May 16, 2022

Mark W. Swarthout

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Memories Of My Father (2005-06-13) cover story poem unrhymed

Some fathers lead by example — just not in the ways they expected.

Change (2005-09-19) poem unrhymed

Blue (2006-04-24) poem, rhymed

A poet watches and waits for spring. (Originally appeared 2005-04-17)

Up North (2006-10-16) poetry unrhymed

A peaceful place, a place for pine and a clear blue sky to reflect in the lake.

Sushi (2006-12-18) poem unrhymed

A Visit to St. Thomas (2014-06-09) poem rhyme blank verse prose

A combination of verse and poetic prose, drawing both on Tolkien and a visit to the tropics.

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Black Belt (2005-08-22) nonfiction martial arts

Nine applicants from around the globe have come to test for their Shodan, first degree black belt. Forget what you see on television, this is what it's really about - hard work, discipline and community.

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A Time For Reflection (2006-10-02) nonficiton essay

You get comfortable with the radio station you've listened to for years. The kind of music it plays becomes a part of you. Then -- WHAM! -- things change, and yes, it hurts!

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Desert Duck (2006-11-06) short nonfiction essay

The USS John Rodgers was assigned to drilling holes in the water in the Persian Gulf when a junior officer suddenly became seriously ill. The sight and sound of the "Desert Duck" was sheer beauty as it landed ...

My Other Job (2006-12-04) cover story nonfiction essay

I am officially a member of the International Poleholders' Union. Okay, so you haven't heard about this rather small and highly specialized organization. There aren't any great benefit packages and the pay scale is non-existent, but there is a certain amount of down right guts involved in the initiation process and the satisfaction of a job well done.

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Peek of the Week 067 (2006-11-13) photo art

Tiger swallowtail butterfly resting on echinacea.

Peek of the Week 075 (2007-01-08) photo art

Peppers catch the eye in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI.

Peek of the Week 292 (2011-04-11) photo art

Hummingbird and birds of paradise at the Getty Museum, California, USA.

Peek of the Week 380 (2012-12-24) photo art

A superb vista of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA.

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Mark W. Swarthout
Mark W. Swarthout

Mark is the father of twins and a jack-of-all trades, master of some, but has yet to figure out what he has mastered! He lives in SE Michigan and writes whenever he can for whatever he can as often as he can.