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April 15, 2024

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In the Beginning (2002-06-17) short fiction mythology

A creation myth for people who hate creation myths.

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That's Life 01 (2004-05-01) comics

A hard Right political talk show. This week Tellnit hears two sides of the abortion issue.

That's Life 02 (2004-05-08) comics

A hard right political talk show. This week, Tellnit compares Bush and Kerry on the campaign trail.

That's Life 03 (2004-05-15) comics

Tellnit attempts to get comments from both sides of the controversial decision made by some Catholic bishops to refuse Communion to Catholic politicians who defy Church teachings.

That's Life 05 (2004-05-29) comics

While a young woman in a clinic waiting room watches Nancy Pelosi on the television, her fetus collects ideas for escape.

That's Life 06 (2004-06-05) comics

A Memorial Day perspective on those who have given their lives for freedom, both in past conflicts and on-going ones.

That's Life 08 (2004-06-19) comics

The Great Dream Debate rages on. Jesus and Ted Kennedy discuss segments of the Ten Commandments.

That's Life 09 (2004-06-26) comics

The Great Dream Debate, part three. It used to be you could just stone a woman if her behavior was inappropriate. Thankfully, we don't just kill inconvenient people anymore.

That's Life 10 (2004-07-03) comics

Presidential hopeful John Kerry talks about his Iraq policies. That's Life is there with the scoop from Kerry and from his advisors.

That's Life 11 (2004-07-10) comics

As John Kerry's campaign proves, he is a man who can be all things to all people.

That's Life 12 (2004-07-17) comics

An educational moment - the recent Senate actions on controversial issues inspire Telnit to break open the dictionary.

That's Life 13 (2004-08-07) comics

That's Life takes a look at Ron Reagan's speech at the Democratic National Convention promoting stem cell research.

That's Life 14 (2004-08-14) comics

Telnit presents a look at some of the ugly truths around the world as That's Life sees it in places such as Bosnia, Iraq and America.

That's Life 15 (2004-09-11) comics

Catch a politician in a lie, and they'll tell you that even if the situation hasn't been fixed, they've made it "better".

That's Life 16 (2004-09-18) comics

A special edition of That's Life: Tellnit presents a newly discovered prophecy of Nostradamus!

That's Life 17 (2004-09-25) comics

Tonight's discussion: truth in journalism and politics.

That's Life 18 (2004-10-02) comics

Telnit brings you inside coverage of the Presidential Debates. Take a peek inside the heads of candidates and announcers and get the scoop on what was really going on behind all the rhetoric.

That's Life 19 (2004-10-09) comics

That's Life switches to a liberal mainstream style of journalism.

That's Life 20 (2004-11-27) comics

Osama Bin Laden urges Americans to reflect on the lessons learned from 9/11 and That's Life is happy to oblige.

That's Life 04 (2005-04-10) comics

This week, the adamantly pro-life cartoon takes us inside a clinic, where Nancy Pelosi is one of several topics of conversation. First appeared 2004-05-22

That's Life 07 (2005-04-10) comics

Our host, Tellnit, slumbers peacefully. But even asleep, he's still seeking out politically charged situations. Tonight, the Great Dream Debate begins... First appeared 2004-06-12

That's Life 21 (2005-04-17) comics political

That's Life takes us deep into the dark side of sports and the use of steroids.

That's Life 22 (2005-06-27) comics political

Oh, no. The polls are in, and the results don't look good for Telnit.

Peek of the Week 02 (2005-08-08) comics photograph

A street sign in San Francisco prophesies the future.

Peek of the Week 07 (2005-09-12) comics photograph

Elephant ivory scrimshaw

Peek of the Week 018 (2005-11-28) photo art

San Francisco city lights in motion.

Peek of the Week 04 (2006-04-24) comics photograph

Dance of the jellyfish.(Originally appeared 2005-08-22)

Peek of the Week 081 (2007-02-19) photo art

A pensive gorilla at San Francisco Zoo.

Peek of the Week 272 (2010-11-15) photo art

Mountains near Cook's Station, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 276 (2010-12-13) photo art

A dead raccoon hanging in a tree.

Peek of the Week 279 (2011-01-03) photo art

Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lower Bear Lake, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 283 (2011-01-31) photo art

Last fall's brilliant foliage in Cook's Station, California.

Peek of the Week 327 (2011-12-12) photo art

A winter ladybug nestles on the leaf of an eggplant leaf.

Peek of the Week 332 (2012-01-16) photo art

Getting lost in the blues and grays of sky and clouds ...

Peek of the Week 360 (2012-08-06) photo art

Yosemite National Park shows its granite face in California, USA.

Peek of the Week 387 (2013-02-11) photo art

Cathedral Beach, Yosemite National Park, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 409 (2013-07-22) photo art

Sea lions snuggle on a pier in Monterey, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 417 (2013-09-23) photo art

Yellow wildflowers decry the end of summer at Half Moon Bay, California, USA.

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Freedom (2004-07-03) op_ed essay political military

Cover story

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Peek of the Week 10 (2005-10-03) photography

Birds and sails ride the winds and waters of the San Francisco Bay.

Peek of the Week 034 (2006-03-20) photo art

A dizzying view of a redwood tree.

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