...what the hell are those things?

All-Nighter 28 (2016-08-15) serial fiction horror

Talking birds that can hear your thoughts? Whose side are they on, anyway? And how did Sammy and Lindy end up on somebody's side to begin with?

Dark Whispers: Tale Untold 01 (2018-06-25) serial fiction vampires

Something strange is going on. Lani's friend Elisa, normally so charming, has a new man in her life and she's begun acting very strangely. Lani's starting to have grave misgivings about this girl's night out. Part one of four.

Dark Whispers: Tale Untold 02 (2018-07-02) serial fiction vampires

Elisa has always been one of Lani's favorite friends, but this new man of hers is beyond sleazy. Those clothes, those mannerisms, that van -- ugh. If this wasn't Elisa's birthday next week, Lani would be out of here. What's going on that Elisa can't see what's happening to her?

Dark Whispers: Tale Untold 03 (2018-07-09) serial fiction vampires

Elisa's birthday is next week and she's calling in a favor: she wants Lani to come to her new hangout and meet her new friends. But Lani is less than thrilled with all of it: the sleazy boyfriend, the over-the-top man-cave van, and especially, the weird vibe coming from Elisa...

Dark Whispers: Tale Untold 04 (2018-07-16) Serial

Elisa's new friends include the owner of the trendy Goth club she has insisted on dragging Lani along to. A special invitation to the private party in the back proves to be the final straw, but has Lani decided to put her foot down too late? Part 4 of 4.

Dark Whispers: A Winter's Flavor 01 (2018-07-23) serial fiction vampires horror

Those bloodsucking scoundrels down at the Dark Whispers club are at it again, and this time the menu is a little more exclusive: Lilac Lake, daughter of Petra Lake -- yes, that Petra Lake -- is about to enter a world where the paparazzi are the least of her troubles. Part one of two. (Originally appeared 2004-12-18)

Dark Whispers 01 (2018-09-03) serial fiction horror vampire

Department of Homeland Security? Vampire hunter? Whoever Kirk Grady is, all he's going to end up as is Cassandra's next hot lunch. Perhaps with a little assistance from Harry, one of her most trusted acquaintances. Provided Harry's not too busy tracking that troublesome human Lani, that is...

Dark Whispers 02 (2018-09-10) serial fiction horror vampire

People are talking, but Cassandra is not getting the answers she wants. Did her old friend kill Cassandra's loathsome cousin, or not? And what could possibly strike fear into the heart of a vampire?

Dark Whispers 03 (2018-09-17) serial fiction, horror vampire

Cassandra and her long-time friend, Harry, clean up after dinner.

Dark Whispers 04 (2018-09-24) serial fiction, horror vampire

It's a long walk back from the scene of the latest feed, giving Cassandra plenty of time to lose herself in thought and contemplate her relationship with Harry.

Dark Whispers 05 (2018-10-01) serial fiction, horror vampire

Cassandra comes home to find a 'gift' on her front doorstep -- and something very disturbing inside...

Dark Whispers 06 (2018-10-08) serial fiction horror, vampire

An unsolicited videotape finally answers the question of what happened to Cassandra's semi-cousin Greg...

Dark Whispers 07 (2018-10-15) serial fiction, horror vampire

Vampires aren't the only monsters on film -- what is Lani really up to?

Dark Whispers 08 (2018-10-22) serial fiction horror vampire

It's not that Cassandra is upset that Greg is dead, it's that someone else got to him first...

Dark Whispers 09 (2018-10-29) serial fiction, horror vampire

Kenyon still doesn't know what happened in Greg's van, and that's a good thing. Now, what does Kirk Grady, boy Homeland Security Idiot, know, and how did he get information?

Dark Whispers 10 (2018-11-05) serial fiction horror vampires

Cassandra is feeling invaded. First Greg shows up again in her world. Then Kenyon thinks that he's calling her shots. Lani breaks into her home with her schemes of revenge. Now what?

Dark Whispers 11 (2018-11-12) serial fiction, horror vampire

Time to find out what the Department of Homeland Security thinks it knows.

Dark Whispers 12 (2018-11-19) serial fiction horror vampires

The interrogation of Harry's pet human is taking a strange turn...

Dark Whispers 13 (2018-11-26) serial fiction, horror vampire

Harry's agent is almost worthless in his fear, but Cassandra is more worried about the vampire Morgan moving into her territory...

Dark Whispers 14 (2018-12-03) serial fiction horror vampires

Cassandra is attracting way too much attention from some people that it's best not to be noticed by. Even an experienced vampire thinks twice when asked to join a master for the hunt.

Dark Whispers 15 (2018-12-10) serial fiction, horror vampire

Looks like that human Kirk has been trying to serve two masters. Harry and Cassandra play along...

Dark Whispers 16 (2018-12-17) serial fiction horror vampires

Kirk, under orders, is bringing Harry and Cassandra to the lair of the ancient vampire Morgan. What has brought Morgan to invade their territory?

Dark Whispers 17 (2018-12-24) serial fiction, horror vampire

Kirk Grady poked his nose into business that was none of his own, and that is how he came to his end. Too bad, Kirk. But what is Morgan really up to?

Dark Whispers 18 (2018-12-31) serial fiction, horror vampire

Jasmine is not actually human, but has a need for Morgan's help. (*Note the rating: not for kids.*)

Dark Whispers 19 (2019-01-07) serial fiction, horror vampire

Cassandra's got other toys besides her fangs to make Jackson's last moments memorable...

