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July 08, 2024

Stars, Bars and Being Who You Are

By Monique Jetton

Although my last articles have been dark and not too humorous, I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I'm talking about. Life is there for us to learn from our past mistakes and by learning, hopefully growing. Everything that you thought was going to happen and all the plans you made for your life will probably not happen. But then again there is always hope.

So for now, it's just me and the rest of the normal people of the world. Surround yourself with happy thoughts and friends that tell you the truth whether you like it or not. It's funny when tragedy strikes in your life (or you think it does) you put things in perspective. But not all of us are Bridget Jones and have a perfectly exciting life. If life was like the movies then what fun would we have? Sure we could all be the leading lady/man but not everyone is perfect, georgeous, and famous. If we were who would be there for those of us who are not all of those things?


Everything you need to know in life you learned in grade school and High school. Everything else is just a repeat of those. There are still the smart, cute, nerds, georgeous, cheerleaders, and the aggies. They have just grown up and become someone else or stayed the same.

To me people are people. I like going to the mall or someplace that people like to hang out and just watch. The best experience was going to a bar with friends and giving them a play by play of the man and woman sitting next to each other at the bar. If you watch people long enough you notice the general patterns. Let's just say the woman fell for all the stupid one-liners the guy threw at her. Come on, ladies, let's get a clue! Just because you have blond highlights does not mean you need to act like it. Now, I have even noticed that those of us who dont have blond highlights do act blond sometimes, my self included, but that is different.

So be happy and enjoy the life you have and who knows maybe one day you will be able to change your stars. But you have to keep reaching for them and hold on to your dreams!!

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-08-17
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