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May 20, 2024

Contests: Piker Press Poetry Open

By Cheryl Haimann

Had we but words enough, and time,
Thy poems, dear, would be sublime.
We'd read aloud a verse each day,
And watch delicious words at play.
I'd speak each noun, then let you, miss,
Enunciate a verbal kiss.

This is the last week for submissions to The Piker Press Poetry Open. The PPPO is accepting original poems through March 31. Winners will be announced in April during National Poetry Month.

All types of poetry are eligible - rhymed or unrhymed, silly or sedate. The judges very seldom agree on anything in matters poetic, so it's almost a certainty that one of them will love and champion your poem - if only to spite the other.

Multiple submissions are okay, within reason. Works that have been previously published (in a blog, for example) are okay if you own the publication rights. (E-mail us if you have any questions about publication rights.)

If you are nervous about tackling poetry, check out the "Poetry for Pikers" series. It will introduce you to many poetry forms that are darned hard to mess up.
Poetry for Pikers 01
Poetry for Pikers 02
Poetry for Pikers 03

Send submissions or questions to Poetry.PikerPress@gmail.com. Include "Contest Entry" in the subject line of the e-mail.

Article © Cheryl Haimann. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-03-27
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