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February 19, 2024

Long Road Trips

By Lydia Manx

The sky was barely illuminated
I breathed into the dark and saw mist
The cold wrapped around me
Slowly I dropped into the car
My body protested my abuse

The black and white scenery was my view
As I began my day's travel
My coffee chilled in the paper cup
7/11 offers limited reality at seven am
My radio found nothingness in this wasteland

I popped in a CD
The sounds of beloved music filled the car
My day had just begun
And slowly I awoke
To the thumps and beats of my heart

The music filled me as I continued
My journey stretched out over the miles.

7:34 pm CA February 11, 2005

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-07-11
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