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June 17, 2024

Signs of a Worsening Economy

By Jonathan D. Scott

As we all know, the dental business is looking down, it's curtains for the theater, and the mining industry is rocky, but are you aware of some of the other signs of a worsening economy?


The topsoil and sod industries are trying not to lose ground.

There is a real down side in elevator construction.

Part of the printing industry is folding.

The ladies' lingerie industry has been handing out pink slips.


Casino gambling is a bad bet, mostly because dice has been shaken.

Board games have been played out.

Winter vacations have gone south and cruises are in the doldrums. Cruise ship anchors have hit bottom. (But so have child psychologists)

Outdoor grilling is over and done.

Service industries:

The gasoline-storage industry has tanked.

Lawn maintenance is cutting at all levels.

Asphalt paving has hit a hard road.

Surgeons are washed up.

The dieting industry keeps showing losses.


Electrical supply products have a distinct negative side.

Luggage clasps have been shut down and hinges are closing doors.

Granite statues are going nowhere.

Wooden handicapped ramps are declining.

Window manufacturing is clearly through.

Most new books have been shelved, although reference books are still questionable.

Notebook paper has been totally ruled out.

Paper towels have dried up.

The ice cream industry's assets have been frozen.

Peach propagation is in the pits.

Peanut brittle is in a real crunch, apples have fallen, and citrus fruits are in a squeeze.

The bottom's dropped out of infants' sleepwear.

Formal wear has been taken to the cleaners.

Adult diapers are letting people go.

Ropes are tied in knots.

Ammunition and firearms are completely shot.

I realize that during these difficult time, many people are experiencing severe depression and anxiety, especially as so many American businesses are being taken over by foreign interests. This is particularly evident in indications that Pharmaceuticals are being quickly swallowed up.

-- Jonathan D. Scott

Article © Jonathan D. Scott. All rights reserved.
Published on 2009-06-08
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