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July 08, 2024

My Beauty

By Jeff Vierra

With eyes as dark and lovely
As a moonless summer night
Piercing the depths of my heart
To touch what hides in my soul
Unselfish in their sharing
Of a heart that's pure as gold
This treasure freely given
Makes this world a richer place

With lips as red and juicy
As a sweet ripe summer plum
My mouth waters with hunger
Only your moist kiss can feed
They speak wisdom of the past
And of knowledge yet unknown
Words of splendid melodies
Joyous music to our ears

With skin as soft and supple
As a full-bloomed summer rose
Wanting, needing to hold you
I am dying from desire
Healing with your gentle touch
All become your willing slave
Living just to bring you joy
All joys returned in your bliss

Article © Jeff Vierra. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-01-01
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