May 16, 2022

Richard Voza

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Revisiting "The Great Gatsby" (2009-05-11) book review "The Great Gatsby"

Richard Voza ponders the popularity of F. Scott Fitzgerald's book, "The Great Gatsby" for the second time in twenty years.

Angels and Demons: Book Review (2009-05-18) book review "Angels and Demons"

Richard Voza reviews the book "Angels and Demons," by Dan Brown.

The Long Ball, and The Big Bam: Book Reviews (2009-07-27) book review

Richard Voza reviews the books, "The Long Ball" by Tom Adelman and "The Big Bam" by Leigh Montville.

In Defense of Gay Marriage (2009-08-10) essay

Richard Voza tackles a controversial subject -- laws about homosexual marriage.

The Shack: Book Review (2009-08-31) book review "The Shack"

Richard Voza reviews "The Shack" by William Paul Young.

Kids Today (2009-09-07) essay kids

What are we teaching kids when they don't even know what it means to stand in the rain?

Multi-tasking (2010-10-04) essay humor opinion

So you can walk and chew gum, right? Can you actually get the Edwards report done while you're drinking coffee and updating Facebook and talking to George about the Raiders game?

The Case for Legalizing Marijuana (2010-11-15) essay humor opinion

Smoke 'em if you got 'em? Here's one author's opinion ...

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Language Issues: What Not To Say and How Not To Say It (2009-06-15) nonficiton language arts

Sit up, pay attention, take notes! Time for a lesson in English ...

The Car That Rich Drives (2010-11-01) essay humor

It begins with a car ...

My Week with the Psychic Hotline (2012-03-12) essay psychic industry

You don't have to be a psychic to be a professional psychic ...

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Peek of the Week 209 (2009-08-24) photo art

Tree of Life at Disneyworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Peek of the Week 213 (2009-09-21) photo art

Brigantine Beach, New Jersey.

Peek of the Week 217 (2009-10-19) photo art

Catamarans at Brigantine Beach, New Jersey.

Peek of the Week 222 (2009-11-23) photo art

A farm is lit by sunlight on Breakneck Road in Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 228 (2010-01-04) photo art

Red sky at sunrise rewards a morning commute.

Peek of the Week 238 (2010-03-15) photo art

Snow and sunrise in Glassboro, New Jersey.

Peek of the Week 242 (2010-04-12) photo art

A sky full of improbable and magnificent color.

Peek of the Week 255 (2010-07-12) photo art

Lifeboat on Brigantine Beach, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 260 (2010-08-16) photo art

A flag hangs from the porch of a country house on Mantua Pike, Mantua, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 263 (2010-09-06) photo art

A morning beach scene at Avalon, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 271 (2010-11-08) photo art

Fall foliage at Alcyon Lake, Pitman, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 275 (2010-12-06) photo art

Sunrise in Mays Landing, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 280 (2011-01-10) photo art

Sunset at Mullica Hill, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 310 (2011-08-15) photo art

A unique view from Epcot theme park, in the Walt Disney World Resort.

Peek of the Week 321 (2011-10-31) photo art

Clouds form a front over Mickleton, New Jersey, USA.

Peek of the Week 331 (2012-01-09) photo art

An abandoned tractor poses hopefully in the snow.

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Last Night (2009-12-07) poem unrhymed

A poem for a cold night, promising warmth.

Winter (2009-12-28) poetry, rhymed

"winter scratches at my window ... "

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Brainsnorts: Featured Blog (2013-12-30) essay featured blog

In this entry, Richard Voza shares some thoughts on the poem's journey with the poet.

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Richard Voza
Richard Voza

Richard Voza first gained interest in writing when a high school English teacher asked the class to write a story in the style of Edgar Allan Poe. His story was about a burglar who dies after getting stuck in a chimney during a robbery attempt. As his body burned, the fumes were inhaled by people in the house. Later, they begin to exhibit characteristics of his behavior.

He started college as an art major but took neither art nor anything else seriously. He thoroughly enjoyed a writing class just before being asked to leave the university. No, really. A brief stint driving a delivery truck convinced him to return to college, this time as a literature major. This time he actually showed up for most of his classes. He wrote sports and op/ed pieces for the college newspaper, edited the literary magazine, and won a poetry award in his senior year. He studied theater and education, graduating in '87 to begin his first of more than 20 years as a language arts teacher.

Like most writers, he has a collection of unpublished novels (because he hasn't yet tried) include Lizzie's Journal, The Curse, Kate's Dinosaur, Grandpa's Watch, and a collection of children's stories called The Tall Tales of Granpappy Mouthwash.

He has two daughters. The older one, about to finish high school, loves reading, writing, and photography and has contributed to Piker Press. The younger one is an actress and thoroughly adores being on stage. They've both been dancing since about 3-years old. He loves tennis, baseball, and the health benefits of red wine.

After more than 20 years of teaching, he's getting tired of the real world. He hopes to spend as much time as possible in his new beach condo where he can work on getting something published. He has several new story ideas that -- to him -- are very original and exciting. Good luck with that.