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July 15, 2024

The New Dawn

By Lydia Manx

Rotation--cycles--everything comes back again
Horrified by it all--I await the new dawn
Light crests over hilltops--vivid
Night retreats from my eyes but not my soul

I am comforted by the dark it has always been my place
Nightfall is my home--shadow dancing
Constantly I look for clues in the shapes
That flitter in the corners of my heart

Rust stained horizon with whisps of grey Crowd my vision as I wait
Birds chortle to each other amidst the leaves
Chirps and calls of affection crowd out the dark

The crickets and fireflies--the bats and owls are all gone
Cheerful creatures crowd out my companions
Neighbors greet the morning with vigor
It wearies my soul--day has begun.

13 october 2002
8:45pm PST

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-05-16
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