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June 17, 2024

Anachronocity 000

By Josh Brown

Soon to return -- Anachronocity, the gripping sci-fi tale of science gone bad.

Alex Sterling was nobody until his brother's death prompted him to enter the basement laboratory where his brother worked and pick up where he left off in hopes of understanding his brother's suicide.

Katlyn Maruimatsu was an activist with a passion for helping people. She was seeking pledges door to door when she came to the wrong house.

A combination of fate and freakish coincidence breathes life into Alex's experiments, sending him and Katlyn hundreds of years into a future where nothing is as it seems.

Without believable ID, Alex and Katlyn find themselves labeled probable terrorists and dumped in the midst of the Pure League, a band of extremists who will stop at nothing to prevent an alien race known only as the Elders from their "peaceful" take-over of mankind.

Elections are coming, and it looks like humanity will vote the Elders a controlling share of the government, anesthetized by the quality of life brought to them from the alien technology that only the Elders can understand. Is this Destiny's way of offering Alex and Katlyn the ultimate chance to help Mankind, by helping the Pure League save the human race from a luxury-lined trap? Or is this just one more horrible screw-up, on a scale Alex could never have imagined?

Get caught up on the story so far at Josh Brown's author page.

Article © Josh Brown. All rights reserved.
Published on 2005-01-30
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