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April 22, 2024

Them Bones

By Marjorie Pezzoli

Them Bones

skeletons in my closet
don’t act their age

one wears red shoes
even though they have no feet

proof the impossible
can be done with style

some wear short-shorts
or no clothes at all

change the words to songs
don’t care if they sing off key

they will lend a finger
or even an entire hand

they don’t talk about the weather

more important issues
what to do or not



to jump on the bed
until the cows come home

twirl spaghetti
clockwise or counter clock

eat beans
blow up balloons with nonexistent cheeks

the skeletons in my closet
dance in the living room

occasionally the kitchen

they have no ego to bruise
hot air passes through with ease

they pick out my clothes for the day

if I am wearing
something quirky -- something grand

if my shoes don’t match
or shirt worn inside out

blame it on Isabell
she handed me the hangers

thank goodness
they don’t act their age

Article © Marjorie Pezzoli. All rights reserved.
Published on 2024-04-01
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