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April 08, 2024

Articles by Kelly Jackson



How Many Husbands Are Too Many?? (2020-03-16) cover story essay humor

Kelly Jackson is a native Texan who has opinions on every little thing, and although she might not know a lot, she knows a little about a lot, so essays seem perfect for her to let'er rip, then RUN!

Happy Mothers Day! (2020-05-04) essay humor

Just as it should be...

Daddy (2020-06-15) essay humor

Tell me what a Daddy is...

Stay Calm! (2020-06-29) essay pandemic

Especially when you see that stupid woman flapping her gums at the cashier, wearing her mask UNDER her germy chin...

Remote Working ... Let's Be Honest (2020-07-06) cover story essay humor

Of course it's possible to make phone calls and generate correspondence in jammies and flip-flops...

11 Days with a Lunatic...My New Job! (2020-08-03) essay humor

Top dollar, new office ... uh oh.

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