September 18, 2017

Backyard Astronomy: Signs of Autumn (2003-09-22)
Cheryl Haimann PG -- The autumnal equinox will occur on September 22, but you don't need a calendar to know that the date is near. The sky gives you two unmistakable clues - one at night, and the other during the day.

nonfiction * article.

When I try to write from memory this is what I come up with
Abigail George PG -- " life, a dream or a flashback..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Cool Jimmy
Jimmy Pappas PG-13 -- "...he hears someone turn on a car alarm system..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Tony Gloeggler PG-13 -- "...when creaky pipes were burglars..."

poem unrhymed * article.

No Reason
Gayle Jansen Beede PG-13 -- Gayle Jansen Beede is the author of a collection of poems called "You Can Practically See Cattle Dancing," and a children's book, "Audrey to Zoe: An Alphabet of Critters." Some of her work has appeared in Cumberland Poetry Review, Karamu, Louisiana Literature, Negative Capability, Poet & Critic, Zone 3. She lives a stone's throw from San Francisco.

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