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February 26, 2024

2006 Anniversary Issue

By Piker Press

Things we like to see in the Press:

Fiction -- short, long, in-between
Sci-fi, speculative, fat or lean,
Chick-lit, historical,

Poetry -- in all meters and sizes
Whatsoever one's mind devises.

How to knit, how to fish
How to paint, how to dish
Up your favorite recipe
How to plant a small fruit tree.

Photos and stories about your pet
Advice on how to stay out of debt.

Artwork, digital or by hands
Travelogues about various lands.
Opinion pieces, as long as you're kind
To those who may be of differing mind.

On the left is our Submissions link.
Do have a look, and see what you think.

-- Liz

Assistant Editor's Note: This kind of thing is exactly why we don't let Liz out of his cave more than once or twice a year, and we certainly didn't mean to do it during Poetry Month.

Dear Readers,

This week we thought we'd once again drag you down Memory Lane with us as we revisit some truly memorable Press articles from past issues.

We hope you enjoy them!

Piker Press Staff

P.S. This page may change a couple times this week, just for the fun of it. Check back now and then.

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Published on 2006-04-24
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