Dark Whispers 20 (2019-01-14) serial fiction horror vampires

With a fresh body in the basement, can Morgan usher them safely out of his lover's house once again?

Dark Whispers 21 (2019-01-21) serial fiction, horror vampire

Apparently the medium Jasmine is more than just Morgan's flavor of the week, but finding out exactly what will have to wait.

Dark Whispers 22 (2019-01-28) serial fiction, horror vampire

Photos from New Year's Eve proove valuable for more than just trashing the reputation of folk who irritate Cassandra.

Dark Whispers 23 (2019-02-04) serial fiction, horror vampire

Just how deep is this mess Cassandra is finding herself embroiled in? There are too many sets of eyes watching her movements, and not all of them are human ...or even vampire.

Dark Whispers 24 (2019-02-11) serial fiction horror vampire

The bodies are piling up, and suddenly, even for a vampire who likes vampires, there is just about standing room only...

Dark Whispers 25 (2019-02-18) serial fiction vampire horror

Angry living. Angry undead. And very, very angry dead. There are simply too many people in Cassandra's living room...

Dark Whispers 26 (2019-02-25) serial fiction vampire horror

Conclusion. Things are getting too hot. Too many deaths, too many high level vampires bickering. Cassandra and Harry need to wade out of this mess, and woe to anyone who stands in their way.

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Shadows (2004-07-03) poem


A future so uncertain (2004-07-17) poem


Stop! with a sigh (2004-07-31) poem


Waiting for fireflies (2004-08-28) poem

Evening comes to mind, with anticipation of tiny lights in the air...

Shards of hollow glass (2004-10-09) poem


the dream (2004-10-16) poem


Just 21 (2004-10-30) poem


Temple Song (2004-11-27) poem


Snow (2004-12-18) poem


Secret Smiles (2005-01-30) poem blank verse beat

Blank verse. The faces we present to the world do not always show the turbulence beneath.

Desire (2005-02-06) poem blank verse beat

From the revitalized beat movement in Michigan, free verse showing the harsher side of Woman's relationship with Desire.

Beginnings (2005-02-20) poem blank verse

The start of a love affair in blank verse.

Very Bad Weather (2005-02-27) poem blank verse

Poetry for a dark and stormy night, from "The Chicken Poetry."

Sanctuary (2005-03-27) poem blank verse

Free verse.

Heart Strong (2005-05-01) poem unrhymed

Free verse

The New Dawn (2005-05-16) poem unrhymed

Dawn looks different to night creatures.

Mummy (2005-05-23) poem unrhymed

Mummy (2005-05-23) poem unrhymed

What secret is around the next corner?

A Night Out of Sorts (2005-06-20) poem unrhymed

A storm intrudes upon a night's sleep.

Long Road Trips (2005-07-11) poem unrhymed

That pre-dawn moment, just before the journey begins.

When I Grew Up (2005-07-18) poem unrhymed

Wild Dark Sky (2005-08-29) poem unrhymed

Loving Pets (2005-09-05) unrhymed

Time (2005-10-17) poem unrhymed

Fire or Flames (2006-01-09) poem un

Chaos Reigns (2006-04-10) poem unrhymed

Sleep (2006-07-17) poem unrhymed

Moon Madness (2006-11-20) poem unrhymed

Crystal Moon (2007-01-15) poem unrhymed

Blood on the moon, again (2007-04-16) poem

Poem.(Originally aired 06-19-2004)

Looking to the Sky (2007-04-23) poem unrhymed

Frost On The Bloom (2007-07-30) poem unrhymed

Basement Boys (2008-04-07) poem

Poem. Originally appeared 2004-10-23.

Truly Madly (2008-04-14) poem rhymed

Daylight Saving Time Before Spring (2009-04-27) poem rhymed time spring

Spring (2010-04-19) poem unrhymed

A new season, a new heart.

Under A Cherry Moon (2010-04-26) poem unrhymed

The poetry of vampires.

Beguile Me No More (2011-05-16) poem unrhymed

...Stop giving me those looks from afar; The time is gone for the moment ...

Good Morning (2011-05-30) poem rhymed

Sketched on the back patio, Leaves dappling the chalk art...

Softly Woven (2012-05-14) poem unrhymed

... Trails of caresses still touching my skin
Even with the distance of miles and time ...

Dinosaur Souls (2015-03-16) poem unrhymed

"...Answers are there to see..."

Wildness In My Heart (2015-05-11) poem unrhymed

"...Senseless violence of our species, echoes of primal paths..."

Outer Space (2016-10-24) poem unrhymed

"The distance I picked was not far enough..."

Apple Cider (2017-10-09) poem

A poem for Autumn...

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Seven Steps Up--New Mexico 2003 (2004-07-17)

Cover story

New Mexico: Churches (2004-08-14)

Cover story

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Las Vegas (2004-09-04) op_ed essay travel

Cover story.

Holiday Memories (2004-12-25) op_ed

Walking through the tree lot, stomping in the puddles littered with real pine needles in a drenching Southern California winter rain; these are the memories that define Christmas.

Waves of my World (2005-02-27) Cover story essay family

Some of my earliest memories are of walking along the beaches of California with my grandfather. The briny smell of the ocean mixed with the heavy scent of driftwood burning in the distance while walking along the beach with my grandfather make up a piece of my childhood's memory landscape. We would visit and he would take us kids down to the pier in Seal Beach on his daily walks and talk to the men dropping their lines off the jetty. As a card carrying Irishman he had the tales to tell. He would chat the fishermen out of their catch. Smoking his cigar and gesturing he slowly he began, "Hey, boy, you think your wife wants to cook that little bit of fish?"

