May 23, 2022

Jonathan D. Scott

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Signs of a Worsening Economy (2009-06-08) humor puns economy

It's curtains for the theater, and the mining industry is rocky, but are you aware of some of the other signs of a worsening economy?

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Root of Evil (2009-06-29) short fiction humor mischance

You never know where evil may sprout ... or what the answer to a prayer will be.

Warren Pieces 1: The Biblio Files (2009-07-06) cover story short fiction spoof

O, cruel Fate, to bring such consummate joy through the pages of a precious tome, full of the rich and love-strewn scent of perfectly aged papers, only to snatch happiness away by that same device ...

Ever So Slightly Mangled (2009-08-03) cover story short fiction humor

It was a simple job, but it did need the help of a professional, in spite of the cost ...

Warren Pieces 2: Romancing Mom (2009-08-31) cover story short fiction humorous

It was to be a night of love -- or not. It was to be an advance of a career -- or its demise. Let's face it -- Warren was between a bear trap and a cliff over a river of crocodiles ...

Warren Pieces 3: First Course Affair (2009-09-28) cover story short fiction humor

How ironic that the very sport that brought them together would be the one to drive them apart ... no pun intended ...

Warren Pieces 4: Tune In, Turn On (2009-10-12) short fiction humor

"He worshipped the very air she trod upon, but did she really give a FCC?"

Lester Bledsoe, Pet Medium (2009-11-02) short fiction humor mischance

She had legs from there to here, and if she ever had to brush something off her arm, it would be gold coins the size of a personal pizza ... but the important thing was that she had a dead ocelot ...

Warren Pieces 5: Political Camp Pains (2010-03-29) cover story short fiction humor

She was a redhead, with entrancing freckles and a fine way with words ... but making speeches is sometimes the least of political skills ...

Warren Pieces 6: The Lingerie Stakes (2010-04-26) short fiction fun

Everyone's betting on Warren to go undercover. The only question is under wear?

Warren Pieces 7 : Foiled Again (2010-06-21) cover story short fiction humor

For some, Love is a blessing, for others a curse -- it just has to be the right kind of curse.

Warren Pieces 8 : The Voice of Prudence (2010-08-02) cover story short fiction humor

Ah, the sweetness of the one and only voice murmuring the words that the heart so longs to hear...!

Warren Pieces 9: Joker's Wild (2010-10-04) cover story short fiction humor

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Will it bring success in business as well? Warren Borman knows the truth ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part One (2010-12-06) cover story short fiction

If you've listened to Warren Borman tell a story before, you know what to expect ... well, at least you think you do ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part Two (2010-12-13) short fiction

The lads are getting impatient, but Warren's story about misuse of medication is only getting to the good part ...

Warren Pieces 10: The Right Chemistry, Part Three (2010-12-20) short fiction humor

Madeleine has spurned Warren, but will she find someone her intellectual equal?

The Man Who Invented Polka Dots (2011-04-25) short fiction humor

Jonathan D. Scott is the owner of a small advertising and graphic design firm in the Southeast. He is married with two daughters and is a very ordinary person, or at least appears so to the casual observer. (Originally appeared 2009-05-18)

P Is for Poetry (2012-04-30) short fiction humor poetry

Really, you'd think H.W. Longfellow would have known better than to write something like that ...

Warren Pieces 11: Stage Flight (2013-05-13) cover story fiction humor relationships

The shadowy recesses of the curtains, the soft sound of steps upon the wooden dais, the splendor of the! Nothing like it!

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Jonathan D. Scott
Jonathan D. Scott

Jonathan D. Scott uses his middle initial not for the sake of pretention, but to distinguish himself from the hundreds of other Jonathan Scotts, many of whom have more talent than he does.

He is the owner of a small advertising and graphic design firm and lives a very ordinary life with two cats, two cars, two daughters, and one wife.

Many people would never suspect him of having a secret life as a writer, which is probably why his two published novels haven't yet made it to the NYT Bestseller list. (They are available from amazon and middletonbooks. com.)

His kindergarden teacher wrote that "he thinks he's in class not to learn but the entertain the others." Unfortunately, that's still the case.

Many of his short stories can be found in literary print and online journals.