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July 08, 2024

Articles by Elaine Zentner

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The Mentor (2015-10-26) cover story fiction writing

Is your writing a reflection of your soul? Or is it a biography of your life? Or a road map of your journey...?

Second Chance (2018-01-08) cover story short fiction horror

A heart that learns mercy can make amends. A hand that reaches out can be touched. Ideally, that is...

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3 a.m. Solitaire (2020-02-17) poem unrhymed

"Here it goes again, 3 a.m. solitaire..."

Blues in the Night: A Rondeau (2020-03-16) poem rhymed

"...His sax blaring like a rattlesnake bite..."

The Hawk (2020-05-25) poem unrhymed

"...Feathers glinting flecks gold and amber on cream..."

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