May 16, 2022

Ramzi Albert Rihani



The Shadow of Her Voice (2022-03-28) poem

"...The morning casts a shadow familiar to the eyes..."

Sound Check (2022-04-18) poem unrhymed

"...A deafening silence sticks like glue..."

The Edge of Deliverance (2022-05-16) poem

"...They look at each other again and again..."

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Ramzi Albert Rihani
Ramzi Albert Rihani

Ramzi Albert Rihani is a Lebanese American writer. His poems have been published in several publications including Poetic Sun, Goats Milk Magazine, Last Leaves Magazine, Ariel Chart International Journal, and The Silent Journey Anthology. He is a published music critic, wrote and published a travel book The Other Color - a Trip Around the World in Six Months (FMA Press, 1984). He lives in Washington, DC.