April 06, 2020

Piker Press Merchandise

A Journey Through the Afterlife ImageA Journey Through the Afterlife
Dan Mulhollen

Eliot Mason lives a secluded life, much to his preference. His seclusion is forever shattered by an unexpected visitor. This leads to a journey between Hell and Heaven in which Eliot learns more about his life and the nature of the universe than he might have wanted.

A Strange and Bewildering People ImageA Strange and Bewildering People
Dan Mulhollen

Michael Lawson, a 21 year old American student/railyard worker is arrested for a crime he did not commit. Fleeing his homeland, he flees to his grandmother's native land, the tiny Communist country of North Moravia, a land with an odd history and equally eccentric inhabitants. Equally drawn and repelled by the curious sensibilities of this land, he slowly acclimates himself to his new home. Meanwhile, tremors from Moscow haunt this strangely happy micro-nation. Communism is crumbling, much like the ailing Leonid Brezhnev. Both Poland and Czechoslovakia desire their halves of North Moravia. Only ancient legends and a mysterious tower deep in the woods hold the keys to the country's survival.

Experimentation, Personal Tendencies, and Controversy ImageExperimentation, Personal Tendencies, and Controversy
Dan Mulhollen

This collection includes "In a Different World," an experiment in second person, a few stories about forgetfulness, "Booth Babes," a business satire some readers took way too seriously, "The Beachcombers," a science fiction tale showing the difficulties another sentient species would have sharing a world with humans, and "A Night With a Witch" a suggestion that while terribly creepy, this supernatural might not be particularly malevolent.

Moonlit Nights and Overcast Days ImageMoonlit Nights and Overcast Days
Dan Mulhollen

Dan Mulhollen joined the Piker Press in 2006 and this collection represents the works published by them over the next two years. It includes the psychological fantasy story "To The Ultimate Reaches" dating back to the late 1980s; the bittersweet Valentine's Day story, "Rendezvous at Ernie's;" and some off-kilter looks at tradition, isolation, and holidays.

Near the ForestNear the Forest's Edge
Dan Mulhollen

2010 was both one of the most traumatic years of my life. It was also one of the most productive as a writer. From the whimsical "An Amazing Bar of Soap," to the nostalgic "A Second Chance," and the satiric "The Last Sad Man In America," this collection of 11 short stories contains a variety of moods and genres.

Pilgrimage and Protest ImagePilgrimage and Protest
Dan Mulhollen

From the nostalgic, autumnal "Pilgrimage" to the blatantly non-conformist "Avalon Springs," plus a couple fairy tale homages, a little paranoia, and "A Towel and Me" -- my take on Xenophon's "Anabasis" without Greeks fighting Persians, just one woman fighting exposing herself.

Seeing Through the Fog ImageSeeing Through the Fog
Dan Mulhollen

Collection of short stories written between January 2011 and January 2013. Included are "I Am But the Sequel," a look at a still obsolete but intact (in Ohio) law, "Good Morning :)" or how clumsiness can lead to great things, and "Uncle Mort's Funeral," what can happen at a family event involving a very large family.

Sludgeball ImageSludgeball
Dan Mulhollen

An asteroid on the edge of the solar system threatens interplanetary war between the Earth and the alien world of Keruvah. Other alien worlds have their own reasons for involving themselves in the war. Meanwhile an intelligent, a sentient virus waits for just the right conditions deep within the asteroid for a pandemic to occur.

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