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July 15, 2024

Articles by Schizophrenic Chick

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My Once Upon a Time (2004-08-14) poem


Lost in a Web (2004-09-25) poem


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Vengeful Lore (2004-09-18) short

Is it science? Is it magic? For Kavi, still brooding over a lost love, finding a strange woman on his porch turns out to be justice. A "Write Fiction Like Cheryl" entry.

Disappeared (2004-11-13) short

A large, vacant, vintage manor decked out for Halloween makes the perfect "Haunted House", but maybe this one was decorated a little too well.

MurderDeathJane (2004-11-20) short fiction horror

She so rarely gives what is wanted or expected, yet what she gives is always needed and intriguing. She's his other side, the wicked to his good. And tonight, as they stand together looking over the railing of the bridge, she's about to make him one very special last gift.

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