September 01, 2014

Sandi Burch PG -- A vision of that all-consuming fire one experiences when they endure the inevitable heartbreak...

poem unrhymed * article.

Dinner With Henry 116: Epiphany
Bruce Memblatt PG -- "Dinner With Henry" is back after a summer break. Half-bug, half man, Henry must once again smooth out the lumps in this bizarre kitchen stew...

serial fiction fantasy humor * article.

The Missionary, Part 3
Bernie Pilarski PG -- Fr. Jean LeCoeur on his new assignment to the planet Drooghohl finds himself in the middle of a controversy surrounding a young girl from a Protestant family who stands accused of being a witch by a Catholic family. Jean himself begins to feel isolated and adrift. Part Three of Four.

short science fiction religion humor * article.

Fortunate Son
Mitchell Waldman PG-13 -- Is there any ideology, any border, any conflict worth the price of your child?

cover story fiction life family death * article.

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