May 21, 2018

John Patrick Robbins PG-13 -- " could I say no..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Sanjeev Sethi PG-13 -- "...follow your feather..."

poem unrhymed * article.

walking to work poem (after frank o'hara)
John Grochalski PG-13 -- "...and i have every house on this walk memorized like bad poetry..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Fremont Street Stormtrooper
Ryan Quinn Flanagan PG-13 -- " that you never have to stop gambling..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Poutine and Clair Part Four
Dan Mulhollen NC-17 -- b

serial fiction sexuality love * article.

After Life 29
Sand Pilarski PG-13 -- Gerry the ghost's memories have given Roj something new to think about: a life spent in relationship with God. But Roj has no life left, so now what?

serial fiction death * article.

The River Road Incident
Frederick Foote PG-13 -- Such a treacherous road, and so many still -- still -- take its evil trail...

cover story fiction bigotry * article.


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