July 27, 2015

The Lake Of Vice And Valour
Ndaba Sibanda PG -- A timely vision of rights and responsibility...

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 30
Lydia Manx PG-13 -- Jeff the cat inhabited by Eddie the demi-god may be the key to finding out what Ruby has been up to with her dark magic...

serial fiction fantasy supernatural * ...to article.

Going Hungry 13
Sand Pilarski PG-13 -- The recession of 2007 is all too real for Gloria. No money, no jobs, no security...

serial fiction family money food * ...to article.

The Werewolf Judge
Joe Baldwin PG -- "Let them eat cake"? No, that's not what you want to say to this guy...

cover story fiction horror humor * ...to article.

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