June 18, 2018

On Publication
John Patrick Robbins PG-13 -- "...When in hell we create the art that is to be our escape..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

I Like Detroit
Ryan Quinn Flanagan PG-13 -- "Like a mouldy ragdoll..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Bride of the Rainbows
Eddie Awusi PG-13 -- "...Galloping on the cloudy roads of the sky..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

Baby Doll Mask
Charles Cicirella PG-13 -- "...Rusted Midwest soliloques..."

poem unrhymed * ...to article.

After Life 32
Sand Pilarski PG-13 -- Conclusion. "All things have a purpose," Desai says. What is the purposeful key Roj must find to open that one last lock?

serial fiction death * ...to article.

Taking the Plunge
Bernie Pilarski PG-13 -- Looking down -- suddenly, staying put seems like the safest thing to do...

cover story fiction spirituality * ...to article.


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