Il Fornaio: A Review (2008-02-04) food

Lydia Manx takes us along on a visit to the restaurant "Il Fornaio" for some Italian fare and beautiful views.

A Weekend with Hellboy and Mamma: Movie Reviews (2008-07-28) movie review

Staff Writer Lydia Manx gets the movie-going bug and tells us what she thought of "Hellboy 2" and "Mamma Mia!"

Notes From the Office 12: Death of an Age (2009-01-05) editorial

Staff writer Lydia Manx has some words for readers.

Notes From the Office 13: Rough Times Café (2009-02-09) essay news

Introducing a new category this week: Rough Times Café. Ideas for surviving in an uncertain economy.

And Then There Were Zombies -- Go Get 'Em, Jane (2009-08-10) book review "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies"

Even though the Piker Press Staff didn't tackle Zombies this August, Lydia Manx finds herself drawn to a book about them ... Jane Austen and Zombies?

Australia Through Other Eyes (2009-10-05) book review "The Explorers" "One for the Road"

Lydia Manx relates her trip to Australia -- through the words of other people, told in the books, "One for the Road" by Tony Horwitz, and "The Explorers" by Tim Flannery.

Meat is Meat -- Pork or Sirloin -- You Be the Judge (2010-03-01) dining review "Smokey Bones" "Longhorn Steakho

Lydia Manx explores two southern steakhouses and explains which one to drool about.

Shared Books (2010-12-27) book review

Lydia Manx shares with our readers her views on the books she borrowed this past year.

The Eden Paradox: Book Review (2011-08-22) book review "The Eden Paradox"

Lydia Manx reviews the book "The Eden Paradox" by Barry Kirwan.

Henderson the Rain King (2011-10-03) book review "Henderson the Rain King"

Lydia Manx takes time out from her vampire series and reads "Henderson the Rain King" by Saul Bellow.

West with the Night: Book Review (2011-11-07) book review "West with the Night"

Lydia Manx reads and reviews the memoir "West with the Night," by Beryl Markham.

Eden's Trial: Book Review (2011-12-19) book review "Eden's Trial"

Lydia Manx reviews Barry Kirwan's second book in the Eden Trilogy: science fiction thriller "Eden's Trial."

The Lost City of Z: Book Review (2012-01-02) book review "The Lost City of Z"

Lydia Manx reviews the book, soon to be a movie, "The Lost City of Z."

Back to the Garden: The Story of Woodstock - Book Review (2014-07-14) book review "Back to the Garden"

Pete Fornatale takes readers on a trip back through time to the spectacle that was Woodstock.

Dracula Untold: Movie Review (2014-10-20) movie review "Dracula Untold"

Vampire writer Lydia Manx avoids the sunlight by seeing "Dracula Untold" in IMAX.

Eden's Endgame: Book Review (2015-01-12) book review"Eden's Endgame"

Barry Kirwan takes his readers on a thrilling science fiction journey in the fourth novel of his Eden series -- "Eden's Endgame."

Fifty Shades of Grey: Book Review (2015-02-09) book review "Fifty Shades of Grey"

A gag gift ends up on Lydia Manx's "Desperate Reads" bookshelf...

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Nightplay (2004-10-30) short

What was supposed to be fun evening at the club has turned into an involuntary adventure at what it's like to be dead. After a run-in with vampires, spirit mediums and vengeful dead, this ghost is about to learn that the underbelly of the city just gets seamier when you cross over to the other side.

Memory (2005-03-06) short fiction, contemporary

The past is viewed through the lens of the act of remembering itself, as a quiet child in a large and noisy family learns to take mental snap shots and hide them away.

Bit of Life? (2005-06-20) cover story short fiction horror vampire

Rachel is suffering from a strange malady. Cramping muscles, tormented dreams that bleed over into her waking hours until she cannot be sure what's real. How can this be happening to her? And how is it that she keeps seeing ...him? *Parental Advisory*

View From A Cloud (2006-05-22) cover story short fiction

Release from pain, a happy haze of comfort. That's all Trina can ask for any more. That, and to watch what lies outside her window ...

Autumn (2006-10-16) short fiction

Missed the bus, missed the field trip -- but there is one thing that this kid knows about what to do when life seems more serious and sad than it should ...

Halloween Fun (2006-10-30) short nonfiction


Heading West (2006-11-27) cover story short fiction

Another town, just like the ones the wagon had passed by before, all the same, all filled with broken dreams and weary travelers too tired to keep on going. Who is to say what lead people to settle in this one?

Heading West, Part 2 (2006-12-04) short fiction

A stranger joins Jenny at her campfire. At long last Jenny has met someone to talk to, someone who seems to have a strength and serenity that Jenny seriously envies.

Heading West, Part 3 (2006-12-11) short fiction

Conclusion. Johnny is all ready to give his family the beatings he thinks they deserve from his big hands. But one little woman with a piece of green firewood is going to change his way of thinking -- forever.

Christmas Thoughts (2006-12-18) nonfiction essay

Vampire fiction Staff Writer Lydia Manx brings us some remembered images of the holiday season, and a little bit of crazy cheer.

Fair-Weathered Life (2007-01-29) short nonfiction essay

Wait a minute! What happened to California weather in the winter of '06 - '07???

Valentine From A Vampire (2007-02-12) short fiction horror vampires

Looking at the calendar I couldn't believe it was already February. Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday I had been out at my mom's tapping her jugular. How time flies!

