October 17, 2016

Sheikha A. PG -- "...down to the ankles beaded with care fully stringed bands of promises..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Alberto Quero PG -- "...I must confess I constantly look at the sky, trying to recover a colossal sign..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

The Broken Ghost
Carl Wade Thompson PG -- "...no thought is left to him...just a vengeful ghost..."

serial poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Tomorrow Falls 09
Carrie A. Golden PG -- Her escape across the lake, a long hike, and an injury to her knee have driven Tess to exhaustion. But she has to keep on going...

serial fiction horror * ...to article.

Callie, Meet Callie
Terry Petersen PG -- Her life is made up of broken puzzle pieces. But she had a life, and she will remember it...

cover story fiction life death * ...to article.

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