December 06, 2021

Richard LeDue PG-13 -- "...a collection of dusty soldiers, missing their tiny guns..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Clouds of Chaotic Crowds
Strider Marcus Jones PG-13 -- "...with voices that pretend To be a different friend..."

poem rhymed * article.

Wayne F. Burke PG-13 -- " AM, and pretty sure I will never sleep again..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Uplift of the Land
Ursula McCabe PG-13 -- "...Bryce's sunsets are rides with wildfire colors..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Portrait of a Woman and the Poet
Daniel J. Flore III PG-13 -- "...I don't know what to do in the presence of beauty..."

poem unrhymed * article.

To a Former Lover
Nolo Segundo PG-13 -- "...I will not renounce The passion of my youth..."

poem unrhymed * article.

the tapestries of us
Linda M. Crate PG-13 -- "...let us dance in the fabric of the sky..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Poet Laureate Consultant of Mthwakazi
Ndaba Sibanda PG-13 -- "...I saw icons and great thinkers. What remarkable talents!..."

prose poem * article.

Further into the Darkness 26
Lydia Manx PG-13 -- The warrior is obviously trapped, but there's something off about him, like he has something in reserve...

serial fiction horror vampires * article.

The Lake Erie Lights 15
Hawkelson Rainier PG-13 -- Roy's brain is in a jar, and a bunch of his clones are alive somewhere. You know that Roy -- or maybe even most Roys -- are not interested in leaving well enough alone...

serial fiction speculative * article.

Mark R. Vickers PG-13 -- Mark R. Vickers is a Florida writer and researcher who has published short fiction, poetry, essays, and the literary fantasy novel "The Tollkeeper." At, he blogs about how ancient myths continue to shape our modern lives.

cover story fiction life * article.

Double Ouch While Waiting for Double Pepperoni
Terry Petersen PG-13 -- This is why I have a comfy chair on the front porch...

fiction humor * article.

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