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June 17, 2024

Articles by Jonathan D. Scott

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Signs of a Worsening Economy (2009-06-08) humor puns economy

It's curtains for the theater, and the mining industry is rocky, but are you aware of some of the other signs of a worsening economy?

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Root of Evil (2009-06-29) short fiction humor mischance

You never know where evil may sprout ... or what the answer to a prayer will be.

Warren Pieces 1: The Biblio Files (2009-07-06) cover story short fiction spoof

O, cruel Fate, to bring such consummate joy through the pages of a precious tome, full of the rich and love-strewn scent of perfectly aged papers, only to snatch happiness away by that same device ...

Ever So Slightly Mangled (2009-08-03) cover story short fiction humor

It was a simple job, but it did need the help of a professional, in spite of the cost ...

Warren Pieces 2: Romancing Mom (2009-08-31) cover story short fiction humorous

It was to be a night of love -- or not. It was to be an advance of a career -- or its demise. Let's face it -- Warren was between a bear trap and a cliff over a river of crocodiles ...

Warren Pieces 3: First Course Affair (2009-09-28) cover story short fiction humor

How ironic that the very sport that brought them together would be the one to drive them apart ... no pun intended ...

Warren Pieces 4: Tune In, Turn On (2009-10-12) short fiction humor

"He worshipped the very air she trod upon, but did she really give a FCC?"

Lester Bledsoe, Pet Medium (2009-11-02) short fiction humor mischance

She had legs from there to here, and if she ever had to brush something off her arm, it would be gold coins the size of a personal pizza ... but the important thing was that she had a dead ocelot ...

Warren Pieces 5: Political Camp Pains (2010-03-29) cover story short fiction humor

She was a redhead, with entrancing freckles and a fine way with words ... but making speeches is sometimes the least of political skills ...

Warren Pieces 6: The Lingerie Stakes (2010-04-26) short fiction fun

Everyone's betting on Warren to go undercover. The only question is under wear?

Warren Pieces 7 : Foiled Again (2010-06-21) cover story short fiction humor

For some, Love is a blessing, for others a curse -- it just has to be the right kind of curse.

Warren Pieces 8 : The Voice of Prudence (2010-08-02) cover story short fiction humor

Ah, the sweetness of the one and only voice murmuring the words that the heart so longs to hear...!

Warren Pieces 9: Joker's Wild (2010-10-04) cover story short fiction humor

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Will it bring success in business as well? Warren Borman knows the truth ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part One (2010-12-06) cover story short fiction

If you've listened to Warren Borman tell a story before, you know what to expect ... well, at least you think you do ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part Two (2010-12-13) short fiction

The lads are getting impatient, but Warren's story about misuse of medication is only getting to the good part ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part Three (2010-12-20) short fiction humor

Madeleine has spurned Warren, but will she find someone her intellectual equal?

The Man Who Invented Polka Dots (2011-04-25) short fiction humor

Jonathan D. Scott is the owner of a small advertising and graphic design firm in the Southeast. He is married with two daughters and is a very ordinary person, or at least appears so to the casual observer. (Originally appeared 2009-05-18)

P Is for Poetry (2012-04-30) short fiction humor poetry

Really, you'd think H.W. Longfellow would have known better than to write something like that ...

Warren Pieces 11: Stage Flight (2013-05-13) cover story fiction humor relationships

The shadowy recesses of the curtains, the soft sound of steps upon the wooden dais, the splendor of the lights...theater! Nothing like it!

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