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July 15, 2024

Articles by Wayne Faust



Corn, Corn, Corn (2010-03-01) cover story short fiction

Wayne Faust has been a full-time music and comedy performer for over 30 years, performing in 38 states, England, Holland, Scotland, and Mexico.

The Symphony of the Water Buffalo (2010-07-26) short fiction humor

He never said the right thing, but he did dance to the right music ...

Home School (2011-03-14) short fiction

When the educational system insists on putting their "ideas" into everyone's head, it may well be time for education to take place outside the school room ...

Horror in the Village (2011-11-21) cover story short fiction horror humor

Here's a little something to think about when you're doing your Black Friday shopping ...

Snö (2012-04-09) cover story short fiction humor

Wait! It may be the season of Spring, but it's not too late for this character to look down and send you some ...

Good Things Happen Eventually (2017-03-27) cover story fiction hockey

Well, what did you think caused the Northern Lights?

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