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April 15, 2024

This Time of Year

By Lothur Kane Winston

I walk through this wintry land
Thankful of the things that I hold dear
Hopeful, that all should know my peace
Walking hand in hand with my faith
Holding it dear to me

Glancing over my shoulder
At the things that once were
And the things that never should have been
Thankful for the path of my life
I would not change a thing
Even if I could

The land is stretched out before me
A path of bright white
With only the moon to light my way
That is all that I need
My gods hold me close

Guiding my steps through a winter
That is all too cold
They keep me warm
Moreover, they fill me with cheer

They remind me
That this time of year
Is not about me
But those that I hold dear

A tear sticks to my eye
As a blustery wind
Reminds me that
The safest place to be

Is indoors
Amongst my friends
And Family
This time of Year.

Article © Lothur Kane Winston. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-01-02
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