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April 15, 2024

The Truth About Autism

By Debbie Eleanor Nonken

Humans think they have autism figured out. They call the autistic retarded, stupid, and even empty-headed. They think autism is a problem with the brain.

They're wrong.

My name is Mariel Rose Nonken, and I'm a victim of autism.

Let me tell you how autism really works.

Those with autism are actually geniuses.

The autistic are actually twice as intelligent as average humans.

But why do we act retarded?

Because of the barrier.

There's a barrier keeping us from being those geniuses. A barrier that only lets a limited amount of intelligence through. A filter of sorts. The least it'll let through is enough to survive (ex. knowing to eat, sleep, etc.) and the most it'll let through is enough to make them seem like a child who doesn't do very well in school.

It also keeps us from telling anybody about it. Don't ask me why, I have no idea.

It's because of that damn barrier that I'm stuck constantly quoting lines from the Kim Possible movies while I enviously watch my sister do her Pre-algebra homework.

How I would love to get my hands on her homework.

Some might say it's like being trapped in your own mind.

They might.

If they knew.

They don't know, though.

And because they think they know how autism works, they may never find out.

All because they're too arrogant to think they're wrong.

I just hope they do find out.

I just hope if they do find out some day, they'll be able to help us, if not for my sake, then for the sake of the future generations of the autistic.

I've tried to break through, but I can't.

None of us can.

They'd better find out.

They're our only hope.

'How am I writing this, then?' you might wonder.

Simple, really.

I snuck onto my sister's computer when she wasn't looking. ;)

Please Help Us ...

-- Mariel R. Nonken

Article © Debbie Eleanor Nonken. All rights reserved.
Published on 2006-05-15
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