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July 08, 2024

Articles by Jerry Seeger

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Moonlight Sonata (2005-01-16) Literary fiction, cover story

The death of an unknown jazz legend passes as unnoticed as the man's tremendous talent, mourned only by a musician and the muse of modern sound.

Serpent (2005-02-06) cover story fiction, contempo

A stranger in a foreign land looks for a gift to leave his hosts. Is the strange statue of the serpent a stolen antiquity, or is it a message from forgotten gods that the time has come again to steal back the secret of everlasting life and forestall the final fires that will destroy mankind?

Pepperoni (2005-03-06) Cover story contemporary

Making friends is never so insiduous as when you're looking to travel light.

Tin Can (2005-04-10) short

Just one trip and he'll be able to retire planetside forever, never to set foot in a ship or be forced to endure his crewmates again. But, as one young traveler learns, spacer is a state of mind. First appeared 2005-01-23

That Happens Sometimes (2005-04-17) short fiction contemporary romance

A beautiful girl catches his eye. She seems familiar, and when she calls out to him like he knows her, he asks where it is that they met before. Why does that seem to cause her so much pain?

Repair Man (2005-06-27) cover story short fiction science fiction sci-fi

Mankind has been struggling with the issue of bottom-line versus human resources since the building of the pyramids. Finding the right balance isn't something we're going to achieve any time soon.

Exile (2005-10-03) cover story short contemporary fiction drama

In a war of loneliness, the battle itself is the only prize and the victor never really wins.

The God of Numbers (2005-10-24) cover story contemporary fiction

Out there it was easy to believe in a God that lived to pull the strings, giving tiny events great significance. A rundown motel and casino reveals itself to be a shrine to the God of Numbers.

Koko (2005-11-07) nonfiction humor short

He had the territorial aggression and fearlessness of a wolf, but he was lucky to top the scales at ten pounds. Ultimately, it would prove the little dog's undoing.

Earthchuckle (2005-11-21) cover story contemporary drama

Saying goodbye to an old friend. He always did have to do everything big.

I Saw Them First (2006-02-06) cover story science fiction humor

A bum sipping from a brown bagged bottle, a stray dog sniffing about, squirrels scampering through a park - would you recognize the end of the world if you saw it unfolding before your eyes? Maybe. Maybe not.

Little Buddy (2006-03-27) short fiction humor

A freak? Far from it! Little Buddy was the most considerate roommate ever.

Race for the Rock (2006-04-10) cover story short science fiction

Maybe he was going to die for that rock, but he wanted to make sure his grandchildren had a good life. All he had to do was get there first, and hope for some sweet savior to bring him some air ...

Storm of the Century (2006-04-24) short fiction contemporary

A slightly alcohol-soaked narrative outlines a tale of mercantile sin and meteoroligcal salvation as a graying barfly describes the night he piloted the Davemobile through the Storm of the Century. (Originally appeared 2005-03-27)

Home Burn (2006-06-05) cover story science fiction

When you look into someone's eyes and recognize that their loneliness matches your own, all you want is to take their hand and walk with them ...

First Day (2006-10-16) cover story short fiction

In the City of Spires, there is a holiday that everyone celebrates, a holy-day of the human heart. Even the darkest winter must give way before it ...

NaNoWriMo 2006: Blame It On NaNo (2006-11-27) short nonfiction essay

Funny thing about writing -- once you start doing it, it changes how you see things ... and do things ...

The Unknown (2007-01-01) cover story short fiction

It was how we knew we were home, and where we went to say goodbye to the ones who would never return, the ones whose eyes only looked to the stars. The rest of the world might forget us, but not this place.

Hell-Cricket (2007-04-16) short fiction sci-fi horror

Strange forces are at play, but no tiny, chirping, harbinger of the apocalypse is going to get away with destroying the world tonight.(Originally appeared 06-06-2005)

Old Town (2007-04-16) short fiction fantasy

The shadows of Old Town were her shadows, and the breeze drifting through the twisted lanes was her breath, and it spoke with her voice, saying, "Kill him ninety-nine ways ... " (Originally appeared 08-21-2006)

My Prague (2007-08-27) cover story travel

The City of One Hundred Spires is far richer than what you see in the travel brochures. However, if you want to sample the real flavor of Prague, you have to know the right places to look ...

The Last Bottle (2007-09-10) cover story short science fiction

There's something out there, and you know it's there, but you can't put into words what it is, that certain ... see? words fail again. But you have to keep looking, and if you're going to search with any expectation of finding, you're going to have to give that search your whole heart ...

The Dead Bride (2007-10-29) cover story short fiction

She was gorgeous. She was loving. She was marked for death ... but, well, how does an assassin deal with someone marked for death a long time ago? Horace and Clancy have a conundrum to resolve ...