St. Patrick's Day Food (2007-03-12) food

Join Lydia Manx in her kitchen as she prepares her family's traditional St. Patrick's Day feast!

Just Desserts (2007-04-09) cover story short fiction

If you're going to play at office politics, you had better know just who you're meddling with. Some people have talents the company relies on, and satisfaction in the workplace is priceless.

Mother's Day Lost (2007-05-07) short fiction horror vampires

The nightmares are never going to go away, Harry. Is it the lonely nature of your vampire life, or the memories of what might have been from when you were still human?

Heading Further West (2007-05-28) short fiction horror vampires

Creatures of the supernatural who thirst for blood and emotional fears have taken a shine to Jenny, and the Wild West is about to get a bit Wilder...

Flower Power (2007-06-04) nonfiction essay

"Flower clairsentience," it's called, or "flower reading." Vampire writer Lydia Manx takes us with her to a friend's flower reading party. No one bothered to tell the medium there was a writer in the room, not even the spirits.

In the Cards (2007-06-18) cover story short fiction

When an alliance of clashing colors becomes a game of chance, and a betrothal turns out to be a bad deal, you can be sure that no one -- no one -- is going to be a winner.

Summer (2007-08-13) cover story photoessay

Memories of summer -- the baseball games, the lightning bugs who clung to the sunflower leaves during the day, the time with family, the outings with friends ... this is a season to build rich treasures of sight and taste and images that will keep us warm and entertained during the winter months.

The Red Ripe Goodness of Summer (2007-08-20) food

Lydia Manx shares her secret talent for making jam.

Pumpkins, Palms, and Ponies (2007-09-17) essay

Finding something good about a southern California heat wave, Piker Press staffer Lydia Manx evades traffic to visit pumpkins and the Del Mar Racetrack.

Winter Land (2007-12-24) short fiction

Sometimes it's not what you GET for Christmas, it's what you get taken away from you that makes the season bright ...

Get Political: The City That Never Sleeps (2008-02-04) short fiction horror vampires

Vampires with grand social ambitions definitely do not like to be taken by surprise, especially when they've been working hard on the campaign trail...

A Valentine from the Heart (2008-02-11) short fiction horror

Vampire writer Lydia Manx offers her readers a twisted valentine ...

What's Your Name Again? (2008-05-26) fiction spoof

Spin staw into gold? A little man with an unknown identity? Lydia Manx revisits "Rumplestiltskin".

The Adventures of Snow and Rose (2008-05-26) fiction spoof

"I always hated this fairy-tale," says Lydia Manx. "It was a pleasure to give 'Snow White and Rose Red' a new look."

Dancing On The Edge (2008-07-14) cover story fiction horror

Calls peal out in the night, and a vicious death spooks the neighborhood pets ... and what begins as curiosity is about to become a terrifying discovery ...

If These Walls Could Talk (2009-02-23) cover story fiction fantasy

Life is like a pointless maze sometimes, and you have to wonder if breaking out of it will bring you freedom and beauty -- or will it bring you great danger? Staff Writer Lydia Manx treats us to a colorful little tale in a strange setting.

Just Straight Up Foolery (2009-03-30) short fiction

Never trust a vampire writer not to mess with your head ...

Dawn's Early Light (2009-06-22) cover story fiction horror

In the search for youthful looks and greater beauty, people's vanity could become the very thing that destroys them ...

Existence of the Unasked (2009-08-24) short fiction science fiction

Possibly the most annoying of alien abductions is not the one which is simply inconvenient, but the one that is also completely mistaken ...

Recycled aka Repurposed (2009-10-19) short fiction witch

No matter how down on your luck you are, it's best to see with open eyes and watch where you're going ...

School Days (2009-11-30) cover story fiction horror

In many guises and shapes and circumstances, there is One who waits to meet us all ...

Finished Project (2009-12-21) short fiction

Some holiday windows are dark; remember those alone this Christmas.

Resolutions (2010-01-18) short fiction

Jilly's resolution ought to have been "Don't get involved with Celia's craziness ..."

Grey Skies (2010-02-08) short fiction

The time had come, there was no way to avoid last visit to his best friend.

Garden Distractions (2010-03-08) cover story fiction

Cleaning up the garden can be satisfying to the heart and to the eye ... and sometimes, to the ear as well.

Waiting For Nightfall (2010-04-12) short fiction fantasy

When it comes to the end, do you do what is right, or do you do what is inevitable?

It's the End of the World As We Know It, Part 1 (2010-05-24) short fiction fantasy

For some people, the end of the world as they knew it was mentally devastating. For Rebecca, however, the fall of civilization is just one more bit of weirdness in an already freaky world ...

It's the End of the World As We Know It, Part 2 (2010-05-31) short fiction fantasy

It was the end of the world, but they got used to it. Now something new is happening...

My Summer of Bees (2010-06-21) short nonfiction

The bees spent the summer in the old birdhouse, but it was really time for them to move to a new home.(Originally appeared 10-15-2007)

With No Announcement (2011-03-28) short fiction fantasy vampires

When you're on the run, there's one sure place to get as safe as you can, and that would be Uncle Harry's place ...

Ortega Spam (2011-08-15) short fiction humor spam

It's the chance of a lifetime, a way to go from rags to riches, in one easy step, guaranteed returns on your investment ... go for it!

The Guardian (2012-04-23) short fiction fantasy

The vampire has his own story, but what about that poor, displaced old troll?

Vampires 101 (2013-04-01) short humor vampires romance

Looking for Mr. Right -- or should we say Mr. Night? Dress your best and accentuate those fangs!

