May 16, 2022

Joe Baldwin

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The Most Handsome Man in the Mirror (2014-02-10) cover story fiction fandom

Joe Baldwin is a History graduate who writes fiction, poetry and essays on a wide variety of topics. He lives in Southampton in the United Kingdom. He has been published in a number of journals and is currently writing a novel and a poetry collection.

Black Ribbon (2014-07-14) cover story fiction English Civil War

Children know nothing of factions or politics. Why must we teach them to take sides, when all we have to do is find food and shelter together?

The Werewolf Judge (2015-07-27) cover story fiction horror humor

"Let them eat cake"? No, that's not what you want to say to this guy...

Everybody's Got Problems (2016-02-08) cover story fiction crime life

All the people you see are like closed doors. You don't know what's behind them...

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A River in Paris (2015-03-02) poem unrhymed

"Floating down the Seine like a human starfish..."

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Joe Baldwin
Joe Baldwin

I am a writer from Southampton in the United Kingdom. I was born in London, lived in Scotland, and now live in England once more, so you could say I'm well-traveled in a several hours down the motorway kind of way. I write fiction, poetry and essays. Since finishing my Master's Degree in History I've had much more time to write fiction as opposed to a version of the truth. I've been published in a number of journals over the years and I am currently writing a novel.

These days I split my time between writing and working in a library, so I am pretty much around books all the time and now I don't have degree work to do, I can indulge in reading fiction a lot more. I have a keen interest in historical fiction, but really any genre or time period is fine by me. After all, I can't afford to dislike any genre as a writer as I may end up writing in it one day.