January 17, 2022


Sweet Explosion


Her veins are spiked with chlorella
aqua seafoam blue-green algae
with a drip of phytoplankton
pumping from the pores of velvet antler

Her eyes are carrot juice lasers
candy cucumber lids of alkaline salt
seeping in where the violet aura
surges with a fury of synchronistic flash

Her smile is a pearly white paradise
coated in celery crunch gene therapy
keeping calcification at bay
while smooth ships sail nearer to shore

Her tongue is laced in ghost pepper fetish
sweating out the lust of combustive flesh
sending shivers down the spine of kundalini
in white ignition pulse of pineapple explosion

"Sweet Explosion" originally appeared in Fauna Quarterly

Article © Scott Thomas Outlar. All rights reserved.
Published on 2016-05-09
Image(s) are public domain.

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By Scott Thomas Outlar