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May 20, 2024

Dateless but not Desperate in the Valley

By Monique Jetton

Have the rules of dating changed so much in the past few years? Where do you find a good man? Are there any? Is it okay to break up with your girlfriend and try to get with one of her friends, then if you don't get any play from this friend go back to your old girlfriend? Is this a new game or an old one with new rule?

People think that just because you don't go out clubbing or bar hopping that you won't find anyone or have fun. Why must acohol always be associated with a good time or sex? Do people who drink have better sex lives?

Questions of romance

Humm, too many things to ponder when trying to get back on to the dating scene, having been out so long. I will just have to go out into the world and experience life again. As scary as it can be to open yourself up again to getting hurt, you must go on and be free. As the saying goes, "you only life once and it's up to you to make it matter." Not wanting to live a life of regrets, just trying to get motivated and get back out there. Who knows something good may come of it but you won't know till you try.

But when you do try to get back out there don't go for the guy that is says he is not attached but always talkes about his EX. Try something different than the normal guy you would date, spice in the life is good! Just when you think you have the opposite sex figured out they always do something stupid that throws you off the trail and you're back to square one. The only thing I know is to beleive in self and everything else will fall into place.

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-08-03
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