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April 22, 2024

(Thought It Might) Give You A Thrill

By Ian Mullins

(Thought It Might) Give You A Thrill

For Dona Speir: Addiction Councillor & former model/b movie star

They didn’t hire her
for her acting; but then,
no one ever did.
Wanted nothing more
than to point a long lens
at a modern-day Salome
who didn’t need a single veil,
only lie back on the sand
scattered over the studio
learning how short a journey
there is between
having a good time
and being bent over by Bill Cosby;
how fast you have to swallow
to pay the dues
you didn’t need to pay.

But maybe men and whiskey
taste the same after a while;
so here you are on YouTube,
talking about drink and drugs
and all the other illusions
we live and die by.

But you still look good
and you know it, throwing back
your hair and smiling
the same smile
as when you lay back on the sand
and teased your thighs
a little wider, a little wetter.

Did you know even then
That Playmate Of The Year
really meant playmate for life?

And if you did would you have
kicked away the sand
and picked up that last veil –
or popped another cork
and gone back to dreaming?

Article © Ian Mullins. All rights reserved.
Published on 2024-04-01
Image(s) are public domain.
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