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April 15, 2024

Charumbira, It’s a Nude and Notorious Genocide

By Ndaba Sibanda

Gukurahundi Atrocities

Charumbira, It’s a Nude and Notorious Genocide

A big, bigoted and bare fiasco and farce.
How is it not a genocide, Charumbira?
Do you ever empathize and sympathize?
Is it by virtue that you didn’t lose a relative?
Or that your clan or community was intact?
Anyway, who has ever cared or been concerned?

Are you going to be so conscienceless,
deceitful, careless and heartless that
your disgraceful and driveling denial
possibly prospers in burying, brutalizing,
deleting, discoloring, distorting and duping
historical evidence: facts and figures forever?

How? At least try to get real, if not sleek!
How is it not a genocide, Charumbira,
when the myriad shallow graves are in grief,
when the innocent were slain in great numbers,
in a deliberate way and with the aim or intent
to destroy that nation or group in whole or part,
when the scale and facts speak for themselves,
when the apt terminology and definition exist,
when the helpless victims and the survivors
are still nursing genocidal, psychological
emotional and social scars and wounds?
How can you have genocidal victims and survivors on one hand,
and on the other, no genocide?
Charumbira ponder Ubuntu. Repent.
Cruel, crude lies like these tend to haunt.

That you don’t grasp the right classification
does not only qualify you to be disqualified,
but it also behooves the world and peacemakers
not to stand by as you seek to demolish the word
from usage for the fear of heinous crimes perpetrated
by those who wanted to rout innocent and unarmed souls.
The truth is that it is a genocide, it will never be anything else.
I mean you and your mean partners in crime know and fear it.

You can wish and try as much as you want:
the bitter truth is that now the world knows
about the Gukurahundi genocide and the pranks,
dismal delays and denials of the Gukurahundists,
beneficiaries and their circles of friends and fans.

If anything such a blatant statement that is devoid
of decency, direction, honesty and truth has bellied you
and your partners in crime that this ‘process’ has nothing
to do with truth-telling, healing , closure, human rights,
and the plight of the survivors and relatives but is a skewed,
unsympathetic and sick sham that has everything to do with
the protection and perfuming of the powerful perpetrators,
the privileged heirs, toadies and backhanders of the system,
and the eternal evaders of justice, truth-telling and transparency.
Why are journalists barred from covering the hearing sessions?

Deputy president of the Chiefs Council,
the chief truth that is that you clearly coasted
away from the bitter truths and cohesion,
yet this stage-managed trickery and foolery
is supposed to be cohesive and truth-telling, right?

By the way, when, where and how did the chiefs,
who are traditional leaders, get the capacity and jurisdiction
to carry out this mammoth task befitting of an international
independent tribunal? Are these community leaders not compromised
as beneficiaries of the system? Where is the authority of the Constitution
in this fracas? How is this charade victim-centered? Is this not a set fiasco?
Do you expect a sincere rightist, victim or survivor to buy into this sick scam?

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2024-02-19
Image(s) are public domain.
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