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May 20, 2024

Requiem for Dewy

By Monique Jetton

While I was taking my cat for a regular check up I found out there are support groups for those who lose an animal. Sometimes we take for granted the furry, feathery, scaly, and fishy friends and don't realize how much they mean to us until they're gone.

Today, my fishy Dewy died. Each morning when I came to work I would feed him and play with him. Animal friends bring spice in your life and they love and depend on you. Being a single animals are a big part of my life -- if it weren't for my cats I would not want to come home after work. They also provide some type of security and are happy to see you always.


On the other hand there are Service Animals and these animals help care for their charge. The animal may be a dog that helps a blind person, an extra hand that helps a quaderaplegic in a wheel chair pick something off the floor, an hearing aid dog that barks and comes to get the deaf persons when someone is at their door, or even a dog that senses and responds when someone is having a seizure. They also have used other animals like monkeys and birds. Cats and other animals are used as emotional support animals. With out these special friends our lives would not be the same.

Yes there are extra costs like vet bills, food, toys, litter, and etc. But having a friend for life that does not care about your little weirdnesses or disabilities is priceless!! Give your animal friend a hug and let them know you love them!! Don't tolerate cruelty to animals because that animal may become your next best friend. May all animals live a happy and full life!!

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-07-20
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