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May 27, 2024

Articles by Barry Kirwan

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Writerholics Anonymous (2010-12-20) cover story short fiction writing

Barry Kirwan works in air traffic and nuclear power safety, and found non-fiction a lot easier to get published than fiction, but finally has his science fiction novel (The Eden Paradox) coming out as an ebook in Feb 2011 with publisher Ampichellis. This short story summarises what he wishes he'd known when starting out in fiction...

Looking for Hell (2011-02-21) cover story short science fiction

When you have someone willing to not only sell off the home planet, but also make family reunions into something even more than normally feared, you know hanging's too good for him ...

No Diving (2011-04-18) cover story short fiction

The clarity of the water is incredible, mezmerizing -- but within it, what can be seen of one's soul..?

Galactic Barrier (2011-05-16) cover story short science fiction

We believed there was no way they could break through; they believed there was no way they could not. And so we watched, waiting, holding on to one last thing ...

Escape From Hell (2011-06-13) cover story short science fiction

It's hell being in Hell, and even if you know what the hell it really is, how the hell do you get out of there?

The Sapper (2011-09-19) cover story short science fiction

Death is in the air, in the great city above the clouds. But how will the enemy come to destroy it? And who is the real enemy, after all?

School Penna (2011-10-10) cover story short fiction India

Traveling light is almost always best, especially when the baggage is your own culture ...

Executive Decision (2011-11-14) cover story short science fiction

They were brought together to make the tough calls, to figure out the difficult solutions. It was their job. And when the job was done, they were paid according to their worth ...

Conversation with a Superhero (2012-01-16) cover story short fiction sci-fi

Love, they say conquers all. It is no respecter of persons, even those with super powers. It seems that a broken heart may be more dangerous than kryptonite ...

4:55pm (2012-02-27) cover story short fiction

You've met them before: those slimy power-mad lousy low-down good-for-nothing ... and you've worked for them too.

Diplomatic Solution (2012-06-25) cover story science fiction

Water and air are separate environments -- unless some creature is willing to brave the surface tension between them ...

Trojan Dreams (2013-01-28) cover story short fiction

They say that if you don't dream, you go crazy. And yet here's a case where you dream and you think you're going crazy. Is it a lose-lose scenario, or a win-win? Or just crazy-crazy?

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Peek of the Week 334 (2012-01-30) photo art

Author Barry Kirwan communes with a white tiger in Casela National Park, Mauritius.

Peek of the Week 357 (2012-07-16) photo art

A beach of breathtaking splendor in the Seychelles Islands.

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Science Fiction and Scuba Diving (2012-04-02) essay diving space exploration

Unknown creatures in a strange environment, with their own sort of governance, their own peculiar habits -- the underwater reef is like another planet ...

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The Eden Paradox: Featured Blog (2013-11-11) essay featured blog

Barry Kirwan shares some ideas about life after death in science fiction stories in this week's featured blog.

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