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May 27, 2024

Valentine From A Vampire

By Lydia Manx

Looking at the calendar I couldn't believe it was already February. Where had the time gone? It seemed like only yesterday I had been out at my mom's tapping her jugular. It had been well over a year ago. Wow.

Kenyon strolled into my kitchen with a grumble.

"I hate staying at your place, Lilac." He was in a foul mood. It all started when Gabriella had taken off after some vampire troubles in the middle of last summer. He still hadn't heard from her. Every time he stayed at my place he got edgy wondering if she had tried to reach him at the club. And now with all the vampire-slaying happening, he naturally assumed the worse.

"Whine whine whine," I said while raking my nails down his cheek. He could be such a baby. "Don't stay. I don't care, Mr. Hudson. I can always snag a cutie from the club and make do," I grinned, knowing Kenyon hated sharing me.

Hell, most of his vampires didn't even know that I existed. There was that weird tug I felt in the pit of my stomach whenever I was near another vampire, but I hadn't been introduced to many of them. Kenyon kept bitching about territories and other vampiric nonsense. Like I cared? Please.

"Lilac, don't tease me. Things have been rough lately," Kenyon trailed his nails down my naked back and nipped my neck.

My voice got deeper as I arched into his bite. "Now who's teasing?"

His laughter was a bittersweet sound. He was truly sad. I knew what would cheer him up. I licked his neck, trailing my tongue up his vein and then while fanging in softly I whispered, "Hmmmmm ... lovely."

His body jerked in pleasure. I pulled deeply and his blood filled my mouth delightfully rich. But something was different. My brain was rolling with the pleasure of drinking from a City Master. Okay, he was only temporary Master but he was still strong and full of decades of others. He always had a certain taste. It was changed.

"Chocolate? How the hell did you make your blood taste like chocolate?" I unfanged and stared at his eyes. They were filled with laughter and secrets. I glared and moved his face from mine and deliberately fanged in somewhere different. Now blood flavored with chocolate and a hint of cherries filled my mouth.

I purred and rubbed closer to him. I wanted to swallow him whole. I hadn't had anything remotely like chocolate in over a year. Vampires didn't have to eat and as a fledgling anything I tried to eat got projectile vomited rather graphically and violently. I hadn't tried anything after the first bite of chicken ended up decorating the floor. I still remembered how Gabriella had laughed at my ignorance and told me to stick to a liquid diet. I took her at her word. I hadn't had felt like experimenting. I never wanted for blood with Gabriella and Kenyon as my makers. Hunger wasn't satisfied by food but luscious blood. They had trained me well. I could call anyone to me and drink what I needed. But I hadn't had chocolate since I was turned.

Kenyon grinned, "I have my ways."

Nuzzling his neck and sinking my fangs in slowly I felt him stroking my spine. I wiggled and said, "Oh, you are so delicious."

The flavor of rich Godiva chocolate with a hint of cherries was making me wild.

"Slowly, Lilac, and Happy Valentine's Day," Kenyon let me sup from his blood. I was fluttering and happy.

Some nights being a vampire even surprised me.

-- Lydia Manx

Article © Lydia Manx. All rights reserved.
Published on 2007-02-12
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