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June 17, 2024


By Schizophrenic Chick

We stood on the bridge, gazing down into the gully. Slow-moving water and week old garbage scented the early morning air. Ebony sky eased into gray dawn. Clouds covered the remaining stars, obliterating any chance at sunlight. Night chilled metal pressed into my stomach, reminding me this reality still existed. No matter what fantasies we moved in, the world remained the same old shit. Above us a lone bat chirped. I've often wondered why people say bats screech, like that's the only noise they make. Often in the night I've heard them chirping sounding like insomniac birds.

I mention this to her, the bat chirping/screeching dilemma. Raising one cool black brow, she explains that most people don't notice the night chirping because most people don't bother to notice what doesn't pertain to them. An answer but not the one I wanted. She so rarely gives what is wanted or expected. Yet what she gives is always needed and intriguing. A gift that I need but am not expecting because nobody knows that I need it. Felt like she's my other side, the wicked to my good. The light to my darkness. I wondered if she ever noticed the connection, the balance.

"Of course I notice the connection." She sipped a milk shake one night, answering my long considered question. "I wouldn't be here if the balance was not needed." A strand of raven hair slid across her cheek as her cherry lips sucked on the straw. I sighed. Being in her presence is like being caught between heaven and hell. Tempting fire and inviting bliss. I tucked the errant strand behind one ear. Her hair is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as her chocolate eyes and cocoa skin.

"I can't believe I fell into such a relationship with such a woman. It's extraordinary."

With a wicked grin she tapped my nose with one long finger. "I'm an extraordinary woman. This wasn't an accident or a coincidence. Trust me."

That night in a local fast food restaurant played in my mind. I'd always believed in fate but figured humans were fickle enough to ruin even those plans. We may be highest on the food chain but are often the dumbest creatures. Ignoring instinct we educate ourselves into an anesthetized stupor.

I glanced over, enjoying the sight of her face in the milky dawn. She continued to stare at the water sliding over rocks and concrete below us. No emotion marred those perfect features. A typical expression for her since displays of emotion were rare but lovely. Only a stone could fail to fall in love with such beauty, such perfection, such serenity.

Tilting my head back to watch the shifting sky, I smiled as her arm slid around my waist. Warmth moved through me as she stood hugging me, standing by my side.

Metal cut into my ribs, startling me into moving away from the railing, but the pain didn't cease. Feeling a chill starting in my toes, I glanced down at the jeweled hilt protruding from beneath my ribs. Breathing got harder and I glanced into the face of the one I loved and trusted.

Easing away from me she removed the blade. "It's more merciful than breaking your heart." Wiping the blade clean on my jacket, she smiled a sweet smile.

Article © Schizophrenic Chick. All rights reserved.
Published on 2004-11-20
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