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May 27, 2024

Articles by Jeffrey Carl Jefferis

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And On The Seventh Day, God Chuckled (2010-04-12) short fiction fun

What can you not admire about penguins?

Park Benched (2010-04-26) cover story short fiction humor

Jeffrey Carl Jefferis is a thirty-year-old freedom fighter. He has been pushing the envelope of word power for so long that his fingers are permanently stuck to the sealing glue.

Apocalypse Right Now, Please (2010-05-24) short fiction post apocalyptic

Yes, the bad days can really be bad ...

If Only She Could See His Teeth (2010-08-16) short fiction

Love breathes slowly, watching quietly, and nothing at all is better than this, except ...

The Unimaginable Hell of a Devout Atheist (2010-09-20) short fiction humor

There was only one thing he could think of that might be worse than death ...

Leave Work At Work (2010-10-25) cover story short fiction

You have it all, you can get it all, you know it all -- it's about success, in life, in society, in marriage, in work ... in getting out of the office ...

Two Tense (2010-11-08) short fiction

Tense and in Tacoma, both Jack and Beth have only one question in mind ...

Weak Kneed (2010-12-06) short fiction

It was a battle, and it was love ...

Ring Side (2011-01-10) cover story short fiction humor

Now what do you have to live with, and what do you have to live without?

I ?#@*&%! Love You (2011-02-14) cover story fiction relationships

The dinner was heavenly, the location full of meaning, and the time was just right for that special gesture, those long-awaited words ...

Lucky In Love (2011-03-14) cover story short fiction

When Fate is so cruel for so long, you start to accept injustice as a matter of course. But there -- in the distance -- comes a new thought, an exotic thought, a life-changing thought ...

Hurt (2011-04-18) short fiction prose

It hurt, the sunrise. It burned neither his skin, nor his eyes. But it did hurt, the sunrise...

Storytellers (2011-05-16) short fiction humor

None of them had been written, but there were three stories that wanted told ...

Bug To Death (2011-06-06) cover story short fiction

If only the Powers That Be, who endow blessings and curses alike, would descend from their Jovian heights to give a guy a heads-up now and then ...

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The Firing (2010-07-12) cover story fiction

These days, everyone who has a job wonders if it will be there from one day to the next. The termination slip could be in the supervisor's hand in the morning or at the end of the day. However, Mack is about to experience a whole new way to fight to keep his job ...

The Firing, Part 2 (2010-07-19) fiction

Not only is the battle being waged for an insane reason, with ludicrous weapons, but also, the opposing forces are making the rules of engagement up as they go along ...

The Firing, Part 3 (2010-07-26) fiction

A traitor is condemned, a traitor is uncovered. Is this when the tide begins to turn?

The Firing, Part 4 (2010-08-02) fiction

The last battle is upon them, but what of the attrition, what of ... the ending?

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