Sweet, Sweet Obsession (2014-02-10) fiction romantic obsession

It's always the quiet ones you have to worry about...

Forgotten Things (2014-07-07) fiction life family death

Aunt Cecilia lived longer than the family thought she would, and kept them guessing until the very end...

Westward Dust (2014-11-10) fiction horror

Vampire writer Lydia Manx weaves another tale of horror with the starting episode of "Westward Dust."

Westward Dust 2 (2014-11-17) fiction horror

A dark beginning to her life, and now, a darker circumstance...

Westward Dust 3 (2014-11-24) fiction horror

And then there was blood...

Westward Dust 4 (2014-12-08) fiction horror

Conclusion. A new caller is at the door, and it's not one of the paying customers...

Gold in Those Yukon Hills (2015-04-13) short fiction

It was gold that drew them all, by the hundreds. Death met them, and cold and emptiness were their constant companions. But some learned that there was more to the land than ice and snow and gold ...

Lindy's Day -- Dough of the Dead (2016-01-11) short horror fiction

Nice clothes, new cell phone, company car -- now that's a good start to a business trip. But the way Lindy's day is going, you know it has to be Monday. Part One of Three.

Lindy's Night Continues: Dough of the Dead II (2016-01-18) short fiction horror

They're everywhere she looks, zombies gobbling and munching. What? Meatlovers' pizza? Lindy is almost as grossed out as she is scared! Part Two of Three.

Lindy's Fun Filled Follies: Dough of the Dead III (2016-01-25) short fiction horror

At first it seemed like it was only pizza zombies in the little town, but now Lindy has seen the marching undead on other streets as well. From horror to fear to now annoyed, Lindy makes a leap to regain control of her life...

Fool Me Once (2016-03-28) cover story fiction horror

A simple prank? No, not at all. A complex prank? Sure, why not? A killer of an idea for a prank? Of course!

Piracy of the Last Frontier (2016-09-05) speculative fiction

A hacked computer has to be reformatted here. A server has to be taken offline there. People are accustomed to least they thing so...

What Time Is It Again? (2017-01-09) short fiction science fiction time travel

A daring rescue back through time! A bear chasing a bare woman! How can people not be shocked by that?

Bad Feng Shui (2017-03-13) short fiction

The arrangement of furniture is so important. In an office, where things are placed can often affect productivity, and thus, profit. In which position a person is placed affects profits, too ...

Smith, Jane Smith (2017-04-10) short fiction horror

More than100 years have passed since the birth of the famed author of the James Bond stories, Ian Fleming. Fleming has had a tremendous influence on novel-writing and movies, and this week, Staff Writer Lydia Manx pays a tribute to him ...

Coffee of Course (2017-05-15) short fiction

It's nice when you can tell good stuff from lousy stuff. You know what to look for in the future. But what future is there when you know, absolutely, that you've had the very best there will ever be?

The Dinner Date (2018-03-26) short horror fiction

On April Fools' Day, it's not a good idea to accept a date unless you know what he's really like, or where his dark whispers will lead you.

Dark Whispers: A Winter's Flavor 02 (2018-07-30) short

The holidays have a way of bringing out the most aggravating part of family togetherness. But a spur of the moment decision to stop by the Dark Whispers nightclub is just the thing Lilac needs to brave through Christmas dinner with her family and to admit that, in the end, her mother really does have impeccable taste. Part two of two.

Dark Whispers: New Year's Resolutions (2018-08-06) short

The problem with an unnatural life span is that after a while, there's nothing new under the sun -- or in the darkness. And there no better recipe for trouble than a jaded vampire.

Dark Whispers: Let The New Year Begin (2018-08-13) short

Cassandra's New Year Resolution may have been to stir things up by thinning the human herd a little bit, but before she can get on to the real business, there is the small matter of Greg. A vampire can wait a long time to exact revenge.

Dark Whispers: Night Breaks Ever So Gently (2018-08-20) short

Not that Cassandra liked her cousin much anyway, but Greg's van has been found -- without Greg. Bad news for at least one vampire.

Dark Whispers: Guest in the Dungeon (2018-08-27) fiction horror vampires ghost

Even a vampire has to watch what she eats. A careless snack lands Vickie in one of Kenyon's less inviting playrooms, where she learns a lesson that possibly even Kenyon doesn't know.

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Peek of the Week 08 (2005-09-19) comics photograph

Sails against the sky

Peek of the Week 015 (2005-11-07) photo art

A secret pool on a hiking trail.

Peek of the Week 025 (2006-01-16) photo art

Waves pounding a Pacific shore soften the lines of the landscape with mist.

Peek of the Week 061 (2006-10-02) photo art

A Giant Swallowtail in the garden

Peek of the Week 078 (2007-01-29) photo art

A vision of a boat in San Pedro ..

Peek of the Week 083 (2007-03-19) photo art

Plumeria unfurl their blossoms in a San Diego garden.

Peek of the Week 099 (2007-07-09) photo art

Beach at Del Mar, California

Peek of the Week 105 (2007-08-27) photo art

Local honeybees decided to move their queen into our backyard's spacious birdhouse. I have been snapping pictures weekly of the hive as they grow.

Peek of the Week 108 (2007-09-17) photo art

In a backyard birdhouse, a colony of bees has found a home.

Peek of the Week 112 (2007-10-15) photo art

A hillside view in El Cajon, California, USA

Peek of the Week 130 (2008-02-18) photo art

African daisies on the Pacific Coast of California.

