May 23, 2016

Sunil Sharma PG -- "...the scarlet-brown scars showing for miles, each scar deeper than the previous..."

poem unrhymed * article.

Dime Store Rube
Mark Antony Rossi PG -- "...Poorly practicing compassion..."

poem unrhymed * article.

All-Nighter 16
Lydia Manx PG-13 -- Back then, Dean was getting crazier and crazier. When will he snap and turn himself over to the vigilantes and zombies?

serial fiction horror * article.

Going Hungry 53
Sand Pilarski PG-13 -- And now Gloria can see Lolo with different eyes, ones that aren't looking through a red haze of anger. Are people ever what you think they are?

serial fiction family money food * article.


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