June 29, 2020

Connie S. Tettenborn PG-13 -- A poem in visual art.

visual art * ...to article.

Local #1
Wayne F. Burke PG-13 -- "...demented saga greater than Beowulf..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Lynn White PG-13 -- "...Making notes of my life, telling my story..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Ghost Queen
Patrick Devine PG-13 -- "You are my most excellent of addictions..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Ryan Quinn Flanagan PG-13 -- "...LOOK THERE AT THAT CRACK!..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

For Better, For Worse
Banqobile Virginia Dakamela PG-13 -- Banqobile Virginia Dakamela, a poet from Zimbabwe, shares with us her words during these times of lockdown ...

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Nine leagues west of the sun
Robin Wyatt Dunn PG-13 -- "...tell me the extent of your dreaming..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

A Pest-ridden Log in the Kitchen
Ndaba Sibanda PG-13 -- "...of termites and serpents slithering into the backyard..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Bird Lady and the Bunnies
Jerry Guarino PG-13 -- The Stoned Cat and Vegan Dog team up for another strike for freedom...

fiction humor * ...to article.

The Deadliest Virus
Frederick Foote PG-13 -- You can wear a mask and avoid one, but the other needs to be unmasked to heal...

cover story fiction * ...to article.


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