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February 26, 2024

Articles by Barry Udoff

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Red, White, Blue and Borrowed (2008-06-30) cover story nonfiction essay

Barry Udoff has been a ghostwriter, a speechwriter and a copywriter. He has written feature stories about the New York City draft riots and a B-17 bomber crew who flew the initial missions against Germany during WW II. His work has appeared in newspapers, trade magazines and on the Internet. He has an excessive reliance on spell check.

Howdy, Neighbor! (2008-09-01) cover story essay

It is a complex and demanding web of relationships, shadowed by dangerous connections and hidden pitfalls. We weave in and out of it, and half-jokingly name it "Civilization"...

The Public Speaks (2008-10-13) cover story nonfiction essay

This one is for all of us who ever had times we just wanted to go live in a cave far, far away from boomboxes and thumper car stereos and neighbors arguing on the sidewalk ...

That's Not Our Car (2009-04-06) cover story essay humor cars family

To an outsider, his off beat taste in cars might have pegged him as an eccentric, or else a guy in desperate need of attention. Father was neither.

Benchwarming (2013-08-12) cover story essay travel New York City

Don't just do something, sit there. -- Zen Proverb

Benchwarming 2 (2013-09-23) cover story essay travel New York City

Bench Warming in New York is a seating chart to a collection of real-life New York dioramas. Have a seat, relax, and let the city tell its stories and entertain you.

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The Silver Rattle (2009-05-25) cover story nonfiction essay World War Two

On Memorial Day, we hope you'll remember the courageous Americans who lost their lives and those who lost the ones they loved in service to their country.

Finding the Moment (2009-11-02) cover story travel essay "Auschwitz"

Some people would argue that except for climate, a place is only a place, not different from all others. The memories of the earth, the streets, and the stones know better, and we would do well to listen to their whispers ...

Barbaro (2012-04-30) cover story essay horse race Preakness Barbaro

Truly one of the worst moments in racing ...

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Sisters (2010-04-26) short fiction

Drama and guilt are for those people who have too much time on their hands ...

The Deadbeat (2010-11-29) cover story short fiction

Money is hard to come by when the recession comes home with you at the end of your job, but you better dole out the remaining pennies you have wisely ...

Why Stalin Slept (2011-04-25) fiction

Only vanity could induce the world's most infamous paranoid to trust the world's most notorious liar... (Originally appeared 2008-12-15)

The Heidi Jean (2012-05-21) cover story short fiction mistakes in life

Alas for the thoughtless stunts of youth, that leave us with unpayable debts in our hearts ...

Dressed for Distress (2014-07-21) essay life

She could barely walk -- buses are made for those in pain, aren't they?

Indiana (2018-10-08) cover story fiction life love

Ever have a dream that you didn't want to leave...but then you awaken fully, and can't remember what the dream was?

Chocoholic (2020-06-01) cover story fiction

Behind every door there's a story...

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Peek of the Week 314 (2011-09-12) photo art

A battered postcard, partially addressed, shows New York City with the World Trade Centers intact.

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Secrets of the Afterlife (2017-01-23) essay humor afterlife

What lies on the other side of this existence we call "Life?" Will it be fun? Will it last forever? Does Cousin Dandruff have to be there?

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