The Tourist (2007-12-24) cover story science fiction

One thing marks all the spaces between the stars: silence. Be there joy, or despair, elation or loss, the vacuum of space marks each emotion, each triumph, each death in utter quietude. This is the life the spacers know, and strangely, crave. Most of the time the stars welcome those silent travelers, but there comes a different kind of explorer, and there is only one place left for that kind...

The Summoning (2008-04-07) short fiction

The time has come for the prophesy to be fulfilled. From the mysterious realms of a twisted universe, a figure appears ...Originally appeared 2006-12-18.

Symptoms of Love (2008-04-07) short fiction

"This isn't me writing about love, it's me writing about writing about something that looks like love," the author tells me, and adds, "Her name was not Alice. Originally appeared 2007-02-12.

Left Behind (2008-04-21) cover story science fiction

The Unknown is out there, waiting, mostly empty, but holding mysteries that may be no more than just memories. Agnes Stephenson wonders if there is more out there than memories, and if she'll ever be more than a rear guard ...

High Desert Blues (2009-05-04) cover story short fiction

While the stars whisper overhead, and the creatures of the earth vibrate with their songs, while the rasp of daily voices fills the very air you breathe, where can you go to listen to what's in your heart?

Between the Stars (2010-06-07) short fiction science fiction

You find a line out there, that edge past which lies what you were seeking, that cliff that changes you forever ...

Tin Can (2011-04-25) sci-fi, short, fiction

Just one trip and he'll be able to retire planetside forever, never to set foot in a ship or be forced to endure his crewmates again. But, as one young traveler learns, spacer is a state of mind. (Originally appeared 2005-01-23)

Ambassador (2012-07-02) short science fiction

An alien invader shows up on the doorstep in time for a cup of tea. The battle to comprehend one another is arduous, the prize as fleeting as any other moment.

The Cowboy God (2014-10-13) fiction west cowboy

"...It's the hardship as much as anything else that makes the cowboy who he is..."

The Importance of Being Paranoid (2015-04-13) short fiction

When you know that there's some Mulligan out there just waiting to take you down, you have to keep your eye on the ball and your hand ready for the quick draw. And dammit, you KNOW those suckers are nearby, watching, ready to take you out ... they're just not always everything you think. But some of them -- are!

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Moonlight Sonata (2005-01-16)

Cover story.

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The Search for Gilgamesh (2005-02-06) nonfiction research internet

In the unstructured universe of the internet, fact, opinion, and myth can be hard to differentiate. The author relates the fascinating process of researching the short story, The Serpent, and the concept and symbolism behind the Gilgamesh mythos.

The Duke City Shootout (2005-09-19) film awards

This summer my brother and I learned we had won the Federico Fellini award for the script we had co-written, Pirates of the White Sand. Just writing the thing together had been a great experience, but now we were going to make a movie. A movie. I jumped a plane to be there for pre-production.

Peek of the Week 023 (2006-01-02) photo art

A street in Prague on a rainy night

Peek of the Week 027 (2006-01-30) photo art

An angel crowned with snow watches over a grave in Prague.

Peek of the Week 038 (2006-04-17) photo art

Reflections in Tram Seven, Prague, Czech Republic.

Peek of the Week 046 (2006-06-19) photo art

A macaque, in a regal pose.

Tapas in Andalucia (2006-06-26) food travel restaurant review

"You can have your old churches and monuments, take me to the place the locals go to spend an evening in convivial conversation." Jerry visits Zapata, a tapas bar in Cadiz, Spain.

Peek of the Week 050 (2006-07-17) photo art

A Kansas sunset on the road.

Peek of the Week 054 (2006-08-14) photo art

A view of the white city Vejer, Spain.

American Road Myth 01 (2013-09-16) nonfiction myth socio culture

A look at american heroes, the road in pop culture, and the disappearance of the small towns that were nourished by the road, wrapped up with cowboys and rock stars as part of the new american pantheon.

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Scotch Whiskey (2005-03-13) poem free verse

An ode to one poet's inspiration.

September (2005-09-26) poem

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Peek of the Week 021 (2005-12-19) photo art

Castle Ruin on a crag, Slovakia.

Peek of the Week 032 (2006-03-06) photo art

Winter path through a cemetery in Prague.

Peek of the Week 079 (2007-02-05) photo art

A view of Dunluce Castle, minus its kitchen, which fell off.

Peek of the Week 087 (2007-04-16) photo art

The calm waters of Killybegs Harbor in Ireland.

Peek of the Week 096 (2007-06-18) photo art

Simply a tram barn, but an attempt to get a good picture turns strange ...

Peek of the Week 100 (2007-07-16) photo art

Jerry Seeger shows us flowers on a cliff in Northern Ireland.

Peek of the Week 104 (2007-08-20) photo art

Active vent in the central crater of Mt. Etna, in Sicily.

Peek of the Week 115 (2007-11-05) photo art

Roadside memorial at sunset, Northern New Mexico.

Peek of the Week 140 (2008-04-28) photo art

The "Little Cafe Near Home" in Prague, Czech Republic.

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