Peek of the Week 142 (2008-05-12) photo art

Scarlet macaws at San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Peek of the Week 148 (2008-06-23) photo art

Plumbago blossoms in the spotlight.

Peek of the Week 157 (2008-08-25) photo art

Brilliant begonias grace a patio garden.

Peek of the Week 164 (2008-10-13) photo art

White snapdragons are framed in a bower of greenery.

Peek of the Week 173 (2008-12-15) photo art

Winter in Southern California.

Peek of the Week 178 (2009-01-19) photo art Atlatl Rock

Pictographs at Atlatl Rock, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada.

Peek of the Week 181 (2009-02-09) photo art

Time to dream about spring flowers!

Peek of the Week 185 (2009-03-09) photo art

Cloud play on a ferris wheel at Disneyland, California.

Peek of the Week 192 (2009-04-27) photo art

Figurehead of the ship, "Star of India."

Peek of the Week 196 (2009-05-25) photo art

Rich view of an amaryllis.

Peek of the Week 199 (2009-06-15) photo art

A boat rests in a quiet pond.

Peek of the Week 204 (2009-07-20) photo art butterfly

A butterfly rests before taking off into the world.

Peek of the Week 208 (2009-08-17) photo art

Closeup of a sunflower in the sun.

Peek of the Week 219 (2009-11-02) photo art spiderweb

A dew-jeweled spiderweb on an autumn morning.

Peek of the Week 223 (2009-11-30) photo art

Caterpillars feed on passionflower vines in a butterfly exhibit.

Peek of the Week 227 (2009-12-28) photo art

A brilliant sky, and an exotic locale in Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 234 (2010-02-15) photo art

Everglades, Florida, USA

Peek of the Week 246 (2010-05-10) photo art

Sunset gilds a wave near Boca Raton, Florida.

Peek of the Week 253 (2010-06-28) photo art

Birthday daisies in a quiet portrait.

Peek of the Week 269 (2010-10-25) photo art

A face appears in an old stump.

Peek of the Week 281 (2011-01-17) photo art

Banana spider in Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 288 (2011-03-07) photo art

A reflection captured in the polished surface of a musical instrument.

Peek of the Week 290 (2011-03-21) photo art

On Deerfield Beach in Florida, USA, kelp washes ashore with amazing beauty.

Peek of the Week 293 (2011-04-18) photo art

Lydia Manx torments the colder parts of the world with a view of a Florida pool.

Peek of the Week 300 (2011-06-06) photo art

A banyan tree stretches its trunk-like branches.

Peek of the Week 304 (2011-07-04) photo art

Old coral with "snake holes." Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 308 (2011-08-01) photo art

Storm clouds moving in along the coast in Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 313 (2011-09-05) photo art

Lightning in the clouds above a Florida beach.

Peek of the Week 316 (2011-09-26) photo art

A coconut scowls at the photographer.

Peek of the Week 324 (2011-11-21) photo art

A demon cat hides in full sight ...

Peek of the Week 335 (2012-02-06) photo art

On the edge of the world in Florida, there's really only "One Way" to go as you start your day ...

Peek of the Week 339 (2012-03-05) photo art

Bare branches take hope for Spring under a deep blue sky.

Peek of the Week 349 (2012-05-21) photo art

Rays of the fading sun in southern Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 354 (2012-06-25) photo art

Cumulus clouds stalk a Florida neighborhood.

Peek of the Week 363 (2012-08-27) photo art

A cascade of storm clouds in a Florida sky.

Peek of the Week 376 (2012-11-26) photo art

When it gets to be nearly December, this is where I'd like to be ...

Peek of the Week 385 (2013-01-28) photo art

Ms. Manx likes to torture the rest of her frozen country by letting them know what winter is like in Florida...

Peek of the Week 389 (2013-02-25) photo art

If you look closely, you can see some interesting wild life -- pier in Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 394 (2013-04-08) photo art

Unlike money, bananas do grow on trees.

Peek of the Week 399 (2013-05-13) photo art

Highway system for pests...

Peek of the Week 403 (2013-06-10) photo art

The exotic foliage of the Florida beaches.

Peek of the Week 410 (2013-07-29) photo art

Tropical weather paints a spectacular sky in southern Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 414 (2013-09-02) photo art

Chiaroscuro sky in southern Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 419 (2013-10-07) photo art

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean in southern Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 426 (2013-11-25) photo art

A bonfire in the sky!

Peek of the Week 428 (2013-12-16) photo art

Ms. Manx loves to torment us chilly northerners with images of HER December in southern Florida, USA...

Peek of the Week 430 (2014-09-08) photo art

Fire in the sky, southern Florida, USA.

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Peek of the Week 044 (2006-06-05) photo art

Coyote graffiti howls from the rock

Painting Sugar Cookies (2006-06-26) nonfiction food recipe cookies

Almost everyone I meet has some taste or happy moment that involved a cookie. Sometimes it may have been decades ago, but nevertheless there is a cookie in their background. Lydia shares her delight in making and painting cookies with her nieces.

Peek of the Week 048 (2006-07-03) photo art

A patriotic garden

Taking Memories to the Fair (2006-07-10) nonfiction essay destination

Some things from childhood are still as sweet as you remember them. Lydia Manx takes her memories of fairs past with her as she visits the summer fairgrounds.

California Pizza Dreaming (2006-08-07) food recipe pizza

The mysteries of pizza revealed!

Peek of the Week 055 (2006-08-21) photo art

Hot air balloons take to the air.

Fast Track (2006-09-25) cover story nonfiction essay

Where the turf meets the surf
down at old Del Mar
take a plane
take a train
take a car.

