October 13, 2014

&#%*in' Harvest
Alexandra Queen PG-13 -- Get that dang cornucopia outta my face!

poem rhymed * ...to article.

When Fairy Tales Come Alive 05
Lydia Manx PG-13 -- Something is not right with Ruby, but Delilah still has a job to do...and her boss seems to be out of touch.

serial fiction fantasy supernatural * ...to article.

Dinner With Henry 119: When Mama Gets Blue
Bruce Memblatt PG -- Urban re-development has struck again: Clarissa, the giant bug, and her employees will have to move from their warehouse on Delancey Street. Is there a viable option for them all?

serial fiction fantasy humor * ...to article.

The Cowboy God
Jerry Seeger PG -- "...It's the hardship as much as anything else that makes the cowboy who he is..."

fiction west cowboy * ...to article.

You Know It
Pete Armetta PG -- Well, yes, but did you really have to say it?

cover story fiction life * ...to article.

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