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July 15, 2024

There Is No Leavened Bread for the Convicted Blacks

By Ndaba Sibanda

There Is No Leavened Bread for the Convicted Blacks

Is there any easy, cosy way to freedom?
They hoped for a product, not perfect but positive
and fertile and fair enough to hint at a race for humanity.
For the majority, it has been a lumpy, lousy and thorny wobble.
They have been waiting, wailing and wallowing in decay, deceits, in the dark
in a rough run of distractions and dejections, wanting nothing short of soundness,
development and acknowledgment in a blame game that is presided and played behind
scenes of trade, power, postures and politricks, beyond the crocodile-infested Limpopo River,
beyond the mock, smoky touted borders within the beautiful belly of beloved Mother Africa.

How can news on the delayed and decomposed dreams be released and leavened to sound lovely?
How does one lighten heavy news with humour and honey for those who hunger for a horizon of hopes?
For those who have been victims of history and abuse and poverty’s punchbags? Pen, tell me, how?
Is there leavened bread for those who lean toward leftism or telling freedom, except the appeasers?
Is this pen pessimistic when it wonders how can an in-flight pie be grabbed and guzzled by the hungry
as if it is some yeast that makes dough rise and wise and turn out to be light before it is baked?
So, now is there no yeast or rush for the landless, no sleepless nights for the loud, proud seekers
of justice and parity? In fact, won’t that issue be brushed aside or crushed with recharged force
under the convenient and cunning caution: lest we become another Zim land drama of famine?
It’s painful and even pessimistic to ponder, in pours and brews a frantic focus on the powerless--
the so-called outsiders and the political opponents of the status quo whose placentas and posterities
were baptised and buried in the worried waters and cuddles, curvatures and cares of Mother Africa.
There is no yeast for those who are taken as tedious trespassers. It doesn’t look radiant but convenient!
At least those who are in charge won’t have to hide their faces and facade behind their scapegoats,
lackeys and mannequins. Witch-hunts or no witch-hunts, the criminalities of the past do not make
the delinquencies of the day shoddier. Those highlight a long haul ahead to be tackled head-on.

Article © Ndaba Sibanda. All rights reserved.
Published on 2024-06-17
Image(s) © Alexandra Queen. All rights reserved.
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