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June 10, 2024

Articles by Beverly Pauley

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Faux Fangs, Part 1 (2008-09-22) cover story novella humor

Beverly Pauley lives in Alderson, West Virginia, with her husband, Curtis, and dacshund, Quentin -- named for Quentin Collins, werewolf in the television show "Dark Shadows." Pauley is a long-time fan of Edgar Allen Poe and all things Gothic. She graduated from New River Community and Technical College, Lewisburg, West Virgina, and Concord University, Athens, West Virginia, with English and Journalism degrees, and is a member of the West Virginia Writers.

Faux Fangs 02: To Dance Daytona (2008-09-29) fiction fantasy humor

Rutherford Zucks has escaped the smelly ramps season in West Virginia. But Daytona Beach holds more for him than just surf and moonlight ...

Faux Fangs 03: Homeward Blonde (2008-10-06) fiction fantasy humor

Daytona Beach has changed Rutherford Zucks forever, including his hair color ...

Faux Fangs 04: Fangs For The Memories (2008-10-13) fiction fantasy humor

Revenuers! Hide the still! But we don't have a still! Hide the guns! But we don't have guns! ... Hide the vampire? Oh, yes, that we got...

Faux Fangs 05: Halloween Moon Rising (2008-10-20) fiction fantasy humor

It's their favorite holiday of the year ... well, maybe right behind Biker Week ..! But what a grand time to get together with friends and dance the night away!

Faux Fangs 06: Snow Bats (2008-10-27) fiction fantasy humor

The season changes, and snow covers the mountainside. When two hunters make camp on the mountain, will they find a vampire -- or a hero?

Faux Fangs 07: Batsicle (2008-11-03) fiction spoof

"Man's days are full of trouble and woe, but so are a vampire's."

Faux Fangs 08: As the Bat Turns (2008-11-10) fiction spoof

Rutherford Zucks may be averse to biting people, but he's certainly no coward when it comes to defending the innocent ...

Faux Fangs, Part 9: Forget Me Knot (2008-11-17) fiction spoof

In spite of being a hero, Rutherford Zucks vampire powers can't save him from ... a virus?

Faux Fangs 10: To See Or Not To See (2008-11-24) fiction spoof

Can a dog become a vampire? Especially if the dog is a ... bloodhound?

Faux Fangs 11:The Vampire Lunaticus (2008-12-01) fiction spoof

A renegade vampire has escaped, and Rutherford Zucks fears that he will come after him for revenge ...

Faux Fangs 12: To The Bat Cave (2008-12-08) fiction spoof

Thinking back to all the times Brent has saved his life, Rutherford Zucks knows that he cannot hesitate -- he must rescue Brent!

Faux Fangs 13: In The Beginning (2008-12-15) fiction spoof

But, one asks, how did Rutherford Zucks end up a vampire? What bat in his right mind would bite him?

Faux Fangs 14: To Thine Own Bat Be True (2008-12-22) fiction spoof

A fortune teller has warned Rutherford Zucks and his mother to flee from deadly peril. Sadly enough for Rutherford, the strange woman was absolutely right ...

Faux Fangs 15: Halloween Eve (2008-12-29) fiction spoof

The first time at the Vampires' Ball for Amanda and Purple Lips should be memorable, and the feuding McBiters are going to make sure it is ...

Faux Fangs 16: Halloween Eve, Part 2 (2009-01-05) fiction spoof

Amanda and Purple Lips have been kidnapped, and even the faithful bloodhound Vlad could not protect them! Rutherford Zucks must risk the coming dawn -- can he save them before sunlight ends his unnatural life?

Faux Fangs 17: Vlad the Inhaler (2009-01-12) fiction spoof

A celebrity hero like Vlad can't just stay home and rest on his laurels -- no, this most noble of bloodhounds is taking his famous face to the Dog Show!

Faux Fangs 18: Hair of the Dog (2009-01-19) fiction spoof

Beer and beautiful girls -- the dog show is fun, but this wasn't what Vlad the Inhaler was meant to do ...

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The Intense Intervention of Zoe Zombie (2012-04-16) short fiction humor zombies

Some times a family has to provide "tough love" for their wayward child ... even in the perfect zombie world.

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