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December 04, 2023

Ours Is an Unbreakable Love

By Ndaba Sibanda

Ours Is an Unbreakable Love

Your gains are the pains of villains,
Your grins come in several scopes,
I really revere your super sunrises,
but Beautiful Beloved, I’ve requests
despite your stunning, seemly sunsets.

You’re the nub of love and custody.
You’re not just any other landscape,
for at the core of our link is a bold bond.
Ours is durable, divine, dear and decisive.
Though I can live yonder, it’s no wonder
that no soul or silver can take me out of you.

Homeland, I adore your grand daybreaks,
our tie boasts an unbreakable placenta,
yet periodic press releases of the miseries
and losses of African migrants and fleers
in shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea
break my heart and leave me with queries.

What happened to human intellect,
to a sense of love, empathy and sympathy?
Are those who need profound exorcisms and baptisms
not those who have fouled and failed you, dear place
of birth of humanity, polite place of my pride and placenta?
Who are at the centre of your victimisation and deprivation?
Unappeasable plundering, prejudicial political pirates and parasites?
Africa, are you still stung, sapped, suckled by the parodies
and pretenses of puppets and the rank relics of colonialists?
Drained to death by covetous, corrupt rogues, you rise.
The muddlers and murderers cannot have the last laugh.

Who has made you smell, sound and look like this:
measly ,unmotherly, unlivable, unloving and all?
Who is fooling who with that fallacy and foulness?
Who has speckled you with that soot and that rot?

That is a titanic, tragic travesty and tall tale.
It is not you at all and has never been you,
it is the graft of desirous, damaging rapists.
Are you not the most beautiful and blessed
thing that has ever happened to humanity?
Are you not the scent and star of the future?

I have humble requests because my brothers
and sisters hunger for normality and respites.
I have appeals for a demonstration of humanity,
for a full paradigm shift, for a fair of fairness
and conscience, for sanity and responsibility
from those who are chasing away our relations,
thereby triggering terrible tragedies and woes.

May there be a sustainable future for the youth.
May hope glow and grow on the African horizons.
May African populations realise and feel options,
a sense of direction, devotion, progress and care.
May they experience the dignity, diversity, beauty
and the capacity of their communities and countries.
May they feel cherished, loved, and live their dreams.
May they live abundant lives bestowed on their land.

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2023-10-02
Image(s) are public domain.
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