There is a smile on every face
and a winner in each race
where the turf meets the surf
at Del Mar...

Autumn Recipes (2007-10-22) food

Lydia Manx is one cruel chef. Just reading about her autumn favorites is going to make you fat.

I Cook Therefore I Am (2008-01-07) food

Lydia Manx shares her New Year's recipes for seasoned tri-tip and veal scallopini.

Enchiladas! (2008-01-21) food

Piker Press Staff Writer Lydia Manx shares her recipe for delicious cheese enchiladas.

Birthday Cakes and Fun (2008-02-18) food

A surprise birthday cake? How about one called Chocolate Mocha Dessert Cake? Staff writer Lydia Manx tells us how it's done.

Crab Cakes for Dinner (2008-02-25) food

Lydia Manx shares her recipes for crab cakes, fettucini alfredo with asparagus, and salmon patties.

Self-Realization (2008-03-10) cover story nonfiction essay

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a spot devoted to religion. This particular religion places a high value on meditation, and surrounds itself with natural beauty to help people understand that they are part of a greater universe.

Salad Days (2008-03-17) food

Lydia Manx makes salads a part of her regular diet, but isn't inclined to let them be dull ...

April Chaos (2008-05-12) cover story nonfiction essay

When you've had so many adventures in one month, it takes a while to sort it out. Staff Writer Lydia Manx brings us a travel tale to tempt us to visit Southern Californa.

Summer Fare (2008-05-19) food

Lydia Manx shares her summer salad recipes to accompany a barbecue.

Pear Crumb Pie (2008-09-08) food

Lydia Manx shares her recipe for Pear Crumb Pie.

Holiday Foods (2008-12-22) food

Lydia Manx shares special holiday food recipes from her kitchen.

Rough Times Café: Cheap Luxury: Aunt Grace's Puffs (2009-02-09) food cream puffs puff pastry

Shoestring budget, but longing for what seems extravagance? Try making cream puffs!

Beets Of Course (2009-04-27) food pickled beets

From start to finish, Lydia Manx shows us what to do with this spring's crop of beets.

Quiche (2009-07-13) food quiche recipe

Quick, easy, and nutritious -- try making quiche for breakfast or the main meal of the day.

Stuffed Mushrooms (2009-08-03) food stuffed mushrooms

Just the thing for a friendly summer evening with friends to chat and savor the taste -- stuffed mushrooms!

Zucchini Cake -- Answer to Abundance (2009-09-07) food zucchini cake recipe

Lydia Manx shares her recipe for zucchini cake, a marvelous way to use up those prolific zukies.

Coleslaw! (2009-09-14) food coleslaw

Lydia Manx shares her recipe for quick and easy coleslaw.

Candy, Anyone? (2009-10-26) essay Halloween

It was a different kind of Halloween back when Lydia Manx was a kid ...

Almost Buca Di Beppo ... On the Cheap (2010-08-16) food "chicken saltimbocca"

If you've ever loved chicken saltimbocca at the wonderful restaurant Buca di Beppo, you'll enjoy this home-made version.

Bread Pudding: Not Just for Leftovers (2011-06-13) food recipe "bread pudding"

Lydia Manx shares her recipe for bread pudding, a sweet old-fashioned treat.

Red Velvet Cupcakes (2012-03-26) food red velvet cake recipe

Lydia brings her culinary expertise to bear on a request for Red Velvet Cupcakes -- which requires lots of research -- and that requires lots of cupcakes!

Spanakopitas: It's All Greek To Me (2012-06-11) food recipe "Spanakopitas"

Calling this dish "Spinach Pie" makes it sound like something your mother would MAKE you eat. Instead let's call it "Spanakopitas" and savor every last bite!

Summer Time Snacks: Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms (2012-07-23) food recipes "shrimp stuffed mushrooms"

Here's an easy, tasty appetizer sure to please at the next get-together: shrimp-stuffed mushrooms.

I Scream You Scream (2013-08-05) food recipe "ice cream"

What summer treat is better than freshly churned home-made ice cream? Lydia Manx tells us how to make our own.

Sushi (2014-04-21) food "sushi"

Food that is art, to be eaten artfully, to be prepared with focus: sushi.

Food, Glorious Food: Onion Puffs (2016-01-18) food

Simple and savory -- these could brighten up the table of any party or get-together.

Fish Food! (2017-08-28) food

In the mood for fish, Lydia Manx shares a recipe for salmon with mango cilantro salsa.

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Booksigning: A Writer's View (2006-06-19) cover story nonfiction essay destination

Ah, fame and fortune! All of us writers want to sell a book, go on tour, and do book signings! Don't we?

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Some Day (2008-10-06) cover story fiction horror vampires

"ARE YOU READY FOR SOME VAMPIRES???" The crowd roars in response -- and Lydia Manx brings to the media a new facet of an eerie world where things are rarely as they seem to our unsuspecting eyes ...

Some Day 02 (2008-10-13) fiction horror vampires

Billy is a bit on the stupid side, it seems -- even after cheating on his wife and trying to kill his lover, he has some idea he is still in control of the situation ...

Some Day 03 (2008-10-20) fiction horror vampires

Josie is being pressured into making some decision, but instinctively she knows that dealing with a vampire on any level will give them some power over her. It's up to her to find a way to get out of there and try to make some sense of the horror ...

