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July 15, 2024

In the Beginning

By John Queen

Editor's Note: After several hours spent reading the creation myths of assorted cultures, the author of this short piece came up with one of his own to summarize his overall impressions.

In the beginning, there was neither day nor night, time nor space, up nor down, left nor right, great taste nor less filling. There was nothing. This nothingness was called Nothing; in short, it was the lack of things. Even in this Nothingness, however, there were possibilities, and these possibilities were like seeds.

The first thing to emerge from the Nothingness was nothing. This nothing begat several nothings. These in turn begat more nothings, which begat still more nothings until there were a great number of nothings.

All these nothings got together and approached the great one, He From Which All Nothing Came, and asked, "Oh, mighty one, we were wondering... since there are so many of us nothings, do we not, all together, constitute Something?"

And He From Which All Nothing Came looked down upon them and said:


Article © John Queen. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-06-17
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