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July 08, 2024

The Edge of Deliverance

By Ramzi Albert Rihani

The Edge of Deliverance

Men and women gather again
In the midst of their frenzy
Incessantly chasing the ghost
That once they looked at with envy

They wake up intermittently as if in a delirium
Running bare like wild horses at dusk
A desolate wind blows like a first lust
Until they settle at the edge of deliverance

Photographs on the wall prepare for their memories
Watching the ocean sipping the sun
With an appetite ferociously turbulent
Bleeding with images like an overflowing page in a novel

Cities of clouds looking down on them
Approaching the end of the mystery
They look at each other again and again
And suddenly, as if what they were waiting for,
The Man with Long Brown Hair unfolds their history

Article © Ramzi Albert Rihani. All rights reserved.
Published on 2022-05-16
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