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July 15, 2024


By Monique Jetton

Hypnotherapy? Does it work? Do we really have past lives? Is there truth to blocked memories? Well, I don't know, but many would say yes to all these questions. The only one I can truthfully answer yes to is that I have been hypnotized.

It's kinda hard to explain. I was in a state of consciousness, yet my eyes were closed. I guess you could say it's like dreaming or a state between REM sleep and waking up.

Before I even thought about going I did some research and asked questions of other patients to see if it was for me. No, they cannot suggest for you to do anything other then what you would normally do. So if you would not normally in your everyday life have sex with evil goblin demons (don't ask -- it was the first thing that popped into my mind), then they therapist cannot suggest you do it.

Then brings to mind the question of whether or not some therapists can give people memories that may not have actually occurred. Did that actually happen or is the person being hypnotized manipulating the situation and making their own memory? I would think the latter. Even though I was "under", I still felt in control. I had a hard time distinguishing if I was awake or sleep but I knew I was there controlling each move, thought, or situation that happened.

As for past lives, I'm not sure I believe that but I do know that people or memories can be carried down through generations. Some think that your bones remember events. I don't know.

Then there are some that believe if you allow yourself to be hypnotized, then evil spirits can in habit your body. Like I said I don't have all the answers. I do know that I have always had an active imagination and I believe that experience has brought to surface or has hightened my sixth sense. Well, every woman has a sixth sense, so okay, my seventh sense. We all have the capacity to have knowledge of things past, or the future of things that may happen, but most people are closed to the idea. I'm still trying to figure out what all of this has to do with me but little by little I may find the answers. In the mean time, have pleasant dreams and sleep well.

Article © Monique Jetton. All rights reserved.
Published on 2002-09-28
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