Some Day 04 (2008-10-27) fiction horror vampires

Vampires in her bedroom, vampires in her garage -- Josie has absolutely had enough of vampires to last a lifetime, and it's only been today that she discovered that vampires are real. Still irritated by the loss of her favorite wooden spoon, she has no intention of going down without a fight ...

Some Day 05 (2008-11-03) fiction horror vampires

What does this vampire want with Josie, anyway? An admission that vampires are better than humans? Guess what, Mr. Fangs, you ain't gonna get that very soon ...

Some Day 06 (2008-11-10) fiction horror vampires

So, if vampires are supposed to be an improvement on the human condition, why is this one confused and unaware of what's going on as well as clueless about women?

Some Day 07 (2008-11-17) fiction horror vampires

More disgusting revelations leave Josie reeling, but she has information the vampire Master had better listen to ...

Some Day 08 (2008-11-24) fiction horror vampires

No one has actually said Josie is a prisoner in her own home, but she's not being given much leeway. However, she has no intention of being a willing victim of abuse and dishonesty ever again...

Some Day 09 (2008-12-01) fiction horror vampires

Cut the vampire's throat? Well really, how many choices does Josie have left?

Some Day 10 (2008-12-08) fiction horror vampires

Josie got the jump on the vampire Joel, and is in her car ready to take off into the night. Wishing she had cut his head off, she finds that he has anticipated her move ...

Some Day 11 (2008-12-15) fiction horror vampires

The radio program made it sound as though Josie had shown up with gunfire to greet her husband Billy. Now Josie will have the police looking for her as well as vampires following her. Life just keeps getting better and better ...

Some Day 12 (2008-12-22) fiction horror vampires

Billy is dead, there is no longer any doubt. For all that he was a filthy cheating scumbag, he had still been Josie's husband, and now she has scant time to grieve and learn to move forward.

Some Day 13 (2008-12-29) fiction horror vampires

An evening of vampire reckoning leaves Josie disgusted and in need of another shower. Maybe her death is imminent, but why die dirty?

Some Day 14 (2009-01-05) fiction horror vampires

Conclusion. Josie has had enough. She wants some answers, and she has some very pointed questions -- so pointed that they could just about stake a vampire to a wall on their own ...

Here Comes The Bride (2009-01-12) cover story fiction horror vampires

The alliance has been made. The sworn enemies have negotiated a truce; a ritual gesture must now be offered, a symbolic melding of the two territories. The Masters have decreed what the symbol will be. Do they care what that ritual will do to the lives of certain individuals? Noooo ...

Here Comes The Bride, Part 2 (2009-01-19) fiction horror vampires Lydia Manx

The trip to the mall and the bridal store, with all its attendant clerks and frothy fabrics is -- to Renee -- far more of an annoyance than a couple of car-jacking punks ...

Here Comes The Bride, Part 3 (2009-01-26) fiction horror vampires

Renee has not made an effort to be agreeable about her politically-planned alliance. And just when her Master is about to let her have it, an even more immediate problem comes to light ...

Here Comes The Bride, Part 4 (2009-02-02) fiction horror vampires

The maniac trying to force them into a car wreck will just not give up. Renee is really beginning to hate her maid of honor's SUV ...

Here Comes The Bride, Part 5 (2009-02-09) fiction horror vampires

After nearly being killed by a lovestruck but strangely homicidal werewolf, Renee returns wearily home. What is that on her doorstep? A lost dog?

Here Comes The Bride, Part 6 (2009-02-16) fiction horror vampires

Two werewolves at her front door? Did they think she liked pets, or did they have a good reason for being there?

Here Comes The Bride, Part 7 (2009-02-23) fiction horror vampires

Renee gets some food for the hounds, and gives us a whole new view of Chinese Take Out.

Here Comes The Bride, Part 8 (2009-03-02) fiction horror vampires

Renee is finding out more than she cared to know. Marcus is rude, Carlos is less than bright, and something is going on that has her Master worried ...

Here Comes The Bride, Part 9 (2009-03-09) fiction horror vampires

While Carlos naps and hopes for a belly rub, Renee pushes Marcus' buttons and wonders if it's wrong to tease the dog ...

Here Comes the Bride, Part 10 (2009-03-16) fiction horror vampires

There are lot of things happening that just don't add up, but even though Renee doesn't know the sum, she can see that an avalanche is about to happen ...

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Tales Untold (2009-04-20) essay writing writers "writing process"

Lydia Manx shares with us some of what happens to her when she finds an idea or a prompt for writing.

Zoo Magic (2015-05-04) essay memoir zoo

When you take kids to see exotic animals, your own perceptions take on the children's wonder.

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Lydia Manx
Lydia Manx

Lydia Manx isn't so much of a people person. She knows having people around might be therapeutic in small doses (like arsenic), but it's best not to push things. That's not to say she's like that crazy old cat lady that lives down the street from you (yet), it's just that all that noise from the outside world really distracts her from the mayhem going on inside her head. If you're having a conversation with her and she's smiling, there are two possibilities: she is enjoying a speaking with you, or she is imagining a rabid werewolf eating your liver while a pair of vampires fight to the death for the privilege of tormenting your soul for eternity. It's a toss-up, really, unless you're family.

She doesn't seem that scary really, until you know what's going on in her head.

Lydia spends her days going through the motions of being a productive member of society, while every moment watching the minute hand creep slowly around the face of the clock, the hour hand reluctantly following as if mired in quicksand. Oh, how she counts the moments until she can go home and become a destructive member of society. This feat is especially impressive as all the clocks in her office are digital.

Lydia lives in one of the nicer parts of one of the better places, and thanks her lucky stars every day.