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April 15, 2024

Articles by Judith Alexander Brice



Christmas Spirit (2019-12-23) poem unrhymed

Judith Alexander Brice is a retired Pittsburgh psychiatrist whose love of nature and acquaintance with illness inform much of her work.She has had over 50 poems published in journals and anthologies, including "The Golden Streetcar," "Voxpopulisphere.com," "The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette," "The Magnolia Review.com," and "Annals of Internal Medicine."

The Scent of Sound (2020-01-27) poem unrhymed

" Did you see him today, that glamoring cardinal..."

Doublemindedness (2020-02-24) poem unrhymed

"...It slithers in, defies and then deceives ..."

Of Cairns and Gratitude (2020-03-23) poem unrhymed

"...such friendly banter which wishes only joy and tender years to come..."

Ars Poetica: An Invitation (2020-04-20) poem unrhymed

"...Watch -- you'll catch the gentle weave of light..."

Green Bananas (2020-05-11) poem unrhymed

"Don't buy them, not yet..."

Elixir (2020-06-08) poem unrhymed

"...Look above. Forget the scud of lamb-curl clouds -- their whorl..."

Covid-19, Week 11 -- A Dream (2020-11-02) poem unrhymed

"...I need instructions, a direction to go. It's urgent, I repeat..."

Getting Ready To Sell (2020-11-30) poem unrhymed

"...Shards of windowpanes catch quick and flickering light...

Winter's Shawl of Song (2020-12-28) poem unrhymed

"...magic petals of snow their cold to sizzle the ground..."

Imbibe the Air (2021-01-25) poem unrhymed

"...a thirst of thoughts, a longing of desire..."

On the Verge of Bright (2021-03-08) poem unrhymed

"...Last night we forgot to watch the clock..."

Cobwebs and Pearls, 2020-2022 (2023-10-09) poem unrhymed

"...Each of us, remote now, retreats to home..."

Family Portrait (2023-11-06) poem unrhymed

"In the photograph there are four of us..."

Those Days of Excitement (2023-12-11) poem unrhymed

"...this whole new      vocabulary of tastes..."

Valentine's Day - Never Letting Go (2024-02-12) poem unrhymed

"...we knew that we felt that love..."

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