November 23, 2020

Scott Thomas Outlar



Salve (2015-08-03) poem unrhymed

"Black laced sky..."

In Too Deep (2015-08-31) poem unrhymed

"...she calmly calls out with a gentle whisper..."

Campaign of Confusion (2015-09-28) poem unrhymed

"...a simple understanding of herd psychology..."

Give a Little, Take a Lot (2015-10-19) poem unrhymed

..."What has this world come to?"

Sitting Pretty (2015-11-16) poem unrhymed

"...that rocks to the sweet rhythm of rolling thunder..."

Sour Grapes (2016-03-07) poem unrhymed

A love affair as old as civilization...

Elusive Accord (2016-04-18) poem unrhymed

"...Illusions shatter in Winter..."

Sweet Explosion (2016-05-09) poem unrhymed

"...keeping calcification at bay while smooth ships sail nearer to shore..."

Screaming with the Tide (2016-06-06) poem unrhymed

"...catching the high tide of revelation..."

Fool's Gold (2016-07-04) poem unrhymed

"...falling heavy in smelted waves..."

As Miracles Pour from the Skies (2016-12-26) poem unrhymed

"...a holy coronation as Mother Earth is praised..."

Humming with the Angels (2017-01-23) poem unrhymed

" elemental sound eternal in nature..."

Charging through the Gates of Hallelujah (2017-02-13) poem unrhymed

"...Is this state of peace a prelude to paradise?.."

Shiver (2017-03-06) poem unrhymed

"...This body is on fire..."

Another in the Urn (2017-04-10) poem unrhymed

"...Not every sterling piece of silver remains pristine..."

Stairway to Heaven (2017-04-24) poem unrhymed

" a ladder that reaches down from heaven..."

Scorched Halo (2017-10-23) poem unrhymed

"...I couldn't stand the heat of heaven..."

Waiting at the Gates (2017-11-20) cover story poem unrhymed

Know that you were loved...

It Doesn't Matter Where, It Only Matters Who (2017-12-25) cover story poem unrhymed

Merry Christmas, happy holidays to all who love...

The Other Side of the Coin (2018-01-15) poem unrhymed

"...the inner workings of crystalline visions..."

A Time To Seek (2018-02-19) poem unrhymed

"There will not always be happiness in life..."

Breaths of Yellow and Orange (2018-11-26) poem unrhymed

"...days passed by and the flight of time..."

Across the Pond (2018-12-24) poem unrhymed

"...Every language becomes crystal clear..."

Compared to This (2019-01-21) poem unrhymed

"...What once seemed to be the worst of days..."

God, Love, Truth, and Light (2019-02-18) poem unrhymed

"...that's a tree you'll have to find yourself..."

Golden Oldies (Still Shimmer and Shine) (2019-03-18) poem unrhymed

"...and three open eyes can always see straight through such deception..."

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Scott Thomas Outlar
Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar spends the hours flowing and fluxing with the ever changing currents of the Tao River. Basically what that means is living a simple life in the suburbs outside of Atlanta where he passes the days writing, reading, walking, meditating, and generally concerning himself with what the next word on the current page should be.

He has been writing a weekly poem at Dissident Voice since 2014, and has also had work appear in venues such as Yellow Chair Review, Harbinger Asylum, The First Line, Poetry Quarterly, Dead Snakes, and The Poet Community. Links to his chapbook and other work can be found on his blog at 17numa.