March 12, 2018

John Grey PG-13 -- "...hearts, birds, brains and mountains crumble into a long dust sigh..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Depressed Morbid Nights
Jake Cosmos Aller PG-13 -- "...sit under the graying light of the foolish full moon..."

poem unrhymed * article.

The Sovereign Gods Are All My Own
Hongri Yuan PG -- "...There was no heaven and earth at that time..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Spring Unclaimed
Ken Allen Dronsfield PG -- "...winds blowing snow through the bare oak trees..."

poem unrhymed * article.

The River Rough
Frederick Foote PG -- "...Carrying away and devouring all..."

poem unrhymed * article.

After Life 20
Sand Pilarski PG-13 -- Roj and her hauntings have begun to make a number of people uneasy. It's time to up the ante...

serial fiction death * article.

Ralph Bland PG -- Time goes by, and though some things get better, some good things are lost. Makes you wonder if anyone will find them again...

cover story fiction life * article.


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