April 06, 2020

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BernieBernie's Shorts: An Anthology of Short Fiction
Bernie Pilarski

What do you say to an old lover who calls on the phone, or to an estranged father who is dying? What do you do when arousal addles the senses? In these short stories of both the sober and the silly, the quest for love and understanding is examined.

Stained Glass ImageStained Glass
Bernie Pilarski

What place does religion have in lives convoluted by divorce, hate, and sexuality? Is there any reality at all in trying to integrate "God" and "faith" into a marginalized existence? Stained Glass is a tale of the tortured paths Paul and Margaret must travel to find peace.

The Missionary ImageThe Missionary
Bernie Pilarski

In this collection of light-hearted stories that mix sci-fi and religion, Jean LeCoeur, a diocesan priest from Weirton, West Virginia reluctantly takes on the assignment of trying to assess the spiritual needs of the people of the planet Drooghohl, a planet that has been long forgotten by the institutions of Earth. What he finds is a Terran Diaspora, with some individuals clinging to the customs (and prejudices) of Earth, and some individuals who see Earth, and Jean LeCoeur, as alien.

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